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Michael Hill’s Accused Killer Hired By Montrose Business

A Man Accused Of Tragically Running Down Michael Alexander Hill, Fleeing Scene, Employed Again As A Bartender!

HOUSTONFEB 18 — A popular business that launched multiple highly successful café’s from Montrose has hired a man accused of tragically running down and killing a gay man that lead Houston Police on a year long, nationwide manhunt.

Suspect, Emmanuel Salgado, is employed with BB’s Café in the Heights as a bartender while on bond for felony ‘failure to stop and render aid – accident involving death’.

The death of Hill drew national attention after Houston Police charged the wrong man in the case. It was later discovered that Salgado was employed at Boheme Bar as a bartender just a few block away from where Hill was killed.

“I can confirm he is a bartender at our Heights café,” a manager at the Montrose location confirmed with About News. “We were not aware of the charges, and I will be making some calls,” he stated. Management at BB’s in the Heights would not speak to us, and calls to owner Brooks Bassler last week were not returned.

Salgado is charged in the 182nd district court of Harris County and free on a $30,000 dollar bond awaiting his next court appearance.

“There is irrefutable proof in the case via blood evidence found on [Salgado] the vehicle from my son,” Michael Hill Sr, the father of Hill, confirmed to About News.

Houston Police have long suspected the accused was intoxicated when Hill was killed.

Whopper Fight Caught On Camera At Montrose Burger King

Whopper Fight Caught On Camera At Montrose Burger King

A Whole New ‘Whopper’ Is Being Served At The Montrose Burger King For Customers That Want To Trash The Counter!

(HOUSTON) — A Houston Burger King Is getting some attention on social media after a fight caught on a cell phone shows a ‘whopper’ of a fight. The incident occurred at the Montrose location on Westheimer Rd.

The video captures a man upset and yelling foul obscenities at employees. There is no indication if the man had placed an order. As the video continues, the upset man knocks everything off the counter and throws things across the restaurant.

At one point a Burger King employee is shoved by the man, which the employee responds with two punches. The second ‘whopper’ of a hit landed the man on the ground. In the video you see another man stand on the man’s head. It’s unsure if the man was a customer or employee.

Not long after, a female employee is captured in the video holding a Taser. The female employee appears to tase the irate customer several times before he is able to exit the fast food joint.

Talk about a new twist to a zapped Whopper!


Matthew Alan Putterman

Vehicle Recovered In Case Of Gay University Of Houston Student!

A Houston news outlet is reporting the 2016 Orange Jeep Renegade of missing University of Houston student An Vinh Nguyen as been recovered and in the custody of law enforcement.

Harris County Sheriffs Department Was Holding The Vehicle Of An Vinh Nguyen At Their North Side Impound Lot Since Last Week.

HOUSTON — A Houston news outlet is reporting the 2016 Orange Jeep Renegade of missing University of Houston student An Vinh Nguyen has been recovered and in the custody of law enforcement authorities.

According to KTRK-13Detectives would not reveal where they discovered the Jeep or what condition it was in at the time.’ But admitted it has been in their possession for about a week, Nguyen’s family gave consent to search it.

KTRK-13 reporters spotted the vehicle on Wednesday in the sheriff’s impound lot on the north side of Houston.

It has been over two weeks since the University of Houston student disappeared.