A Go-Go Dancer Hired By Houston’s F Bar Refused To Dance For Gay Men Right Before Show Started!

HOUSTONMARCH 4 — A dancer hired as part of special event at an LGBT nightclub in Montrose for a Friday night event refused to dance for gay men and appeared ‘upset’ in video captured.

In what F Bar Houston is calling their newest Friday night line-up featuring men dubbed as the sensational side of ‘Magic Men,’ the event kicked into high gear with an amazing opening performance by Houston diva and drag superstar Aria Crawford.

Things got weird off stage and out of crowd earshot – when a male go-go dancer set to perform ‘Magic Men’ opening performance refused to dance for a gay man celebrating his 22nd birthday with a group of ladies.

“This is a gay bar!” Aria Crawford explained to the go-go dancer off stage. The dancer has been identified only as ‘Chris.’

“Are you not comfortable with that?” Crawford asked, and then reinforcing, “Again, this is a gay bar, you have to be comfortable with that!” The dancer refused, and another dancer took to the stage and happily provided a great birthday dance to the gay patron.

When the dancer did perform, as seen in video, he appears to stay clear of men and often seems upset or confused. Even abruptly ending his show by walking off stage and into the middle of the dance floor.

F Bar Houston states they spoke with the dancer and relayed their expectations.

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