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Hit And Run Victim In Montorse Identified As Michael Alexander Hill

Michael Alexander Hit and Run Montrose

(HOUSTON) AboutNews– The victim of a deadly Montrose hit and run has been identified as Michael Alexander ‘Alex’ Hill (23) a well loved and respected resident of Montrose.

Hill; better know to his friends as ‘Alex’ was the victim of a fatal hit-and-run crash at 400 Westheimer  at Taft st. at about 12:30 a.m. Friday (January 8). Friends tell About News he was walking from his apartment across from El Tiempo restaurant Thursday night to meet friends at a local pub a couple blocks away; when he was struck.

“If we were going out, he always walked” stated a friend that did not want to be identified.

The vehicle’s make or model are unknown.  According to witnesses, the driver ran the red light and did not stop to provide assistance to the victim.

Hill’s friend went to Facebook Friday night to express shock and condolences after learning of his death.

“Alex was one of the first people I met in Houston. He was kind, deeply intellectual, and loved his friends. He was a true Southern gentleman” states a friend on Facebook.

According to friends Hill had just celebrated his 23rd birthday and was excited for the new year.

Anyone with information in this case is urged to contact the HPD Hit and Run Unit at 713-247-4065 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

White Lives Matter Officially Labeled Hate Group

White Lives Matter Officially Labeled Hate Group

The protest in Houston outside the offices of the NAACP has lead the Southern Poverty Law Center to place the organization alongside some of the nation’s most racist and homophobic groups.

The White Lives Matter movement has been officially labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center due to it’s racist reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, is tasked with tracking discriminatory groups that target minorities. White Lives Matter is ‘self-described’ as working towards the “preservation of the white race.”

White-Lives-Matter-Officially-Labeled-Hate-Group-About-Magazine White Lives Matter Officially Labeled Hate Group

The newly labeled hate group was created in response to the passionate movement of Black Lives Matter, created to advocate for the African-American community against police violence.

The recent protest by White Lives Matter in Houston was calling for the NAACP to denounce Black Lives Matter. The group held their protest outside the offices of the NAACP, with assault rifles and Confederate flags.

The Southern Poverty Law Center currently lists 892 active hate groups in the country with 48 of those anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups.



Terror Threat Made Against Pride Parade In Houston

Terror Threat Made Against Pride Parade In Houston
Terror Threat Made Against Pride Parade In Houston

Houston Police Department has launched an investigation into threats made towards the the upcoming Houston Pride Celebration and Parade, that were made on social media.

The tweet read: “There will be a massive shooting at the pride parade in Houston, Texas.” The Twitter account has since been deleted.

“We’re trying to figure out who it is,” HPD spokesman John Cannon stated. “We’re looking into it just like we’d look into any other threat made to someone’s life.”

Pride Houston President Frankie Quijano released a statement in part reading “There will be an increased Houston Police Department and additional security officer presence throughout this year’s Celebration.” Assuming details will not be released to risk security.

Anyone with information about the owner of the account and any possible threats to the upcoming event is encouraged to call 911 or HPD at 713-884-3131.

Houston’s Pride Week runs June 19-26.

Arrest Made In Montrose Hit And Run

Matthew A. Putterman has been arrested in the death of Michael Alexander Hill.
Matthew A. Putterman has been arrested in the death of Michael Alexander Hill.

BREAKING NEWS- About Magazine has learned there has been an arrest made in the deadly hit and run in Montrose that killed Michael Alexander Hill while crossing at a crosswalk at the 400 block of Westheimer at Taft. (Click Here To Read Official Police Report)

Matthew Alan Putterman (28) has been arrested in Pemniba, County North Dakota attempting to cross the Canadian boarder.

Official records state that Putterman had attempted to cross into Canada three times, but was acting suspiciously.

Canadian Boarder Patrol officials noticed a small amount of marijuana therefore detaining Putterman for attempting to smuggle drugs into Canada.

During the process, officials then discovered text messages from Lana Putterman (sister to Putterman) discussing how to fix damage to his 2006 dark blue Hyundai Sonata.

The text messages also discuss how ‘Putterman’ admits he did hit the victim, but did not think he was dead.

The accused is no stranger to law enforcement. In 2007 Putterman was charged with possession of narcotics

Putterman has been charged with felony Hit and Run involving death. Houston Police Department Spokeswoman Jodi Silva confirmed the report but did not know if the sister would be charged.

Upon being detained, Putterman was questioned relating to the Hit and Run and denied any involvement. The suspect stated he “was in an accident near Katy, TX.” After law enforcement contacted all local agencies to confirm, they could find no such accident had occurred where Putterman described.