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AIN Hosts Flashback to the 80’s Fall Fundraiser

AIN Dallas 80’s Fundraiser HIV

After just opening their new and improved facility, Dallas-based nonprofit AIN — which serves Dallas’s HIV-positive community — will be hosting their annual fall fundraiser this Saturday with a Flashback to the 80’s.

AIN is gearing up to host its second biggest fundraiser of the year with a fun-filled themed night that focuses on raising money for the nonprofit. All money raised will benefit AIN and its clients all through the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding metroplex who are diagnosed or at risk of HIV. AIN serves over 2,000 people and hopes to help eradicate the disease once and for all. Through this Fall Fundraiser AIN will help raise money that supports all these people, and any sponsors willing to give money will know that their proceeds go towards raising brand awareness of AIN and helping to foster relationships with all clients from many different backgrounds.

In 2016, AIN decided on the concept “Flashback” after collaborating with Vintage Martini for a 1960’s themed dance fundraiser entitled “The Sands”. It was a remarkable success by putting the ‘fun’ in ‘fundraising’, and the event was covered in multiple Press coverages. This year promises to blow the roof off last year’s event.

ainfb AIN Hosts Flashback to the 80's Fall FundraiserAIN is presenting “Flashback to the 80’s”, a themed dance fundraiser that will raise money for the clients and communities of AIN and help support over nine programs and thousands of individuals. The event has been designed to capture the essence and fun of the 1980’s by the Event Chairs Ken Weber and Greg Kelly. “Flashback to the 80’s” promises to keep everyone entertained with LIVE 80: The Ultimate 80’s Experience, a ten-piece band that won’t stop bringing live 1980’s hits for the crowd to dance the night away to. There will also be four vintage arcade games that were staples of the 80’s, sure to pull everyone back into the nostalgic days of playing for hours at their local arcades wanting that next high score; and what’s the 80’s without an old-school photobooth that will be there to capture all the memories of the night. Don’t forget the essentials of cocktail bites and an open bar to enjoy all night.

When asked about the party by About Magazine, volunteer coordinator Miranda Grant said this:

“We are so excited for AIN’s Flashback to the 80’s Fundraiser event this Saturday. We experience a slowdown in funding across the fall and throw this fundraiser to help bridge the gap. Funds from this event benefit AIN’s clients, especially helping to provide medical transportation and hot meals through the cold months. This cocktail-style fundraiser allows our supporters to party with a purpose!”

VIP and General Admission tickets are still available to purchase via the AIN website www.aindallas.org. So, buy your tickets now and come join AIN and the community at Lofty Spaces on Saturday, October 20th to enjoy a fun-filled night full of entertainment, dancing, and, above all, the ability to give back to the community and be a part of helping nine different programs and thousands of clients through AIN.

For any additional information please contact AIN Event Coordinator Miranda Grant at her email MirandaKGrant@gmail.com or call at (214) 405-2537.

Charli XCX and Dorian Electra in Femmebot Fantasy Dallas

Charli XCX and Dorian Electra bring Femmebot Fantasy to Deep Ellum in Dallas tonight.


(DALLAS) — Join About Magazine on Saturday, October 6th in Dallas, Texas for Charli XCX  and Dorian Electra’s Femmebot Fantasy. The concert and party will be at Deep Ellum Co. at 10:00pm, with doors opening at 9:00pm. Tickets are 35 dollars for general admission. The show is 18 and up only.

Performers include, Charli XCX, an electro-pop artist and feminist icon famous for such hits as “Boom Clap” and “Boys”, as well as Dorian Electra, a gender norm-defying up-and=coming pop artist. Charli XCX and Dorian Electra have been on a mini tour since August, visiting cities such as Atlanta, Miami, and, more recently, Houston. Other performers include, FEE LION, p1nkstar, Belladonna, Mood Killer, Banoffee, Ceci G, DJ VIP, and more. Charli has been opening for Taylor Swift on her reputation tour, which closes its North American leg in Arlington tonight before the event.

dorian Charli XCX and Dorian Electra in Femmebot Fantasy Dallas
Dorian Electra

Femmebot Fantasy is an electro-pop party with a great lineup of high energy performances. Bring your femmebot attire and fierceness along to this ferocious femmebot party. About Magazine is sponsoring the party and will be in the house all night long.

Deep Ellum Art Co. is a mixed-use creative facility. It combines an art gallery, indoor/outdoor event spaces, food trucks, and lots of taps and cocktails. It was once a printing press repair shop and many other things before that. Now, there is art on every wall. Deep Ellum Art Co. gives young artists an opportunity to work alongside other established artists and was created to showcase the art of local artists.

Aiming Higher with AIN

AIN Dallas HIV/AIDS Treatment Counseling

AIN — a nonprofit that has been providing access to treatment, care, events, meals, and counseling to Dallas’s community of HIV-positive people for over 30 years — opened its new facility on Sept. 20th. Take a look around and learn more about them here.

The facility where a business is housed does not always matter to the employees working to make a difference; but in the case of AIN, it sure does help the experience. AIN — or Access & Information Network — is a growing not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides support to vulnerable, at-risk, and diagnosed individuals living with HIV in North Texas which has been growing in staff and volunteers for 32 years. Yet within that vast expanse of time, space has been limited as the number of individuals they wish to help has continually grown.

