An active shooter opened fire at Santa Fe High School this morning. At least 8 and as many as 10 are reported dead.

UPDATED 11:52 AM: (SANTA FE, TX) – As of now, between eight and ten have been lost at Santa Fe High School according to law enforcement officials. According to CNN, an armed person entered an art class Friday morning opening fire.

The shooter (a student) has been apprehended by police and gunshot victims are being taken to a nearbynearby Galveston hospital. Another person has been detained by officials.

News reports from ABC 13 are reporting that police officials say a home approximately four miles (in the Alvin area) from the high school may be housing explosives. As of 10:23 Friday morning, police rushed news crews to move away from the home. There is no report as to whether or not these potential explosives are related to the school shootings.

Raul Reyes, a spokesman from the University of Texas Medical Branch confirmed to ABC13 that three patients, including a male in the operating room in critical condition, are being cared for. Reyes states that they are prepared for more arrivals from Santa Fe High School, but they have not received updates that any more are on their way. The other two patients, a male and a female, are doing well.

A report from FOX26 reports that Aldine ISD has received gun violence threats in the short time since the Santa Fe High School shootings. More news will be made available as it comes to About Magazine.

According to CNN, officials have stated that explosives have been found both on and off campus from Santa Fe High School. Police Chief Jeff Powell released a statement saying people in the surrounding areas should be watchful and cautious of suspicious items and that they should immediately be reported to 911. 

ihis is a developing story.

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