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ACLU Calls For Transparency In Death of Jesse Jacobs in Galveston Jail

Jesse Jacobs died in custody of the Galveston County Sheriff.
Jesse Jacobs died in custody of the Galveston County Sheriff.

ACLU Calls For Transparency In Death of Jesse Jacobs in Galveston Jail

(HOUSTON, TX) —On Tuesday the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Matt Simpson, called for Sheriff Henry Trochessett, of the Galveston Sheriff’s Department to be ‘transparent’ referring to requests to release information surrounding Jesse C. Jacobs, a 32 year old mans death while in custody of the Galveston County Sheriff’s Department (G.C.S.D.)

Simpson, a policy strategist for the ACLU and advocates for civil rights and civil liberties also works with local campaigns related to criminal justice reform, such as prison and jail policy, and law enforcement information sharing.

Documents obtained by About Magazine describe the official housing assignments while Jacobs was in custody in minimal detail. Leaving more questions of what really happened behind the walls of the Galveston County Jail.






About Magazine and KTRK-13 obtained an exclusive copy of the In-Take form.  The form describes Jacobs’s medical needs for Xanax. The intake form’s purpose is to bring awareness to information for the Sheriff’s department. Galveston Sheriffs office was aware of Jacob’s need for certain medications. Instead the Sheriff’s office opted for their own medical plan.

“Most county jails have a formulary that they use to prescribe drugs” Simpson explains. “And almost off of them do not include Xanax.” He says.

“The thought that he (Jacobs) was taken to University of Texas – Medical Branch after he was unresponsive, this absolutely should not have happened.” Simpson tells About Magazine referring to the days leading up to Jacob’s death. “He was in custody, how was it so late in the game, that he got to UTMB?” The family and supporters of Jacobs hope the answers to their concerns are in the information the Sheriff will not release implying his blanket refusal is covering something up.

Using the term ‘investigation’ as a pretext to not releasing the information is very standard Simpson explained. “It sounds like the Sheriff (Trochessett) was negligent and should be sued.”

The Galveston Co. District Attorney , Jack Roady, informed About Magazine on Monday, that the district attorney’s office is reviewing the ‘Jacobs’ case. “The Sheriff’s Office conducted its investigation then referred the matter to our office.” Roady stated. Unlike officials in the Sandra Bland case, the D.A. stated; “since it is under review, we will not be releasing any details until after a thorough investigation has been completed.”

“The Sheriff has every right to intervene when there is a medical condition, and he should have before this young man’s cardiac arrest occurred.” Simpson said referring to the seizures Jacobs was enduring.

Roselee Baily of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) concluded on April 17, 2015 that no violation(s) had occurred after a ‘review’ of the allegations with the jail staff. The letter does not mention any investigation had occurred. A request for a copy of that report was denied.

In a standard letter sent to the Jacobs family, the TCJS states ‘the policy of the TCJS is to ‘not question the professional opinion of medical personnel.’ It suggests speaking with the jail medical staff should they ‘feel’ the treatment was not appropriate.

About Magazine obtained Inspection Reports of the Galveston Jail, on April 21, 2015,that occurred less than one month after Jacobs’s death. The report does not indicate violations within the jail’s medical department nor a consultation with medical staff relating to the death.

The official TCJS report does cite that ‘Galveston jailers were not consistently documenting their face-to-face observations of inmates confined in special areas.’ Indicating jailers were not checking on inmates in the Medical unit as directed.

In 2014 the Texas Commission on Jail Standards received 1,694 written complaints, medical services constituted for 56% of those complaints.

“A part of this is familiar to us (ACLU) is jails often fail to identify with withdraw symptoms, and it can de deadly.” Simpson explains. “We are not talking about people on heroin; everyone knows that can be deadly to withdraw from.”

‘UR GAY’ sticker placed on customer’s car at Goodyear

(Beaumont) – Anita Carrillo’s visit to the Goodyear Auto Service Center for an oil change did not flow too well.

The sticker placed in the top left of her windshield to remind her of her next oil change had an extra message: “UR GAY,” Carillo said.

“My shirt that I had on was multicolored, maybe he thought I was trying to represent gay pride or something, I have no clue,” she said.

To this day, Carrillo is not sure why the mechanic printed the message, but she knew it was not professional. So she contacted a manager.

“He didn’t really apologize for it, he just kind of made an excuse for it,” Carrillo said.

Carrillo took her complaint to Facebook and posted a picture of the altered sticker. It went viral in Southeast Texas and it got the attention of Goodyear.

“I got speak to a higher-up manager and he really apologized and he was like this shouldn’t have happened and he took action,” Carillo said.

On Tuesday, he gave Carrillo her money back, and a new sticker without any creative messages on it. Carrillo hopes her ordeal inspires others to put the brakes on bad customer service.

