The beloved Houston/Montrose restaurant, Baba Yega, reportedly caught fire Friday night during the dangerous storms.

(HOUSTON) — Bruch-time favorite eatery Baba Yega reportedly set fire during the nasty storms rolling through the city late Friday night. While it is not yet clear whether or not the storms had anything to do with the building fire, multiple sources across social media nearby have reported that the building has, in fact, been seen in flames. More information will be available as it is made available to About Magazine.

The quaint Montrose cafe which was named after a Slavic witch (according to the restaurant’s website) has been a favorite of the neighborhood and LGBTQ community since 1975. What was once a bungalow was eventually converted into the staple eatery with several spots on its campus both indoors and outdoors for guests to dine. Baba Yega is frequently packed to capacity for Sunday brunches, and also is equipped with private rooms for parties and events. Baba Yega’s owners are large supporters of the LGBTQ community and consistently make an effort to give back to local nonprofits, Montrose, and queer people.

This is a developing story. 

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