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Two Houston Police Officers Accused Of Brutality By Transgender Man!

Two Houston Police Officers Accused Of Brutality By Transgender Man!


Two Houston Police Officers Accused Of Brutality By Transgender Man!

A Transgender Houston Man Claims Two Houston Police Officers Brutalized Him After His Wrongful Arrest That Was Later Dismissed!

(Article Includes Retraction At Request of Houston Police Officers Union.)

[Updated 04/26/16] (Houston, Texas) 04/01/16 – A Houston transgender man is accusing the Houston Police Department of brutality and humiliation after he was arrested in Montrose for standing on a public sidewalk near Burger King. Charges against the man have now been dropped and a Houston Police Department Internal Affairs Investigation has been concluded. Those records and the incident reports are not being released.

On December 16, 2015 at 4:00 PM Kris Smith was arrested and charged with ‘Trespassing’, for standing on a public sidewalk near Montrose Blvd. and California St. while on his cell phone being interviewed for a job.

Smith says the events that transpired after his arrest while being transported to a city jail were humiliating, scary, and hurtful.

According to the Houston Police Department spokeswoman (Jodi Silva) ‘Smiths arrest was made by two off-duty HPD officers, but their names are being withheld pending information from Internal Affairs.’ (A previous published article released the same of the two officers, that Smith identified, but those names have been removed to protect the identify of those officers until an investigation is complete)*

Houston Police Department policy prohibits off-duty officers from using their patrol units for extra jobs. This of which raises the question if other officers were involved since it would clearly violate department policy to use their patrol car while working an extra job.

According to Smith, things got scary after dropping another prisoner off at a downtown police station. “As soon as they dropped the other guy off, they started in on me.” Smith explains. “My Texas identification card says I am female” he explained. “They got a kick out of me being transgender.”

Refusing to secure Smith in the seat of the patrol car with his arms cuffed behind his back the officers “continuously slammed on the breaks”, slamming Smith’s face into the patrol car partition as Smith recalls.

This style of brutality became famous when the Baltimore Police were accused in the death of Freddie Gray, an inmate that died in custody after an apparent ‘rough ride’ at the hands of the Baltimore police.

Rough ride, a form of police brutality in which a handcuffed prisoner is placed in a police vehicle without a seatbelt, and is thrown violently about by driving the vehicle erratically.. Other terms for the practice include “nickel ride” (a reference to carnival rides) “bringing them up front“, and “screen test” (as the prisoner may hit the protective screen behind the driver). The transport left Smith bruised with swollen wrists.

“I was repeatedly made fun of for being transgender.” Smith says the officers called him names, laughed about him ‘not’ having a penis and stated the ‘male’ inmates would have some fun with [him] Smith.

Hoping the officers had some style of body camera, Smith recalls asking Officer Laureano, who responded by saying, “No, no one cares about you.”

Upon Smiths arrival at the Houston City Jail on Mykaya Rd. in South Houston, Smith states he was immediately taken to the infirmary to be treated by jailers for visible injuries sustained by the ride.

“The jail took my shirt away and placed me in a cell in front of the women’s dorm” Smith recalls to About Magazine in an exclusive interview. “I’ve had my breasts removed, but there are scars visible, it was embarrassing” he said.

After almost 10 hours incarcerated, Smith’s family posted his bail and he was released.

His trespassing charges were dismissed.

  • A retraction of information[Officers Name] was made in this article due to an ‘review’ requested by the Houston Police Officers Union relating to the victim wrongfully identifying a police officer’s involvement to this publication. At the request of the Union, that officers name has been redacted. 


A&M University Head Coach Fired For Suspending Gay Basketball Players Dating Each Other!

Former Prairie View A&M Lady Panthers head coach Dawn Brown.
Former Prairie View A&M Lady Panthers head coach Dawn Brown.


Prairie View Texas A&M University Head Coach Dawn Brown Has Been Terminated From The Woman’s Basketball Team.

(Prairie View, Texas) – The fall out from the termination of Dawn Brown continues on Monday, the final day Brown can file an appeal for her firing.