After sixteeen months of CEO Steven Pace working tirelessly to find a new space for AIN to grow in, the company moved into the new offices at 2600 North Stemmons Freeway, Suite 151 in Dallas, Texas. The move may have been a small one in terms of location movement, as the previous space for AIN was located across Stemmons Freeway from where they are now, but the new offices have placed AIN in the center of the Medical District in Dallas where it is much easier to access any doctors or medical offices that will be needed by clients of AIN. The Grand Opening Event of AIN’s new offices took place on September 20th, 2018 and was extremely well-attended by patrons, clients, and medical staff within the area.

42424663_1895859757163254_4513890347536875520_n Aiming Higher with AINThe new office space is also having a huge effect on the staff and volunteers of AIN, as many members expressed how delighted they were with the spaciousness, layout, and organization of the new offices. Miranda Grant, Events and Volunteer Coordinator, was ecstatic when asked what she thought about the spaces:

“It’s such a large and inviting space, and in a wonderful location. Plus, I get my own office now, so that’s enough to make any employee happy!”

42492245_1669858703137216_3024772345031032832_n Aiming Higher with AINMany AIN employees expressed the same. Reginald Peoples, AIN’s Van Transportation Coordinator for clients, expressed that he was “impressed with the larger office” and that he will have “plenty of space to direct his drivers now.

The Grand Opening Event allowed outside patrons into AIN’s new headquarters to meet its staff, and everybody there was in high spirits. One might expect to see the staff of a company behave appropriately and to be friendly, but AIN’s staff, interns, and volunteers seemed absolutely genuine about how welcoming, inviting, and approachable they were. Each staff member took the time to explain their roll within AIN and allowed patrons to ask any questions we had about their positions, answering with full confidence and a bright smile.

42405866_252807382087355_4695808317333700608_n Aiming Higher with AINAs shown at the Grand Opening Event, the offices are larger than ever. Each staff member has plenty of room to conduct their job, and clients are welcomed into a professional and healthy-looking environment that takes their best interests to heart. Clients are offered new amenities with this new office space. There is a beautiful interfaith space for meditation, peace, and prayer, and clients have ample room for meeting with case managers privately. Across the parking lot — honestly only about a 40-yard walk — the new Daire Center will be complete in 4 to 6 weeks and will provide meals from the built-in kitchen, a sleeping area for those who have traveled from outside the immediate counties around Dallas-Fort Worth, and other non-medical support and therapy that all clients will have access to.

With this new office space in the center of the Medical District, AIN aims to make its staff and volunteers happier and more organized and aims to make an even bigger difference with their clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by offering amenities and counseling that they did not have the space for before. AIN is dedicated to serving the North Texas area by offering hope and helping create a world without HIV by putting its best foot forward within its new location and offices.

42492245_1669858703137216_3024772345031032832_n Aiming Higher with AIN

For more information about AIN, please visit www.AINDallas.org, or visit the offices during business hours from Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at 2600 North Stemmons Freeway, Suite 151, Dallas, Texas 75207, and call (214) 943-4444 for inquiries and appointments.

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Stacy Bailey to Receive Award at About 10th Anniversary Party

Stacy Bailey Teacher LGBTQ About Magazine Award

Stacy Bailey, the LGBTQ Dallas Area teacher who was placed on leave from her Mansfield ISD school last school year for showing a picture of her wife to students, will receive an award at About Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Party this November.

(HOUSTON/DALLAS) — On November 22nd, Houston’s LGBTQ publication About Magazine will be turning ten-years-old. And as an LGBTQ magazine, we find that it is only fitting to celebrate with an over-the-top, stereotypical, spectacle of a party. While plans are still underway for the celebration — including a headliner, local entertainers, sponsors, and more — what is confirmed is that the party will be taking place on November 17th at Rich’s Houston, where guests will be invited to the club before its normal operating hours and into those to see local talent such as Morena Roas, Wade in the Sonic Joy, the Space Kiddettes, Wendy Taylor, a host of drag performers, and more perform, as well as to see two surprise celebrity performances. VIP seating and bottle service will be available to those patrons who so wish to join in for a little extra fun.

The magazine will also be honoring its writers, its founder (Cade Michals), its CCO (Wendy Taylor), and its editor-in-chief (Anthony Ramirez), as well as the community that has kept it alive for the last ten years. A brand new special will go to and be named after Stacy Bailey, the Mansfield ISD teacher from Dallas who was put on leave last year after showing her young art students a photo of her wife when showing pictures of her family. After a parent complained, Bailey was removed from the classroom and took the school district to court. Bailey has since been reinstated in a Mansfield ISD classroom, only this time teaching high school art at a neighboring institution. It is because of Bailey’s resilience and activism for her rights — and in turn, those of all LGBTQ people — during her time out of the class room that About Magazine will give away its first ever Stacy Bailey Queer Advocacy Award. The award will be given annually to LGBTQIA Texans who stand up against the injustices of systemic homophobia and transphobia.

Bailey was alerted of the news ahead of this announcement and was excited by the honor. While she will be out of the country at the time, Bailey will appear in an acceptance speech via prerecorded video.

More information about the party is to be released as plans unfold.