Tomorrow Will be Different by Sarah McBride will set your heart on fire for the trans community – 5/5

“Tomorrow Will Be Different” by Sarah McBride it a touching (and at the same time, devastating) memoir about Sarah’s life from the moment she first came out as trans and into the present. In that span of time, she accomplished many things, including getting transgender people access to health care and prohibiting discrimination. But before Sarah came out to the world, she was the student body president at American University. Sarah had always been interested in politics, and her story starts pre-transition where we get to know her as a fearless and compassionate leader at university. We even learn that Sarah had been working on campaigns and giving speeches since she was very young. It was her early interest in politics that lead her to AU. And it was that very same interest that was also one that stood in the way of her being able to fully be herself. Sarah was worried — understandably so — that coming out as transgender would interfere with her future career as a politician.

“Fear of the unknown no longer stood in the way of completeness.”

This memoir was inspiring from start to finish. Throughout it, I cheered Sarah on her entire journey and as we learned more and more about the girl. She delved further into her career as a trans advocate readers get to see when as Sarah stands up and fights for the trans people of Delaware, pushing a bill to the senate that would protect trans people from being discriminated against at work. Sarah McBride was the trans leader people needed, she spoke for everyone in the community and did a great job doing it.

While Sarah is a wonderful activist and advocate, she is also a terrific writer. Each part of this memoir felt so real and true that it was almost as if I was living through the stories in its pages with her. I have to imagine that it was hard to write, as she put all her true feelings onto the page. As I read it, I felt that I really got to know Sarah as a person.

“We are fighting to be seen in our personhood, in our worth, in our love, and as ourselves.”

Sarah’s story had me captivated from the very beginning. Reading it was like watching someone I knew grow up and become successful. I felt pride for her in each turn of the page. And just as I was captivated by her stories of activism and advocacy, I was just as compelled by her love story. Sarah’s story with another player in the memoir named Andy — one that I wish would be included in more popular culture — is one of true love. Their story had to be the purest love story I had ever read. This only made it more heartbreaking when Andy began to get sick.

Like all other parts of the book, when Sarah began to speak about her experience losing Andy, it felt like I was right there beside her. I could easily place myself in the hospital room, surrounded by her friends and family. The loss of Andy affected me in a way I never thought a memoir death could. Sarah shares her honest feelings, and in doing that effectively captures her audience and makes us feel like we’re a part of something bigger. Sarah’s story inspires and compels its readers. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to read it and believe that reading her story truly bettered my own life.

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All-About-It BOOK REVIEW: Tomorrow Will Be Different by Sarah McBride is a Trans Triumph

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