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Super Hero ‘Citywide Party’ hits South Beach In Houston This Weekend

Super Hero Party Houston

This weekend one Houston LGBT nightclub preparing to do something no other nightclub in the LGBT of Houston community is doing. They are throwing a citywide SUPER HERO PARTY. Thats right! Super Hero Costumes are, of course, welcome!

HERO, the embattled city of Houston Equal Rights Ordinance protects Houstonians from discrimination and South Beach the nightclub in Montrose wants you to be aware they support it. They are inviting everyone to come and party the night away.

The city wide party kicks into full gear on October 17th and features DJ Kidd Madonna direct from the sunny state of Florida, South Beach to be exact.

Early voting begins on Monday, October 19th and ELECTION DAY is on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd!

The event encourages attendees to support the campaign to vote YES on PROP 1! The door cover will be donated to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance fund.

Doors open at 9 pm and the party will go on until 4 am.  There is a $5 donation before 10 pm, and the cover charge will be $15 after 10 pm. South Beach is located at 810 Pacific St. Houston, TX  77006.


Hollywood Legend Bruce Vilanch Comes To Houston

Hollywood Legend Bruce Vilanch Comes To Houston



(Houston, TX) You might remember him from his frequent appearances on Hollywood Squares, or his near five decades and counting in show business. He is a comedy writing pioneer and he brings that award winning charm right to Houston next week.

His name is Bruce Vilanch. He’s a chubby, and fuzzy fella that can make you roll over and die laughing with just a sentence. He’s the comedy genius behind the Academy Awards, Tony’s, and Emmy’s.

I was a little late calling Bruce  for the interview. My five mines turned into almost twenty-five. “We have our own sense of time” referring to gay time. At least it’s not drag time.  Bruce was sitting in what he described as his West Hollywood “We Ho” man cave, after being on the road, he had finally made it back home.

Bruce heads to Houston this month for a fundraiser to benefit Bunnies on the Bayou. “I use to go see the weeny wagers at JR’s. I would stalk Montrose. They use to have those bars where people would tea bag you, it was very exciting.” He says of his prior visits to Houston. “My family had business there [Houston] when I was a kid, and I was there a lot for that and of course Bette Milder and I have been to Houston a bunch of times, just raining terror on River Oaks.” bruce-vilanch-houston Hollywood Legend Bruce Vilanch Comes To Houston

With Houston in the national news relating to ‘H.E.R.O.’ it was not surprising that one of Hollywood’s most out spoken L.G.B.T. pioneers wouldn’t have anything to say. “ I think she is fabulous, that Annise Parker- I’ve been following her. Named after a spice- I like it”

“Religious bigotry is the last wall to come down, it trumps everything, and TRUMP is the verb right now. He tells About Magazine on the heels of his Houston appearance. “It’s the last thing. All they have, stuff based on myth and religion, and it’s crazy”. “Look at the clerk in Kentucky, it’s just sad. Its’ delusional and crazy.

“Religious bigotry is the last wall to come down, it trumps everything.”

When reasonable people look at it; they will realize its just nuts Bruce explains. Growing up for him was in a different era. He never had to come out and the concept of OUT never really existed. You didn’t declare yourself.

“Declaring yourself was a product of Stonewall, and what was called the ‘Gay Liberation’ that occurred in the 1970’s when the LGBT community decided to make a political statement and become visible. We have everything we have to today because of them.”

“The more we become like them [straight people] the less scary we become to them. Someone said “Did, the Mother ship land and those gays spill out of it?’

“No, we decide to make ourselves known. What I see is the younger generation has grown up in this already and their reaction is ‘What’s the big deal?’ Why are people still carrying on about this?

We are truly aware of the pockets of resistance all around, and Texas being the largest pocket. It’s crazy people acting out, it’s a circus, and it becomes an media frenzy. But in real life, we are seeing acceptance everyday, and this will continue. We are now in the mainstream”.





Steve Grand “All American Boy” Gets Houston Ready

Steve Grand “All American Boy” Gets Houston Ready

(Houston, Texas) Steve Grand caught the attention of the world when his music video for the country-inspired “All-American Boy” hit viral gold in 2013. The song became a smash, viral hit, thanks in part to the self-produced and self-financed video, which went from zero to a million views on YouTube in a matter of days, all without the help of a label, a manager, or an agent.

The imagery was pure Americana—campfires, American flags, country roads, whiskey, and hunky, shirtless men. But there was a twist. The song and video (now with close to 4 million views and counting) both depict a situation familiar to many people—an unrequited crush of someone out of reach, that burning desire for someone you can never have.

It’s a universal truth, but Steve’s story was even more affecting, because he was telling that story from the perspective of a gay man who had a crush on a straight man. It’s not something that has ever been depicted in music quite so overtly.  Grand gained views and fans overnight and after it was discovered that he had previously been an aspiring model with sexy underwear shots in his portfolio it only propelled his career.

Grand later mounted a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign to fund his first album, All American Boy. It was the third most-funded music project ever in Kickstarter history, bringing in $327,000. While it’s become more common for celebrities to come out casually, without the fanfare or announcements on covers of magazines, Steve says it’s just as important as ever.

“While people say this is no big deal anymore, who cares? You know who cares? The kids who are still really struggling with this. The kids who feel like they would still rather be dead than live life as a gay person.”

“I’m thinking about them all the time when I’m doing these things because deep down we all just want to be loved, we want to experience love, we want to give love, we want to take in love, and we want to feel valued and understood.” He knew that gambit for “All American Boy” would work: no one had ever seen or heard anything quite like it before.

“What made the story impactful was the  apparent dichotomy  of a same-sex love story set against a very Americana backdrop—old cars, whiskey, American flags, and friends by a campfire.”

The weekend of October 2, Grand will come to Houston to perform live as part of the Diana Foundation’s Country Dinner Weekend. Recognized as the oldest continuously active gay organization in the United States, the Dianas were founded in 1953 with the mission of raising and distributing funds to organizations serving the gay community.

Event Page on Facebook.

Nick Jonas Teases With Gay Sex Scenes In Kingdom

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Teases With Gay Sex Scenes In Kingdom

In the season one finale of Kingdom, we saw Nick Jonas’ character, a mixed martial arts fighter who is struggling with his sexuality, get turned away from a gay bar for being too intoxicated, and instead ends up in a dark alley with another young man slowly bending down in front of him.

Nick Jonas offered up some steamy details about what we can expect when DirecTV’s Kingdom returns next season. He told E! Online:

“It’s all happening,” Nick told me the other day while promoting his new single, “Levels.” “He has a lot of layers to him and he’s trying to figure out exactly who he is.

“It’s tough because he’s living and working in a really macho world and I think he’s just trying to figure out where he fits in in being who he is,” he continued . “So it is a struggle and I’m trying to tell the story as honestly as possible with as much depth as possible.”

Just how far will his guy-on-guy action go? Nick won’t say, but did reveal that “it’s less about romance than it is about human needs.

“That’s the best way to describe it,” he added with a laugh.

Nick also revealed he will be less beefier next season:

Nick won’t be as beefy this season. “Last year, I tried to put on 15 pounds of muscle from where I was. But the storyline for the character this year is he goes down a weight class,” said Nick, who also appears on Ryan Murphy’s new Fox series, Scream Queens. “I actually had to lean up—keep muscle, but keep it lean and more explosive, more athletic muscle than size. I’m not eating as much as I was. I was probably eating 5,600 calories a day. Now, it’s probably closer to 2,000 calories a day.”