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Glee Actor Mark Salling Arrested for Child Pornography

Former Glee star Mark Salling has been arrested for possession of child pornography. Crime Watch Daily first broke the story that Salling was “getting booked in downtown L.A.”, with People confirming shortly thereafter.

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(HOUSTON, TX) -Mayor Annise Parker and the City of Houston has officially proclaimed that on December 7, 2015 L.G.B.T. Heroes’ and Icons’ will be honored; proclaiming F.A.C.E. Awards Day.

[First Achievers in Community Excellence]. Each year the L.G.B.T. community and its allies work hard in pursuit of special causes. Each year a volunteer works hard, a politician gets a law passed; a new business opens its doors to the community. Maybe it’s a photographer, a drag performer, a bartender, or a hair stylist – they are all doing their part in Houston seeking equality for all. The F.A.C.E Awards puts a face to that person and makes sure they are honored. They become someone to look up to, and it lets others praise their achievements. It allows our youth an opportunity to see that hard work and dedication pays off, that doing the right thing gets you rewarded.City-of-houston-FACE-Awards-195x300 CITY OF HOUSTON PROCLAIMS MONDAY, DECEMBER 7TH, 2015 AS F.A.C.E. AWARDS DAY

“On December 7 we also remember the Heroes’ and Icons’ before us. The ever so many that fought with blood and tears for a cause, for a human right.” Stated FACE Awards director Cade Michals. “We remember our fallen L.G.B.T. community members, that were our friends, neighbors, everyone we lost this past year. They are honored as our Heroes’ and Icons.”

Houston based RWB Vodka, and L’Auberge Casino Resort in Lake Charles will sponsors the 2015 FACE Awards will be held in Montrose on Monday, December 7, 2015 at South Beach the nightclub.

Hosted by Houston award winning Lauren Kelly of Mix96.5FM and Sarah Pepper of Houston’s HOT 97.5 FM. New to the award show this year is the “RWB Pre Award Show | L’Auberge Casino Red Carpet Arrival Ceremony” hosted by Chad Pitt of MIX 96.5FM and Wendy Taylor of American Idol.

“RWB Vodka is delighted to take part in the 2015 F.A.C.E. Awards,” said Aristocrat Group Corp. CEO Robert Federowicz. “This is a prestigious and worthy event that honors significant achievement. We support such excellence and want to thank and recognize the many volunteers, activists, business leaders and everyone else who have come together to advance the community and make this a true success.”

The award show this year takes a new turn in its four-year history. The venue is much larger. The red carpet show is new. Two jumbo screens will allow for video, the lighting and the sound will provide for more energy.

Montrose Area Bartender Slams HERO On Social Media

With the ugly war of words, lies, and false truths over Houston Equal Rights Ordinance far from over; social media is heating up with a  slew of opinions on ‘The Great Bathroom Panic of 2015.’

“Sometime people only vote because they are part of a “label” and what they’re voting for has the same “label” ….I’m gay let me vote for Prop 1″

One opinion causing a roar comes from a Montrose bartender that works in the LGBT community. “Sometime people only vote because they are part of a “label” and what they’re voting for has the same “label” states Kashmir Cortave, a bartender at Blur Nightclub. “I’m black, let me vote for Obama. I’m gay let me vote for Prop 1.”

With what sounds like television and radio ads for HERO opponents; Cortege turns her post into an debate about protecting women and girls from sexual predators. She claims she is a mother, and men in women’s restrooms is not acceptable. “You mean to tell me a sex offender can put on a wig and a dress and go into the women’s restroom?” She writes. “No Sir!! Wtf!!”12208334_10153346832446775_3460057633631282936_n Montrose Area Bartender Slams HERO On Social Media

The ordinance nicked named HERO is similar to what 200 other cities have implemented relating to bias in housing, employment, city contracting and business services for 15 protected classes, including race, age, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Cortege’s Facebook rant pulled the scab on a ‘fresh wound’ of the LGBT community. If her intent was to engage. Her mission was accomplished.

“Men in Women’s Restrooms, there was so much more to Prop 1 and you allowed yourself become bamboozled out of satire and fear from what was completely far from the truth.” Joey Mireles, a local DJ wrote on his Facebook, linking to Cortege’s post.

“Despite our friendship for such a long time. I’m sorry, but your responses were pitiful, and although your entitled to your opinion. As a bartender in the Gay Community you should be completely more knowledgable than this.” Mireles writes.

Cortege does explain she knows people who live everyday as a women, and should be allowed to use the proper restroom. But then follows up with a question; who will regulate who’s allowed. Is that the real question?

Houston Native Curtis Braly World Premieres Music Video On The Boot

(Houston, TX) Country singer and Houston native Curtis Braly released his latest music video via “The Boot” this morning. The video features American Idol alum Kimberly Caldwell, also a Houston native.

The video was shoot on location in Los Angeles and tells a twisted love story, with one of them in love with someone else, but neither have the nerves to move forward and act.

“Sooner or later I’ll hold you in my arms / Never gonna let you go,” Braly and Caldwell sing. “Sooner or later / I’ll find the strength to let you know the way I’ve been feeling for so long.”


“Sooner or Later” is from Braly’s new EP, All About the Ride. The disc features six tracks and also includes “Living on Sunshine,” the project’s first single. Fans can preview the EP on Braly’s website.