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Exclusive: Lane Lewis From Party Chair To City Council

Lane Lewis on the cover of about magazine in houston

Lane Lewis has been in politics for nearly 30 years in the Houston and Harris County Area. At age 19, Lewis spoke for the first time in front of Houston City Council, and since then, he has been working as an educator, activist, organizer, and politician.
At age 21, Lewis put his Social Work license to work as a crisis intervention specialist for a treatment facility in the Medical Center that specialized in LGBT issues. His work led him to the Houston LGBT Caucus where he met and become friends with prominent local activists and mentors like Ray Hill, Sue Lovell, and Annise Parker.

He learned quick how to get things done and was appointed to numerous committees for the City of Houston Health and Human Services, Houston Police Department, and many others.

“The two things I am most proud of, the youth center I started and MY work on LGBT equality.”

At about age 22, he co-founded a youth center to provide services and shelter to homeless and thrown away LGBT youth. The organization, founded in the early 1990’s, lasted only two years after Lewis left the board, but had already served and saved hundreds of kids (one of which was a young man that was eventually adopted by Annise Parker and her wife Kathy Hubbard).

His work to save homeless LGBT youth had a huge impact on the lives of many, but his work with LGBT issues and human rights eventually led him to focus on one statue in particular. Lane’s work on 21.06 would forever change the National landscape for all LGBT Americans; Texas Penal Code 21.06 made LGBT sex illegal.lane-lewis-cover-about-magazine-666x1024 Exclusive:  Lane Lewis From Party Chair To City Council

In 1999, when Lewis got his hands on the police report from John Lawrence and Tyron Garner’s arrest regarding their alleged violation of Texas’ “Sodomy Law,” he knew it was what he had been looking for, but he first had to convince the defendants that being part of history was the right decision, rather than pleading their case out. The men agreed and Lane set out to find them an attorney. After talking to local activists everyone agreed that the men had a case and Mitchell Katine should be their lawyer. “The reason I called him is, from the very beginning, I didn’t want this to be my case,” Lewis says. “This was a community case. Mitchell was well liked in the community and had spent years giving away his legal services and helping others.” The case went on to the U.S. Supreme Court as Lawrence v. Texas, possibly the most prominent victories in gay-rights history and it paved the way for Marriage Equality.

As Lewis began to advocate for more issues, he decided to run for office. After making a close, but unsuccessful attempt at Houston City Council in 2009, he decided to become involved in local Democratic politics where he was elected Chair of Senate District 15 in 2010. After a successful tenure of getting out democratic voters, he successfully ran for Harris County Democratic Party Chair in 2011. As the party chair he has emphasized mail-ballot voting. Prior to Lewis Democrats would lose to Republicans mail ballots at around 60%. “With those numbers, we practically lost all the races before the polls even opened,” Lewis says. In his tenure as County Chair, Lewis has leveled the field when it comes to mail ballots. In 2014, Lane designed a program that narrowed the gap to 2% and has made a myriad of improvements to the Democratic infrastructure in Harris County.

Lane has been an outspoken voice for equality and justice for 25 years and urges everyone to vote Yes on Prop. 1 (H.E.R.O ordinance).

Lane Lewis is currently the Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party and he is running for a Houston City Council At Large Position 1.

Early voting begins October 19th – October 30th and Election Day is November 3rd.

More information can be found at www.LaneLewis.com

BREAKING: Houston Police Officers Shoots Robbery Suspect In Montrose

(Breaking News) HOUSTON – A Houston Police officer was the target of an ambush late Thursday evening in Montrose on his way home. One of the suspects was shot by the officer.

The Houston Police Department sergeant is not being identified; has been with Houston Police Department for 34 years.

The incident started at 11:30 p.m. according to HPD. The veteran officer was heading home in his personal vehicle and noticed he was being followed as he drove down Woodhead Street in the Montrose.

As the sergeant turned onto Indiana Street and stopped, so did the following suv. The sergeant saw the suspect get out of the car, gun in hand and start to approach. That is when the sergeant got out of his car and identified himself and told the suspect to stop. The suspect didn’t stop his approach and pointed the weapon at the officer.


“At that point in time, a rear passenger got out and began running toward the sergeant as he went under street light he had arm extended and was shooting pistol directly at the sergeant,” Kese Smith, with HPD, said.

The The suspect never had a chance to shoot; the sergeant firing repeatedly hitting the suspect multiple times. The suspect ran back to the car where three other suspects were waiting, and the car fled the scene.