Carrillo said the manager told her the mechanic that put the offensive sticker on her SUV is no longer with Goodyear.

LeAnn Rimes Asks For Donations For Dickinson Nursing Home

LeAnn Rimes Helps Fundraise For Dickinson Nursing Home

LeAnn Rimes Ask For Donations For Houston Nursing Home Instead Of Gifts!


(HOUSTON) — Country superstar LeAnn Rimes celebrated her 35th birthday in Los Angeles this past week with Texas on her heart. Instead of birthday gifts, the Grammy-winning artist is asking for donations to assist the rebuilding of the La Vita Bella assisted-living facility in Dickinson, Texas.

The privately owned assisted living facility made national news when a photo on Twitter went viral as #HurricaneHarvey was spinning havoc on the city. Now the facility has gained the attention of country music sweetheart LeAnn Rimes.

Screen-Shot-2017-09-05-at-6.58.05-PM LeAnn Rimes Asks For Donations For Dickinson Nursing Home
Twitter | @DividendsMGR | Trudy Lampson

After Mateo Sifuentes, a Houston native and the hairstylist for Rimes informed his client that his grandmother lived at the facility, Rimes felt a need to help.

Instead of gifts, Rimes asked for donations to the YouCaring fundraiser page to assist the facility in the re-building process. “Everyone has seen coverage on Harvey and its effects to Texas and Louisiana,” LeAnn Rimes said

“I was talking to my friend and hairstylist about a devastating image that I came across and it so happens that the woman in the photo was his friend’s grandmother,” Rimes said.

“So this year, instead of birthday gifts I ask you donate to his friend’s YouCaring account that will go directly to this nursing home clean up/rebuild going as soon as possible. Thank you!”

Rimes is a Texas native, growing up in Garland, Texas, a small suburb of Dallas. She was recently the headliner for the 2017 Pride Festival in Houston.

Houston LGBTQ Community Steps Up Following Hurricane Harvey

Houston LGBTQ Community Steps Up Following Hurricane Harvey

LGBT Houston Shines Following Hurricane Harvey: Looking At The True Acts Of Kindness From The Houston LGBTQ+ Community After One Of The Worst Hurricanes In American History

A Special Two Part Series

(HOUSTON) — Standing outside Houston’s LGBTQ community center, The Montrose Center, in the early afternoon of Thursday, August 24th, you could see Hurricane Harvey was approaching Houston. The sky was dark, and the winds had arrived. The rainfall would come only hours later and would last for several days without relent until Wednesday, August 30, 2017.

During and in the wake of the storm an innumerable amount of Houstonians lost their homes, vehicles, pets, possessions, while some even less fortunate lost their lives and those close to them. Our great city was devastated!

The attention of the entire nation turned to Texas. With that attention, came the influx of aid from all over. Louisiana’s Cajun Navy responded to need, shuttling down boats and volunteers to rescue people from the deadly flooding. According to the National Weather Service, areas of Houston received over 50” of rain.

“I wanted to feel like I could do something. We all felt powerless. We can’t do anything to stop a hurricane, but we can do something afterward.”– Michael Glazner

The American Red Cross set up the state’s largest shelter-in-place at Houston’s downtown George R. Brown convention center. Initially housing 10,000 evacuees, other facilities were opened including NRG Arena and the Toyota Center.

Hurricane Harvey’s devastation became infamous with celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Sandra Bullock, Chelsea Handler, and Ellen DeGeneres contributing large sums of money to relief efforts. Cristela Alonzo, comedian, and actress from Texas and an adamant LGBTQ+ ally went so far as to research shelter locations needing supplies and volunteers.

ABTHarvey-223x300 Houston LGBTQ Community Steps Up Following Hurricane HarveyAs an estimated 32,000 people were displaced from their homes in Harris County, Houston’s truest acts of heroism from local citizens began to shine. NRG, George R. Brown, Houston Food Bank, Pets Alive, to BARC and Gallery Furniture and many other facilities set up as shelters were inundated with volunteers.

As #HurricaneHarvey pounded Houston with rain, members of Houston’s LGBT pride organization, Pride Houston, Inc., went into action collecting contributions and left over supplies (from Houston’s June Pride Celebration) for delivery to the George R. Brown Convention Center for people in need. Items like bottled water, clothing were donated.

In the days since the storm social media has been overwhelmed with photos and posts from Houston’s LGBTQ+ community. Images of volunteers helping one another, and posts details someone’s random acts of kindness. There are so many.

“It seems like our community has either had to step up for themselves for so many years or by extension have gotten used to stepping up for other people and helping out,” former ‘Friends of Pride’ committee co-chair Michael Glazner said to About Magazine.

“I’m impressed, honored, and privileged to be a part of this community, ”  Glazner said. Glazner was one of many Pride Houston, Inc. volunteers that assisted during Hurricane Harvey.