Dawn Brown, head coach for the Prairie View A&M women’s basketball team “Lady Panthers” will not be returning in 2016, as announced by the university last week.  Brown was named head coach in 2014, becoming the fifth head coach. She led the team to become an NCAA Division I member.


GEORGE-WEB-BANNER-ABOUT-MAGAZINE-1024x159 A&M University Head Coach Fired For Suspending Gay Basketball Players Dating Each Other!

According to the University, Brown was terminated for enforcing a rule that allegedly violates Title IX, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation at Universities receiving federal financial assistance.

Brown suspended two female members of the team during the season for dating each other. Brown maintains the players violated team rules which A&M had approved.

But the two former players filed a complaint saying they were being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.

Prairie View A&M athletics director Ashley Robinson declined comment through a school spokesperson.

Shooter Fires Multiple Shots At Texas Senator’s Office!

Texas Rangers investigate the scene of an overnight shooting at State Senator John Whitmire's office along Yale Street,
Photo Courtesy of: Mark Mulligan, Houston Chronicle


Shooter Fires Multiple Shots At Texas Senator’s Office!

Houston Office Of Senator John Whitmire, An Long Supporter Of LGBT Equality; Riddled With Bullet Holes After Over Night Shooting!

(Houston, Texas) The Texas Rangers and Houston Police Department are investigating who opened fire on the office of ‘one of the most powerful Texas lawmakers’ early Thursday morning in the Houston Heights neighborhood.

The incident occurred at the Yale Street office of Senator John Whitmire in the Houston Heights. The office was not open, and no injuries were reported.

Whitmire, a known advocate, and long-time supporter for ‘Equality’ in the LGBTQ+ community,  has attended fundraisers, and annually attends the F.A.C.E Awards Houston.

“When you look at the damage, and start tracing it, there are bullet holes here in the office, and at least four slugs… a couple of them ricocheted around,” a shaken  Senator Whitmire said, “There are bullet slugs everywhere. One lodged in a framed picture.”

1024x1024-2-1024x682 Shooter Fires Multiple Shots At Texas Senator's Office!
Photo Courtesy of: Mark Mulligan, Houston Chronicle

Houston Police say 9-1-1 call logs show several neighbors reported hearing  “loud banging sounds or possible gun shots” at around 12:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

Senator Whitmire is the “Dean” of the Texas Senate, has served as a state senator for more than 30 years, and is one of the state’s most powerful legislators.

Dying Gay Houston Man’s Organs Will Be Donated

Richard Garcia Gay Man Houston


Dying Gay Houston Man’s Organs Will Be Donated

Richard A. Garcia’s Organs Will Go To People Waiting For Life Saving Transplants

In the moment of sadness comes a light. Its hard for the friends and family to understand in their time of loss, but as there is sadness in one room; comes the ‘light of life’ in another.

(Houston, Texas)  In the early morning hours of Monday, March 7, 2016 Richard Garcia attempted to enter Texas Spur 527 (in Montrose) in the wrong direction, and hit a guardrail. According to the police report ‘Garcia stopped on the overpass, got out of the car, and fell over the concrete barrier’ to the street below.

For two days, family and friends with the support of social media waited for signs of life. Sadly there were none. Doctors confirmed the families worst fears.

Doctors at the Texas Medical Center’s ‘Ben Taub’ Neurological Intensive Care Unit performed a number of tests to determine if Garcia was brain dead. One of those checks included whether Garcia could initiate his own breath, a very primitive reflex carried out by the brain stem.

According to the American Medical Association a person is considered brain-dead when he no longer has any neurological activity in the brain or brain stem — meaning no electrical impulses are being sent between brain cells.

On Tuesday, Houston Police Department‘s Jodi Silva detailed to About News that ‘Garcia’ had been issued a M.E. number (Medical Examiner) for organ donation. Even though Garcia is still alive, in the United States and many other countries, a person is legally dead if he or she permanently loses all brain activity (brain death) or all breathing and circulatory functions.

Garcia’s accident, and tragic loss of life is not in vain though, currently nearly 134,000 men, women, and children are awaiting organ transplants in the United States.

The accident is still under investigation, and “alcohol is not a factor at this time”, according to Silva.