HPD received a call about a male shot laying on the ground at Cushing and Webster about ten minutes later. HPD responded and spotted the suspect vehicle that was part of the officer-involved shooting. At that time three suspects were taken into custody.

The fourth suspect was taken to a local hospital in serious condition.



Hollywood Legend Bruce Vilanch Comes To Houston

Hollywood Legend Bruce Vilanch Comes To Houston



(Houston, TX) You might remember him from his frequent appearances on Hollywood Squares, or his near five decades and counting in show business. He is a comedy writing pioneer and he brings that award winning charm right to Houston next week.

His name is Bruce Vilanch. He’s a chubby, and fuzzy fella that can make you roll over and die laughing with just a sentence. He’s the comedy genius behind the Academy Awards, Tony’s, and Emmy’s.

I was a little late calling Bruce  for the interview. My five mines turned into almost twenty-five. “We have our own sense of time” referring to gay time. At least it’s not drag time.  Bruce was sitting in what he described as his West Hollywood “We Ho” man cave, after being on the road, he had finally made it back home.

Bruce heads to Houston this month for a fundraiser to benefit Bunnies on the Bayou. “I use to go see the weeny wagers at JR’s. I would stalk Montrose. They use to have those bars where people would tea bag you, it was very exciting.” He says of his prior visits to Houston. “My family had business there [Houston] when I was a kid, and I was there a lot for that and of course Bette Milder and I have been to Houston a bunch of times, just raining terror on River Oaks.” bruce-vilanch-houston Hollywood Legend Bruce Vilanch Comes To Houston

With Houston in the national news relating to ‘H.E.R.O.’ it was not surprising that one of Hollywood’s most out spoken L.G.B.T. pioneers wouldn’t have anything to say. “ I think she is fabulous, that Annise Parker- I’ve been following her. Named after a spice- I like it”

“Religious bigotry is the last wall to come down, it trumps everything, and TRUMP is the verb right now. He tells About Magazine on the heels of his Houston appearance. “It’s the last thing. All they have, stuff based on myth and religion, and it’s crazy”. “Look at the clerk in Kentucky, it’s just sad. Its’ delusional and crazy.

“Religious bigotry is the last wall to come down, it trumps everything.”

When reasonable people look at it; they will realize its just nuts Bruce explains. Growing up for him was in a different era. He never had to come out and the concept of OUT never really existed. You didn’t declare yourself.

“Declaring yourself was a product of Stonewall, and what was called the ‘Gay Liberation’ that occurred in the 1970’s when the LGBT community decided to make a political statement and become visible. We have everything we have to today because of them.”

“The more we become like them [straight people] the less scary we become to them. Someone said “Did, the Mother ship land and those gays spill out of it?’

“No, we decide to make ourselves known. What I see is the younger generation has grown up in this already and their reaction is ‘What’s the big deal?’ Why are people still carrying on about this?

We are truly aware of the pockets of resistance all around, and Texas being the largest pocket. It’s crazy people acting out, it’s a circus, and it becomes an media frenzy. But in real life, we are seeing acceptance everyday, and this will continue. We are now in the mainstream”.





Man Robbed In Montrose Helps Houston Police Track Suspects

Brent MCartt via Facebook
Brent MCartt via Facebook

The quick thinking of a Montrose man and fast response of Houston Police led to the capture of two men accused of aggravated armed robbery in Montrose this past weekend.

Brett McCart was leaving the popular LGBT nightclub “F Bar” late Saturday night on October 3, 2015 when he was approached by two african american men. “The victim was walking to his car when two men approached him, one had a gun.” stated Houston Police Department Spokeswoman Jodi Silva. “The quietly walked up to him, robbed him, and quietly walked away like nothing had happened.”

Phillip Wayne Davis, 34 of Seabrook, Texas, has been charged with Aggravated Armed Robbery and Felon in Possession of a firearm. Phillips has six prior convictions/arrests relating to drugs, and criminal tresspassing.

A second suspect, a juvenile was also arrested and charges were deferred to Harris County Juvenile Courts.

McCart, after being robbed in the 200 block of Drew Street and Aberdeen; ran back to F Bar and notified the Houston Police officers working off duty. According to HPD; McCart’s friend was able to track his stolen phone and HPD was able to quickly locate the suspects.

“Upon tracking the suspects, HPD officers found them in the 600 block of McGowen. The suspects fled in different directions, and the adult suspect tried to ditch the gun under a car.” Silva stated to About Magazine. Both were captured.