A popular LGBTQ+ nightclub in Montrose has been sued by the family of a man that was fatally shot outside the club last year.

According to the lawsuit filled with the Harris County District Clerks office, the victim, 22 year-old Juan Carlo Ramirez and a ‘friend’ were leaving F Bar, when Ramirez was shot and carjacked on March 12, 2015.

Legal documents allege that nightclub owner Irwin Palchick, and MK202 Entertainment failed to provide ‘adequate’ security to protect their customers, while being aware of the high-crime rates in the area leading up to Ramirez’ murder.

032215_memorial_show_fbar_dg-21__large F Bar Houston Hit With Million Dollar Wrongful Death Lawsuit
The Family of Juan Carlos Ramirez (Carlitos) Attends Vigil at F Bar Houston

The suit filed on July 25, 2016 by Ramirez’s parents, Sergio Ramirez and Reinalda Rubio claims ‘After Ramirez was shot, his friend “Chloe” ran back inside F-Bar to get help, but was kicked out by an employee.’ – The lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit explains it took 15 minutes for first responders to arrive.


“We have not seen a copy of the lawsuit, we have not been served. It’s been 18 days since the filing, and I first heard about this from About News.’  Irwin Palchick, owner of F Bar stated to About.

“I know the family has been turned down previously by the insurance company. This is their third attempt to try and get MK202 to be held responsible for their son’s murder. Anybody can sue any one for anything, and Mk202 will fight this matter in court,” Palchick added.


The murder shocked the Montrose community to its core leading F Bar Houston to quickly assembled a community vigil for Ramirez to help the community heal. The vigil raised an estimated ten thousand dollars that was donated to the family, and  attended by former-Mayor Annise Parker and several high profile local and state leaders. The Ramirez family also attended.

The civil lawsuit seeks monetary damages exceeding $1 million.

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