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Feature: The Real Nina Lombardo

Houston Karaoke Queen Nina Lombardo (Photo: Donald Trahan)
Houston Karaoke Queen Nina Lombardo (Photo: Donald Trahan)

“New Kids On The Block” she said with a smile when asked the first concert she ever attended. “And I’m proud of that.”  She sat across the room on a couch drinking hot tea. The doctor diagnosed her with strep throat. In between questions I tried to count the tattoos. She has more than 30 piercings, all over!

At 32 years old, the ‘Queen of Karaoke’ has big plans for 2016. She has a new look, and is ready for a change. It’s the year of Nina, Nina Lombardo.

“ I am in a new jean size, the smallest I’ve been in six years,” she exclaims.

012216-cover-copy-198x300 Feature: The Real Nina LombardoYou most likely have seen her Thursdays, Wednesdays or Sundays at Jr’s Bar and Grill, hosting karaoke or Pearl Bar hosting The Sushi Show every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Sadly there is no ‘sushi’ involved!

Looking at Nina, one might think she is super hardcore, a ‘fearless girl’. And believe it or not, that’s somewhat true. Sorta! She describes herself as “Tattoos, Dreadlocks, Music, Moxie, Crafty, Queer, and a Virgo.” But…there are a few exceptions. “People seem to always be surprised to learn how many silly little phobias I have.” Nina said. She refuses to get in water where she can’t see her feet and don’t dare attempt to drive in a tunnel with her in the car. It’s not gonna happen! And for those clowns? “Supper uncomfortable.”

But she’s also a cook and a lover of designing and decorating. “I have a thing for baking. And my personal theory is that if I’m sharing the sweets with those around me it makes life sweeter”. Nina explained. She also loves glitter, was a finalist in the 2010 Pride Superstar singing competition, and in December 2015 she became Entertainer of the Year at the FACE Awards. Nina is a community favorite!

Her love for music comes from her favorite Aunt. “I remember growing up hearing my Aunt Felicia sing beautifully,” Nina recalls when she was younger.

“I wanted to sing along.” Nina said. Since then ‘people pretty much can’t get a word in if I’m in a vehicle — because I will FIND a song to sing.’

‘When I was younger and all of my friends were talking about how excited they were to turn 21. All I could talk about was how excited I was to turn 18, so I could get tattooed.” Nina said after noticing me looking at her tattoos!

“ I got my first on my 18th birthday. Each piece that I have means something to me.”

“Being tattooed has helped me work through some of the hardest times in my life, and now I have something beautiful in place of the pain.” Nina told me she is always in the state of evolution, becoming a better version.

Houston Face Awards

Houston LGBT+ ‘GAYMER’ Group Wants To Buy You A Drink!

Houston Gaymers- About Magazine

The Houston Gaymers, (one of the communities fastest growing LGBT+ organizations) are in a race and they plan to win it!

Considered the top organization, and the only LGBT+ out of the four competing at OKRA Charity Saloon to take home the bar’s monthly profit.

What’s OKRA you ask? OKRA is made up of a group of restaurant and bar owners in Houston that stand for Organized Kollaboration on Restaurant Affairs. The group is a charitable organization with very specific views on how the industry should operate and engage local communities.

Houston Gaymers are inviting the Greater Houston LGBT+ Community and Organizations, for a gathering at OKRA Charity Saloon this Saturday, January 30th, starting at 4:00 pm!

If the Houston Gaymers win they will use the winnings to keep events free for its nearly 2,000 person membership, as well as to realize its new charity initiative, ‘Project Blue Shell’. This initiative hopes to put games in the hands of sick and bedridden kids at local hospitals (starting at Texas Children’s Hospital) to aid them in their healing and give them comfort in a difficult time.

How does OKRA work?

  • Buy any bar item (Drinks, food, and soda are all valid!)
  • Receive a ticket from the bartender with your item
  • Drop your ticket into the charity bucket of your choice
  • The charity with the most votes at the end of the month wins the bars profits!!

As a bonus, the Houston Gaymers will be offering the first drink FREE to the FIRST 50 attendees! How cool is that? Just find a ‘Gaymer’ in their flashing blue wristband and they’ll get you set up!

Happy Hour runs 4:00PM – 6:30PM, with $3 drafts, $4 wells, and 1/2 price wine by the glass!

Houston Face Awards


Matthew Alan Putterman
Houston Face Awards

Suspect Claims Houston Police Have Wrong Guy And Waives Extradition

Matthew Alan Putterman

BREAKING NEWS (Houston)– Matthew A Putterman claims Houston Police have the wrong guy and has agreed to be extradited back to Harris County.

Sheriff Meininger in Pemniba, County North Dakota stated via e-mail to About Magazine “Matthew Alan Putterman has waived extradition and will be returned to Houston.”

“He’s has been sitting in jail in North Dakota for a crime he didn’t commit when the real criminal is still at large. Everyone is pointing fingers. Saying horrible things about him and his sister.” states Robyn Kellow, (the friend in Canada whom Putterman was visiting).

About Magazine and Foti Kallergis of KTRK-ABC13 started working on numerous tips, investigating the possibility of video that would indeed clear Putterman’s involvement. (Click here) Kallergis got an exclusive interview with Putterman, and will air tonight on ABC 13, ABC affiliate in Houston.

Kellow, a Putterman family friend contacted About Magazine late Tuesday night with details of the existence of ‘possible’ videos from Putterman’s job and other locations that would prove his innocence.

“Its like the police and border didn’t care about his innocence. And jumped the gun on his conviction.” Kellow says. 

About Magazine’s requests were denied by Farmer Brothers to view footage of their east end Houston factory. The video footage is reported to show ‘no’ damage to Puttermans car the morning following the deadly hit and run in Montrose that killed Michael Alexander Hill on January 8. Farmer Brothers denied that Putterman was employed by their company.

Jamie Wimmer with the Houston division of Farmers Brothers stated “company policy was not to release video without a subpoena.” Even when asked if it could prove a mans innocence!

“Matty came down to visit myself and Ryan, as well as his god son in Canada.” Robyn Kellow tells About Magazine. “Matty is a loving , caring amazing big hearted man that would do anything to see someone smile.” Kellow stated.

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