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6 Things You Probably Saw At World Champion BBQ Cook Off This Past Weekend

6 Things You Probably Saw At World Champion BBQ Cook Off This Past Weekend
6 Things You Probably Saw At World Champion BBQ Cook Off This Past Weekend

6 Things You Probably Saw At World Champion BBQ Cook Off This Past Weekend…

Some of the best, worst, and down right funny things you might have seen at the world’s most famous barbeque cook-off this past weekend.

Another year has gone and the World’s Most Famous Barbeque cook off has ended with record-breaking crowds!

You only see the city slickers, the Pasadena locals, the suburbanites, the ‘rural’ folk, and the gays merged in one big parking lot once a year. This crowd of people surrounded by grand palaces of steal, plastic, loud country music, shinny objects, tight jeans, and bottomless alcohol. Engulfed in smells of good ole Barbeque, Cotton Candy, and Fried Twinkies.
But for all the good times had… that combination almost always renders priceless moments, some captured on video, and some branded in your mind forever. Here is a complied list of some of the most outrageously funny, and sometimes down right two stepping crazy.


  1. Bottomless Pit Cook Off Tent CrewtllaCWL-300x225 6 Things You Probably Saw At World Champion BBQ Cook Off This Past Weekend

Located off the main road, as all bottom-less pits seem to be; the smell escaping from this ‘Pit’ would make the healthiest of people want to “drink the Kool-aide”. Great name btw! #Bottomlesspit


  1. Adderall & Lights60722892-300x300 6 Things You Probably Saw At World Champion BBQ Cook Off This Past Weekend

All the lights from the carnival when your adderall kicks in…. Yeah! It’s like a kid in the candy store. Standing there with your mouth dry, eyes wide open, and thinking how you could re-build the whole carnival area better with your bare hands and a toothpick.


  1. Fried Foodshouston-rodeo-bbq-cookoff2016-291x300 6 Things You Probably Saw At World Champion BBQ Cook Off This Past Weekend

We all see it and smell it. It’s the ever so amazing lines and lines of fried food booths at the carnival. Included in those lines you also see people that should stay away!



  1. The Sober DrunksBeer-Horse-228x300 6 Things You Probably Saw At World Champion BBQ Cook Off This Past Weekend

With that much alcohol and fun at the rodeo, seeing drunken parents with kids. You see them attempting to be sober!





  1. Drunk Cowboys Acting Sober

    Two-men-on-horseback-flee-police-after-rodeo-fight-300x201 6 Things You Probably Saw At World Champion BBQ Cook Off This Past Weekend
    Two Drunk Cowboys Riding A Horse AfterRodeo

“I’m not drunk sweetie”. Crawling onto a golf cart is usually a good sign this cowboy has reached his limit.

“Shhhhh, I think we are almost home.”





  1. Whewwww Girlswoman-screaming-excitement-5015228-300x200 6 Things You Probably Saw At World Champion BBQ Cook Off This Past Weekend

We’ve all heard them screaming across the parking lot. “Whwwwwwwwwwww” or “Whewwwwwwwww.” Usually associated with rodeo carnival rides, or getting lucky and getting the last corn dog.

CBS Radio Houston Bids Farewell To Chad Pitt

Chad Pitt of Mix 96.5FM in Houston, Texas
Chad Pitt of Mix 96.5FM in Houston, Texas





CBS Radio Houston Bids Farewell To Chad Pitt

Houston’s Mix 96.5 FM Afternoon Drive Time Personality Chad Pitt Heads To Sister CBS Station In Orlando

The old saying “all good things must come to an end” is starting to ring ever so true on the Houston air-waves. CBS Radio has released that Houston favorite Chad Pitt will be departing Mix 96.5 for advancement with CBS sister 101.9 AMP Radio in Orlando, Florida.

Taking to the Houston airwaves in 2013, Chad has made quiet the impression on the Houston scene. Once labeled as one of ‘Houston’s Most Eligible Bachelor’s’, Chad Pitt leaves behind a legacy of friends, and a handful of non-profits.

“I’m fortunate enough to have made friendships that will last a life-time, particularly in Houston.” Pitt tells About Magazine in an exclusive sit down interview. “Nothing makes me happier than lending my voice to provide positive change in the (LGBTQ+) community.”

Some of the non-profit work Pitt has been involved with includes: Rainbow on the Green, Pride Houston, Diana Foundation, The Montrose Center, Legacy Community Health, and the FACE Awards.  “They all trusted me enough to help convey their message of hope and strength,” he explains  “I will always welcome a chance to come back and show my support for these and other inspiring organizations.”

In Orlando, Pitt will work at 101.9 AMP Radio, a station that has a massive presence with the LGBTQ+ community in Orlando. “Their involvement extends beyond just an appearance; they’re an integral part of every event in which they participate,” Pitt explains. “Recently involved with Headdress Ball benefitting Hope and Help of Central Florida.”

AMP Radio is the exclusive sponsor for AIDS Walk Orlando, and Walt Disney’s One Magic Weekend; one of the largest LGBTQ events in the world.

Known mostly for ‘talking;’ Pitt, featured Universal Studios Radio Hall of Fame, heads off to sunny Orlando with a plush morning drive slot, and station manager title. Born and raised in Richmond VA, Chad Pitt allows About Magazine to do the math on all his cities he’s lived in. Savannah GA, Memphis TN, Orlando FL, back to Memphis, then to Tampa, back to Orlando, then Houston TX, now back to Orlando. We tried. But gave up!

