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(HOUSTON, TX) -Mayor Annise Parker and the City of Houston has officially proclaimed that on December 7, 2015 L.G.B.T. Heroes’ and Icons’ will be honored; proclaiming F.A.C.E. Awards Day.

[First Achievers in Community Excellence]. Each year the L.G.B.T. community and its allies work hard in pursuit of special causes. Each year a volunteer works hard, a politician gets a law passed; a new business opens its doors to the community. Maybe it’s a photographer, a drag performer, a bartender, or a hair stylist – they are all doing their part in Houston seeking equality for all. The F.A.C.E Awards puts a face to that person and makes sure they are honored. They become someone to look up to, and it lets others praise their achievements. It allows our youth an opportunity to see that hard work and dedication pays off, that doing the right thing gets you rewarded.City-of-houston-FACE-Awards-195x300 CITY OF HOUSTON PROCLAIMS MONDAY, DECEMBER 7TH, 2015 AS F.A.C.E. AWARDS DAY

“On December 7 we also remember the Heroes’ and Icons’ before us. The ever so many that fought with blood and tears for a cause, for a human right.” Stated FACE Awards director Cade Michals. “We remember our fallen L.G.B.T. community members, that were our friends, neighbors, everyone we lost this past year. They are honored as our Heroes’ and Icons.”

Houston based RWB Vodka, and L’Auberge Casino Resort in Lake Charles will sponsors the 2015 FACE Awards will be held in Montrose on Monday, December 7, 2015 at South Beach the nightclub.

Hosted by Houston award winning Lauren Kelly of Mix96.5FM and Sarah Pepper of Houston’s HOT 97.5 FM. New to the award show this year is the “RWB Pre Award Show | L’Auberge Casino Red Carpet Arrival Ceremony” hosted by Chad Pitt of MIX 96.5FM and Wendy Taylor of American Idol.

“RWB Vodka is delighted to take part in the 2015 F.A.C.E. Awards,” said Aristocrat Group Corp. CEO Robert Federowicz. “This is a prestigious and worthy event that honors significant achievement. We support such excellence and want to thank and recognize the many volunteers, activists, business leaders and everyone else who have come together to advance the community and make this a true success.”

The award show this year takes a new turn in its four-year history. The venue is much larger. The red carpet show is new. Two jumbo screens will allow for video, the lighting and the sound will provide for more energy.

Popular Gay Bar ‘Meteor’ Property Sold And Will Be Demolished For New Development In 2016

A new proposed development in Montrose recently announced includes an impressive lower Fairview revitalization set to break ground in the late summer of 2016.

The news also brings to light the property where the popular LGBT bar Meteor is located. The proposal released; places a six story parking garage at 2302-2308 Genesee, the current home of Meteor. But the developer admits ‘things could change closer’ to ground breaking.

“We finalized the sale of the property in late October” Charles Armstrong; owner of Meteor explains to About News.

“Meteor was not sold, just the property.”

Meteor will lease the property until construction is set to start. It is not uncommon for a bar owner to lease property. It’s more common for a bar to lease than to purchase the property.

“Matter of fact, it’s business as usual.” Armstrong says “We have events planned all the way through the Spring of 2016.”

meteor-about-magazine-1024x768 Popular Gay Bar 'Meteor' Property Sold And Will Be Demolished For New Development In 2016
New Redevelopment Project Planned for East Montrose (Red Area Is Currently Meteor)

Armstong informed employees of the changes coming, in a staff meeting late Wednesday afternoon and clarified any rumors.

The massive project includes redeveloping a number of nearby commercial properties with new retail, office parking space.

The new structures in the new concept will run east and west through the  of Fairview, with the center running north/south streets of Morgan, Taft, Mason and Genesee.

If you know Gratifi, Cuchara and Max’s Wine Dive and the property Where Common Bond is located; then you know Fred Sharifi, the developer of the new project.

Convicted Gay Basher Jon Buice Granted Parole

Convicted Murder Jon Buice, serving 45 years in Texas Department of Criminal Justice has been granted parole. He was convicted for the 1991 gay bashing murder of Paul Broussard.

Paul Broussard, a 27-year-old Houston-area banker and Texas A&M alumnus, was beaten and stabbed to death in a gay-bashing outside a Houston nightclub on July 4, 1991, by ten teenaged boys. The youths had driven from the northern Houston suburb of The Woodlands to Montrose solely to “beat up some queers”, in the words of one of the convicted teens.

Buice now, 42, previously was granted parole in 2011, but subsequent protests led to its reversal.

Broussard was walking across a parking lot just after 2:00 a.m on July 4, 1991, in  Montrose  with his friends Cary Anderson and Richard Delaunay when the trio was attacked by 10 young men from The Woodlands area which included Jon Buice.

The “Woodlands Ten” as they became known, had spent the two days prior to the attack binging on alcohol. Hours before the attack, they piled into two cars and cruised Montrose harassing men they presumed to be gay. They identified their targets by asking directions to Heaven, a popular area gay bar and threw rocks at men who answered with directions.

Broussard and friends were just blocks away from home when the attackers asked them for directions to Heaven. Upon receiving them, the 10 attackers exited their vehicles and attacked the three gay men with fists, steel-toed boots, bear claws, nail-studded two-by-fours, and a knife wielded by Jon Buice. Anderson and Delaunay escaped down a busy street, while Broussard headed down a dead end street where he was surrounded by the 10 attackers.

Delaunay said the ten young men were cheering and yelling as they attacked Broussard. Broussard suffered abrasions, puncture wounds, a broken rib, bruised testicles, and three stab wounds. As he lay on the ground, almost unconscious, two of his attackers rifled through his pockets and took a comb as a souvenir. 

Broussard was treated by EMS at the scene, and then airlifted to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where he died eight-and-a-half hours later.

Gay Houston Man Brutally Murdered Left In Woods

Marc Pourner Murder Victim

Pourner, missing since last Thursday; after receiving a late-night ‘disturbing’ call and, not showing up for the work the following day.

According to “Tony,”  a friend of Pourner; the family located  ‘items’ in Pourner’s room that allowed them to identify who possibly called. “They were able to see who called Marc.” the friend states; referring to the late night call the victim received.

The friend describes that information they obtained from “items’ as overwhelming.

Local authorities later received a tip of the body’s location from a ‘person of interest’ that is connected to the victim. A source close to the investigation acknowledges investigators are close to an arrest.

An autopsy is expected to be performed on Monday.