An Alleged Drunk Driver Flees Scene After Hitting Passenger Bus Owned By Local LGBTQ+ Nightclub.


HOUSTON Oct. 23 — Sunday night an alleged drunk driver collided with F Bar Houston’s passenger bus in Montrose. The driver of a red Mini Cooper then fled the scene.

The driver has been identified as Kasey Joe Lunar, a 21 year-old of Dickinson, TX. According to Houston Police ‘the driver was headed northbound on Stanford’ when he failed to stop. His vehicle then made contact with the passenger bus. The suspect, then according to witnesses, fled on foot into the surrounding neighborhood.

Houston Police were able to contact Lunar via cellphone and convince him to return to the scene. He returned, and was charged with a DWI. Court documents show Lunar had a blood alcohol level of 0.15.

Alleged-Drunk-Driver-Hits-F-Bar-Passenger-Bus-Then-Flees-Scene1-1024x768 Alleged Drunk Driver Hits F Bar Passenger Bus Then Flees Scene
(Photo by About News) F Bar Houston Passenger Shuttle Hit By Drunk Driver On Sunday!

“He took off on foot after he hit our bus,” Irwin Palchick, owner of F Bar, stated to About News.

Houston Police Officer stated ‘the driver had been to JR’s Bar and Grill and F Bar, in that order,’ prior to the accident upon request by Palchick.

“There was no one on our bus, and it had very little damage,” Palchick said. The suspect’s car received visible damage and was towed.

Lunar has posted a $5000.00 bond and has been released pending his first court appearance.


By Cade Michals (About News, About Magazine)


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