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Suspect Charged In La Mafia’s Oscar De La Rosa Assault Charge

Grammy Winner Oscar De La Rosa

Charges have been filed against Jared David Avila of 2500 block of B.F.  Terry Rd in Rosenberg, TX for assault with bodily injury steaming from the brutal attack of Grammy winning Tejano superstar Oscar De La Rosa, lead singer for La Mafia, back in May 13, 2013.

Avila has been charged in Harris County Criminal Court 7, and bond has been set at $5,000.00

Avila has not been arrested. Calls to Ft County Sheriffs Department and Rosenberg Police were not returned at the time of print.

It’s been over 5 months since the attack that left the lead singer of the popular band La Mafia badly beaten outside Blur nightclub in Montrose.

The formal compliant filed with the Harris County courts states that on May 13th De La Rosa and Andres Garcia-Contreras were leaving Blur when Avila approached both and “sucker punched” De La Rosa on the side of the face, knocking him unconscious. De La Rosa was interviewed by Houston Police officer L.A. Hernandez and stated he did not see who hit him.  Garcia-Contreras was able to positively identify Avila from a photo line up as the person who hit De La Rosa. The official report does not mention the alleged assault of De La Rosa’s driver that was mentioned in prior reports.

Jared David Avial has been charged in the brutal beating of La Mafia's Oscar De La Rosa

Jared David Avial has been charged in the brutal beating of La Mafia’s Oscar De La Rosa

Fort Bend County records indicate that Avila is currently on criminal probation for drug possession in a drug free zone among several other violations.According to the band’s co-founder Armando Lichtenberger Jr., 53-year-old De La Rosa was the victim in an unprovoked attack at Blur nightclub in the early morning hours of May 13, 2013.

AbOUT Magazine has learned that Avila was identified within hours of the assault, and shortly after deleted his Facebook account and re-activating it. Believed to be so the suspect could get his messages.

Luis Avila, the brother of the alleged assailant, seemed confused by the charges when we asked him for comment, and suggested their must be some mistake. “Sorry I have no idea what you’re talking about.”  Luis Avila is gay, his brother Jared is not. Both were known to frequent LGBT bars in Montrose.

“This person was in the club and had wanted a photo with Oscar. And sometimes when he goes out for entertainment he doesn’t like taking pictures,” stated Lichtenberger.

According to reports, the bands singer and his driver were knocked unconscious after leaving the nightclub, by Avila, who wanted a picture with the singer.

“He sucker-punched the driver, knocked him half unconscious and then he went at Oscar and started pounding on his face” stated Lichtenberger.

De La Rosa suffered facial cuts, loss of teeth and eye damage for which he had to get stiches and has recently started to tour again after a recovery period.  De La Rosa was forced to cancel concert engagements due to his injuries.

Blur nightclub located on the corner of Pacific and Crocker Streets in a purple building in the ever-popular Montrose nightlife district that welcomes thousands of club goers on any given weekend. It’s no secret this area has been ridden with crime over the past several years. “We saw an increase in crime after Katrina” states a neighbor that lives along Hyde Park, just a block off from Blur.

A source close to the investigation stated to AbOUT Magazine on condition of anonymity that the  “owner of Blur Nightclub, Viet Hoang, would not cooperate with the Houston Police Department,” and until investigators made threats to seek a warrant, did the owner finally provide security footage of the incident. “The owner claims that new security equipment was installed and he had no idea how to operate it.”



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