“When I first moved to Houston 3 years ago” Pitt explains his introduction to the city was through the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. “I remember thinking, “they fry everything and let kids ride sheep as a sport, I’M GOING TO LOVE IT HERE!”

“Ironic my departure is during Rodeo, it’s like I’ve come full circle,” Pitt said. CBS Radio, which owns Mix 96.5 FM, has not announced who will replace him. Chad Pitt’s last day will be Friday, March 18th 2016.


GOP Denies LGBT Media For Houston Debate



The Texas Republican Debate Set For Thursday In Houston Will Have No ‘LGBT’ Local Or Statewide Media In Attendance

Access Denied: The Republican National Party Rejects LGBT+ Media Request To Attend GOP Texas Debate

– Cade Michals | Exclusive for About News 

HOUSTON, TEXAS- The Republican Party (GOP) on Tuesday denied media access to the only state LGBTQ+ news outlet requesting coverage of the Houston GOP debate. No LGBTQ+ publication or representative in the State of Texas will be attending the GOP debate in official media capacity. No LGBTQ+ media will be in attendance, or able to question any candidates in the press room including Presidential candidate Ted Cruz of Texas. An e-mail sent to the publication by the Republican National Party denied their request.635915211974011173-debate GOP Denies LGBT Media For Houston Debate

Thursday’s GOP debate in Houston is now hours away. This debate is considered one of the most anticipated in the race for the White House and includes some very vocal opponents of LGBTQ+ rights and laws.           U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who has pledged to sign anti-LGBT executive orders on day one in the White House.

The GOP has long banned LGBTQ+ groups from participating in Texas republican conventions. The Texas Observer broke news last week ‘for the first time in GOP history the Republican Party of Texas is ‘allowing’ a booth by an LGBTQ+ group to be present at the 2016 Texas convention.’

“All press credentials are being handled by the RNC” a University of Houston spokesperson told About News. “We would encourage you to speak to the RNC relating to this matter.” A spokesperson for the University of Houston’s LGBT Resource Center stated ‘she was a state employee and could not comment.’

LGBTQ+ journalists are resourceful, but not being allowed media credential sometimes put stories out of reach for even the seasoned journalist. Texas LGBTQ+ media outlets Dallas Voice, Outsmart Magazine, Project Q and About News | About Magazine will not be in attendance.

“Houston has attempted leaps and bounds to be a city of equality. Not to be able to get even a foot in the door; I’m disgusted to say the least.” University of Houston’s ‘GLOBAL’  president Jeremy Dyer said. GLOBAL is a University of Houston LGBTQ+ outreach program. “It’s fairly obvious, I personally believe” he continued.”The reasons they do not want LGBT reporters there, because the topic, they do not want to talk about.”

The debate hosted by CNN and Telemundo will specifically address Latino issues and will be the only GOP primary debate that will air in Spanish on the Telemundo Network. Wolf Blitzer will moderate the network’s Feb. 25 Republican presidential debate in Houston. Blitzer will be joined by CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash, Telemundo anchor Maria Celeste Arraras, and conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt

It all happens at the University of Houston’s Moores Opera House, beginning at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday February 25, 2016.

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the nation, and the GOP’s denial of any local LGBTQ+ media is another ‘black-eye’ Houston must deal with.

No response or comment from the Texas GOP or RNC as of press time.

Montrose’ Top 5 Bartenders To Check Out!

Top Five Bartenders in Houston

The Top Five Bartenders In LGBT+ Houston!

There’s a first time for everything, but the first visit  to one of our Top Five occupies an entire place of its own. Don’t let the naysayers fool you… Trust us, try one of these fine ‘tenders.’

Best service, amazing personality and a whole lot of alcohol—these fierce ‘tenders’ bring the sparkle to Montrose; and your evening out! #BestBartender


Kristina Pratts | Guava Lamp


12107079_10207871083285412_4993337520091778356_n Montrose' Top 5 Bartenders To Check Out!Kristina Pratts knows your name! This beast of a bartender knows how to mix a drink, and she does it with class and charm. She’s almost a gay man. If you have never tried her out, its time too.


#4Shane StrahanSouth Beach


945105_4364625608650_408101482_n Montrose' Top 5 Bartenders To Check Out!You have to walk to the rear of South Beach to find him, but his skills are nothing that needs to be found. Shane Strahan is one of Houston’s best bartenders, and he serves them at the coolest place on earth.


#3Tyler Moyer | J.R.’s Bar


11902257_10200605549138053_5226040302333041667_n Montrose' Top 5 Bartenders To Check Out!This FACE Award ‘Bartender of the Year’ sure earns the title. His smile and service is a welcoming change to most customer service you might find in Midtown. Make sure to say hello!


#2Sarah Tompkins  | F Bar 

10256917_961968753840523_6645428763638110583_o-300x276 Montrose' Top 5 Bartenders To Check Out!Sarah is a girl in a gay mans body! Its that simple. She always knows your name and your poison. Her personality, mixed with her ‘killer’ cocktail makes for one hell of a fabulous night.


  #1   Christopher TyerF Bar

12374826_955536051150460_2686862055281444374_o-300x298 Montrose' Top 5 Bartenders To Check Out!

Ahhh yes!!! Our favorite ‘slinger’ of all ‘tenders.’ Mr. Tyer, a former FACE Award ‘Bartender of the Year’ sure knows how to get a station packed. His charm, knowledge of ‘juice’ mixing sure makes a gurl proud and a little buzzed.