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Popular San Antonio Drag Queen Murdered!

Miss Whoochie Murder in San Antonio- Popular drag Queen- About Magazine

Popular San Antonio Drag Queen Murdered!

(SAN ANTONIO, TX) A San Antonio man murdered in his home in the 500 block of Blue Bonnet Wednesday was a well-known drag queen. Torrance Cheeves, 51, was found after co-workers alerted police when Cheeves when he didn’t show up to work.

Thursday afternoon, the Bexar County Medical Examiner ruled Cheeves died from a stab wound to his neck. The community is in shock!

10450823_810820805617012_637503724490813514_n-300x300 Popular San Antonio Drag Queen Murdered!
(Via Facebook) right- Torrance Cheeves

“We were all in tears. We can’t believe that someone who was so kind to everyone would meet such a horrible ending,” said Joan Duckworth, office manager at The Bonham Exchange night club. “Torrance was the sweetest man you have ever met in your life. He was such a great guy. It doesn’t make sense.”

Duckworth described Cheeves as a “gentle giant” who was a crowd favorite when he performed in drag as “Miss Whoochie.” Duckworth said his presence helped make the club’s annual Chili Queen cookoff an official Fiesta event that raises money for the San Antonio Aids Foundation.

San Antonio police are investigating Cheeves’ death as a murder but his friends worry his alternative lifestyle could also be a factor in his death. They said they’re fearful he may be the victim of a hate crime.

“I pray that’s not the truth but I think maybe it could be,” Duckworth said. “Because what’s going on in the world these days, people are not as loving and accepting of each other as they should be.”


City of San Antonio Hires Diversity Officer

Kiran Bains has been hired as the diversity and inclusion officer for the City of San Antonio. (Photo: LinkedIn) About Magazine
Kiran Bains has been hired as the diversity and inclusion officer for the City of San Antonio. (Photo: LinkedIn)

City of San Antonio Hires Diversity Officer

The OUTinSA is reporting the City of San Antonio has hired a diversity officer who will administer and manage the activities of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Robert Salcido, a field organizer for Equality Texas, stated the city hired Kiran Bains for the position, adding that “he and National Diversity Council executive vice president Angeles Valenciano served as public input during the interview process.”

Salcido says Bains is a San Antonio native and graduate of St. Mary’s University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in international business relations.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion was created last May 14 when the City Council approved the new department as part of the city budget. At the time, Mayor Ivy R. Taylor described the office’s function and goals:

Corpus Christi residents charged with federal hate crime charges

hate crime in texas

Corpus Christi residents charged with federal hate crime charges

(CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) Federal hate crime indictments were returned Monday against two Corpus Christi men accused of beating and torturing a gay black man back in 2012.

hate-crime-300x211 Corpus Christi residents charged with federal hate crime chargesIn the days after the alleged attack, the victim told KRIS6 News he was targeted because of sexual orientation and race. Per policy, we are not identifying the victim of an alleged sexual assault.

He detailed how he owed the men $5. The victim claims that even though he paid them the money, they still beat him, poured bleach in his eyes, stripped him naked and sexually assaulted him with a broom or mop and forced him to clean up blood in the home.

The victim says he was only able to escape several hours into the ordeal by jumping out a second story window.

Evidence presented by the FBI and the Corpus Christi Police Department led to the indictments against 32-year-old Jimmy Garza Jr. And 22-year-old Ramiro Serrata Jr for conspiracy to commit hate crimes, a hate crime violation based on race and color, a hate crime violation based on sexual orientation and using a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence.

If convicted, both face a maximum life sentence in federal prison.

Candlelight Vigil Held in Houston for Gay Man Beaten To Death

candle light vigil austin texas

Candlelight Vigil Held in Houston for Gay Man Beaten To Death

HOUSTON, TX —It was only four months ago that 18-year-old  Stephen Roy Sylvester, Jr moved from Houston to Austin for family and education. His plans included studying at Austin Community College, and then University of Texas.

Today local, state, national and world news outlets focused on his death ranging from the The New York Daily News, USA Today, The Washington TimesCBS News, and Instinct Magazine.

In Houston on Sunday, the people that knew him best and loved him- paid their respects with a candle light vigil. His pictures were scattered, and surrounded by candles. His friends sat silently in a circle. Their hearts were broken. One  of the guys in the crowd was Taylor Shirley.

Every single piece of news coverage of this horrible loss; Shirley is mentioned as a “friend,” but that is almost as painful as the loss Shirley is feeling. Every reporter refers to me as a ‘friend’ he told us.

Shirley was the boyfriend for almost a year before Stephen moved. “He was larger than life. He walked into a room and filled it up in the best way.” says Shirley.  “He was the type of person that if you were walking past him and he noticed you looking sad, he would stop you and ask to talk about it.” Shirley tells About Magazine.

Shirley fondly remembered Sylvester’s tenderness and understanding for people, particularly those in the transgender community.

Stephen lived with Shirley in Spring, Texas and attended Klein Collins High School before he moved to Austin.