Whopper Fight Caught On Camera At Montrose Burger King

A Whole New ‘Whopper’ Is Being Served At The Montrose Burger King For Customers That Want To Trash The Counter!

(HOUSTON) — A Houston Burger King Is getting some attention on social media after a fight caught on a cell phone shows a ‘whopper’ of a fight. The incident occurred at the Montrose location on Westheimer Rd.

The video captures a man upset and yelling foul obscenities at employees. There is no indication if the man had placed an order. As the video continues, the upset man knocks everything off the counter and throws things across the restaurant.

At one point a Burger King employee is shoved by the man, which the employee responds with two punches. The second ‘whopper’ of a hit landed the man on the ground. In the video you see another man stand on the man’s head. It’s unsure if the man was a customer or employee.

Not long after, a female employee is captured in the video holding a Taser. The female employee appears to tase the irate customer several times before he is able to exit the fast food joint.

Talk about a new twist to a zapped Whopper!

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