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Suspect Claims Houston Police Have Wrong Guy And Waives Extradition

Matthew Alan Putterman

BREAKING NEWS (Houston)– Matthew A Putterman claims Houston Police have the wrong guy and has agreed to be extradited back to Harris County.

Sheriff Meininger in Pemniba, County North Dakota stated via e-mail to About Magazine “Matthew Alan Putterman has waived extradition and will be returned to Houston.”

“He’s has been sitting in jail in North Dakota for a crime he didn’t commit when the real criminal is still at large. Everyone is pointing fingers. Saying horrible things about him and his sister.” states Robyn Kellow, (the friend in Canada whom Putterman was visiting).

About Magazine and Foti Kallergis of KTRK-ABC13 started working on numerous tips, investigating the possibility of video that would indeed clear Putterman’s involvement. (Click here) Kallergis got an exclusive interview with Putterman, and will air tonight on ABC 13, ABC affiliate in Houston.

Kellow, a Putterman family friend contacted About Magazine late Tuesday night with details of the existence of ‘possible’ videos from Putterman’s job and other locations that would prove his innocence.

“Its like the police and border didn’t care about his innocence. And jumped the gun on his conviction.” Kellow says. 

About Magazine’s requests were denied by Farmer Brothers to view footage of their east end Houston factory. The video footage is reported to show ‘no’ damage to Puttermans car the morning following the deadly hit and run in Montrose that killed Michael Alexander Hill on January 8. Farmer Brothers denied that Putterman was employed by their company.

Jamie Wimmer with the Houston division of Farmers Brothers stated “company policy was not to release video without a subpoena.” Even when asked if it could prove a mans innocence!

“Matty came down to visit myself and Ryan, as well as his god son in Canada.” Robyn Kellow tells About Magazine. “Matty is a loving , caring amazing big hearted man that would do anything to see someone smile.” Kellow stated.

Arrest Made In Montrose Hit And Run

Matthew A. Putterman has been arrested in the death of Michael Alexander Hill.
Matthew A. Putterman has been arrested in the death of Michael Alexander Hill.

BREAKING NEWS- About Magazine has learned there has been an arrest made in the deadly hit and run in Montrose that killed Michael Alexander Hill while crossing at a crosswalk at the 400 block of Westheimer at Taft. (Click Here To Read Official Police Report)

Matthew Alan Putterman (28) has been arrested in Pemniba, County North Dakota attempting to cross the Canadian boarder.

Official records state that Putterman had attempted to cross into Canada three times, but was acting suspiciously.

Canadian Boarder Patrol officials noticed a small amount of marijuana therefore detaining Putterman for attempting to smuggle drugs into Canada.

During the process, officials then discovered text messages from Lana Putterman (sister to Putterman) discussing how to fix damage to his 2006 dark blue Hyundai Sonata.

The text messages also discuss how ‘Putterman’ admits he did hit the victim, but did not think he was dead.

The accused is no stranger to law enforcement. In 2007 Putterman was charged with possession of narcotics

Putterman has been charged with felony Hit and Run involving death. Houston Police Department Spokeswoman Jodi Silva confirmed the report but did not know if the sister would be charged.

Upon being detained, Putterman was questioned relating to the Hit and Run and denied any involvement. The suspect stated he “was in an accident near Katy, TX.” After law enforcement contacted all local agencies to confirm, they could find no such accident had occurred where Putterman described.


Madonna’s Tour Stops At Tony’s Corner Pocket In Houston

It’s to late… The biggest pop star in the world has left town. Bet you did not know she was in Houston almost a week. Using Houston as a hub between some of her other show stops. But don’t worry, neither did many people. But as the saying goes…. the mice play while the cats away!!!!

Madonna’s crew of dancers wearing surgical masks hit up the popular go-go dancer-club on the edge of downtown this past week named Tony’s Corner Pocket. Apparently the crew of twenty or so wanted to have some fun. So what’s better on a Wednesday night?

Rumor is… while Madonna lay up in her presidential suite, the kids hit the town with Houston’s hottest make-up artist Edward Sanchez. According to multiple sources; the crew partied past midnight. One can only imagine the fun they encountered!

Another surprise, the surgical masks were not to hid their identities, apparently contracts with Madonna’s tour prohibit them from taking photos with fans!!!! WTF??? So they wear them in photo’s to hide their identity.

Houston Man Who Strangled Drag Queen Scheduled for Execution This Month

Richard Masterson convicted of capital murder in the strangling of a female impersonator is interviewed at the Polunksy Unit Death Row Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, in Livingston, Tx. Masterson was convicted in the slaying of Darin Shane Honeycutt, who was known by the stage name of Brandi Houston. Honeycutt's nude body was found Jan. 27, 2001, at his apartment in Montrose. ( Steve Gonzales / Houston Chronicle )

The state of Texas will execute a Houston man this month after being found guilty of murder in 2001 of a well known Houston drag queen.

Richard Masterson was convicted of the strangulation of Darrin Honeycutt, who performed under the name Brandi Houston.

The popular queen was found naked in her Montrose apartment on January 27, 2001. According to records Honeycutt and Mastersen had met at a gay bar the day before.

In a death row interview, Masterson said he “accepts responsibility” for his actions but insisted “I never admitted I murdered anybody.”