A Comprehensive A-Z Guide to Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity, brought to you by Carvaka Adult Toys.

If you ever find yourself uncertain of the exact definition of someone’s sexual orientation or gender identification, don’t fret. It happens to everyone. The wonderful thing about being on the LGBTQ+ spectrum is that there’s always more to learn; and more often than not, other LGBTQ+ people are happy to help you learn. That’s why the UK’s Carvaka Adult Toys created this fun and handy infographic for people to stay informed and have better understanding of the various branches of the gender identity and sexual orientation trees. And even if you’ve already got this all or mostly figured out, the infographic below could prove to be a great resource for your academic or professional needs, or just for when you’re trying to help someone out of the LGBTQ+ spectrum understand something they haven’t quite grasped.

Check it out! And if you feel like something is missing or hasn’t been properly translated, feel free to drop a comment and we’ll make sure that Carvaka hears back from you.

equality-and-gender-guide-2018 An A-Z Guide to Sexual Orientation + Gender Identity

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