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Halloween Magic Promises 2016 Fundraiser To Be Outrageously Funny

Halloween Magic Promises 2016 Fundraiser To Be Outrageously Funny

Houston’s Halloween Magic Roars Back To The Stage This Year Celebrating 25 Years With Honorary Chairs Annise Parker And Kathy Hubbard.

HOUSTON Oct. 2 — This is one of those Halloween parties you do not want to skip. The hilarious election-year satire, mixing risqué Montrose humor with Broadway show tunes, gears up at the Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church on Saturday, October 22 at 8:00 pm and Sunday, October 23 at 4:00 pm.

Roaring to the stage for its 25th anniversary production, Rand Paul’s Drag Race: Destination 1600 Avenue, directed by Dennis Draper of The Alley Theatre. Maria Todd will host the show.

“We set out to do the most outrageous send up of a political race, set against the backdrop of the antics of a real beauty pageant,” Gary Rodd, veteran Halloween Magic writer and cast member stated.

Some of Houston’s theater luminaries have been cast in honor of its silver anniversary. Mary Hooper plays Melania Trump, Deborah Hope appears as Sarah Palin, and Mark Ivy impersonates Rand Paul.

“We watched Smile, a 1976 beauty pageant movie, and Miss Congeniality for source material. Youtube is an immense help as was the Ru Paul show. We knew we would have five finalists: Rubio, Cruz, Trump, Hillary and Bernie. And we’re going to have a Charlie’s Angels trio of Melania Trump, Sarah Palin, and Bill Clinton,” Rodd added.

Founded in 1988, Halloween Magic has raised over $1 million for Houston HIV/AIDS service organizations. This years beneficiaries include Lazarus House, Legacy, Pet Patrol, Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church, and Omega House.

Tickets are $50, and may be purchased at, or by calling 713-256-3880.



Firsts Travis Crockett

They gave me a navy folder with
a packet of information twenty pages thick,
the first page titled “Day One.”
But there wasn’t a first day. A first month perhaps,
a memory salad of molding dread and sharp panic.

There was the first cut,
in public of course,
my hands fumbling a sharp piece of junk in a Good Will.
The high school clerk did not
appreciate my urgency for a Band-Aid
while blood—horror movie red
ballooned—from the tiny wound.
I bought the trash and took it home.
My first trophy.
There was the first education,
a confiding one-sided script.
People will say anything
in safe company.
He had put his
“health at risk, you know?”.
Truth shared under the assumption of a common status.
That was the first silence as well.
I was still learning how to speak; I could not yet teach.

There was the first rejection, but that only deserves one line.

There was the first doctors appointment.
The first blood draw.
The first results.
The first time they took my blood pressure
they had to take it again,
and again,
telling me I had to calm down,
that this was not
the first time someone had been in my position.
That was the first time I heard white coat syndrome.

Your new obsession becomes the first of many.
A refreshed interest in books,
things you said you would learn some other day,
or perhaps movies, foreign films,
you devour them, amass so many of these titles
you must buy a new book shelf,
you start looking at new TVs with better resolution,
you find a new couch to better hold you in these
delicate moments of escape.

I bought plants.
I bought so many,
willed my thumb turn from black to green,
surrounded myself with as much life as
I could fit on my south-facing patio.
To see the humble arc of beginning,
flourishing beautiful middle, and
graceful, lingering end, was my first recovery.
The next year I only bought five.

The first plant I bought lived
all through summer and into fall.
I buried it in wet November mud
next to a creek and
did not think of myself.

TravisCrockett-300x300 FirstsTRAVIS CROCKETT considers poetry to be a fourth alternative to Albert Camus’ options for dealing with the absurdity of life. Instead of willful denial through religion, suicide, or a total embrace of absurdity, poetry permits his desire for something greaterthan himself, acknowledges the terrors of being alive, and shakes hands with l’absurde. Travis considers poetry to be a way to wink back when the abyss get awkward and stares too long. He lives in Texas with his boyfriend and his dog.

Annise Parker Named Democratic National Chair Of LGBT Advisory Board

Annise Parker About Magazine

Annise Parker, former out Mayor of Houston has been named the chair of a new LGBT advisory panel for national Democrats.

The Democratic National Committee announced Friday Parker as one of two co-chairs of its LGBT Advisory Board.

Former Houston Mayor Annise Parker, whose tenure as mayor and concluded this month, and HIV/AIDS activist Rev. José M. Román, who worked in numerous aid agencies in New York City during the AIDS crisis, were named as co-chairs to the board, which was launched late last year. –




A Flashback to the 80’s Party with AIN

AIN Dallas 80’s Fundraiser HIV

Dallas’s leading HIV support nonprofit, AIN, hosted their annual fall fundraiser to bring in money to serve people in the DFW area living with HIV. The theme? Flashback to the 80’s!

(DALLAS) — This past weekend, About Magazine did a little time traveling to the 80’s, courtesy of our community partner, AIN. The nonprofit based in Dallas is the Access and Information Network, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to serving the DFW area’s HIV-positive people. Such services include transportation to medical treatment, hot meals served daily, HIV support, as well as an array of other programs. Annually, AIN hosts a fall fundraiser to make up for the funding that normally hits a lag toward the end of the year, and this year’s event was whimsically themed “Flashback to the 80’s”.

44675900_10160419374333990_6171085388296224768_n A Flashback to the 80’s Party with AINWith other community partners such as the Round-Up Dancehall and Saloon also in attendance, AIN gave community members, employees, and special guests the opportunity to dress up in their most outrageous 80’s gear, dance the night away to the talented Live 80’s Band, nibble on snacks and treats, and raise cocktail glasses to a successful year of serving a widely underrepresented demographic of people — many of whom identify as LGBTQ. This year alone, AIN has not only continued and expanded its services to the community, but has done so while also undergoing the move to a brand new location (located at 2600 N Stemmons Fwy, Suite 151 in Dallas). While they currently are just weeks away from opening their new and improved Daire Center just across the plaza from their offices, the team still operates and puts together functions such as Flashback to the 80’s. At the new Daire Center — as well as at its previous location — clients are able to receive hot meals, partake in group activities, socialize with their peers, and more. Through this transition, however, AIN has never stopped offering services to its clients; and now the nonprofit is capable of serving a larger clientele with more space to do so.

Having been in operation for over 30 years now, AIN is the leading HIV support system in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. And if the enormous list of their sponsors and supporters attending their generous fundraisers are any indication of the work they do, it is safe to say that AIN will be around for another 30 years, as well as long after. Check out photos from the event below:

44818008_10160419339193990_3222137680103997440_o A Flashback to the 80’s Party with AIN44740899_10160419374303990_8120446734712176640_n A Flashback to the 80’s Party with AIN44679947_10160419374838990_4713044905855811584_n A Flashback to the 80’s Party with AIN44628780_10160419340993990_9143401820272459776_o A Flashback to the 80’s Party with AIN44679989_10160419338198990_4728161893657608192_o A Flashback to the 80’s Party with AIN

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