A Montrose Transgender Woman Barricaded Inside Her Montrose Apartment By Landlord Has Filed A Lawsuit

(HOUSTON) — A transgender woman in Houston has filed a civil lawsuit against her landlord and management company after  they barricaded the woman in her Montrose area apartment, legal documents state. The woman had recently filed an appeal for wrongful eviction.

Included in the civil action filed in Harris County; False Imprisonment, Wrongful Eviction, Emotional Distress, and Retaliation. The lawsuit seeks more than $75,000.

According to the lawsuit, the transgender woman is identified as Ms. Gutierrez. Gutierrez was home in Montrose watching television on or around February 24, 2015 when a maintenance man arrived and started building a three-sided enclosure over her front door.

The court records describe the landlord as Norman Stettner. A maintenance man directed by Stetter, placed an 4×9 piece of plywood over the front door of Ms. Gutierrez’ rented unit. The maintenance man proceeded to nail shut and barricaded the door with garbage cans, the lawsuit details.

Ms. Gutierrez placed a call to Houston 911 services, where Houston Police and Houston Firefighters arrived and removed the barricades, allowing Ms. Gutierrez to be freed.

Stetter Industries Inc., has denied all allegations in a filed legal response. The case is currently set for trial.

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