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Cher to Release New Album: Dancing Queen

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Music legend and LGBTQ icon Cher pays tribute to the music of ABBA following global mega-success of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

The one and only LGBTQ goddess Cher will be releasing Dancing Queen, a new album of all ABBA hits on September 28, 2018, which was officially announced August 9 by Warner Bros. Records. Those who pre-order the new album will immediately receive Cher’s rendition of the song “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight).” You can listen to the official audio below.

The Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy Award-winning icon was inspired to record the album following her stunning performance in the recently-released mega-hit film, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Commented Cher: “I’ve always liked Abba and saw the original Mamma Mia musical on Broadway three times. After filming Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, I was reminded again of what great and timeless songs they wrote and started thinking ‘why not do an album of their music?’ The songs were harder to sing than I imagined but I’m so happy with how the music came out. I’m really excited for people to hear it. It’s a perfect time.”

Dancing Queen was recorded and produced in London and Los Angeles with Cher’s longtime collaborator Mark Taylor, who previously produced Cher’s global smash “Believe” which was number one in over 50 countries.

Dancing-Queen-Album-Cover-jpeg Cher to Release New Album: Dancing Queen

The track listing for Dancing Queen previously announced on Cher’s twitter is listed below.

Cher is scheduled to be awarded a Kennedy Center Honor on December 2nd in Washington DC. She is a co-producer of The Cher Show, the upcoming Broadway musical opening on December 3rd and will be touring Australia and New Zealand in September.  She is currently performing a residency at MGM Resorts. Get tickets HERE!

Dancing Queen Tracklisting:

1. Dancing Queen
2. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
3. The Name Of The Game
4. SOS
5. Waterloo
6. Mamma Mia
7. Chiquitita
8. Fernando
9. The Winner Takes It All
10. One Of Us


Cam: Country Music Star & LGBTQ Advocate

The country music world is getting to know her better and better each day, and recently, so has the LGBTQ community. Her name is Cam and she’s here to help queer people and make good music.

(DALLAS) – While visiting the American Airlines Center last month in Dallas to catch Sam Smith’s The Thrill of It All tour, About Magazine got the chance to catch up with country music star Cam. The young country sensation opened up for Smith on his tour and recently penned an open letter to the LGBTQ community in which she told us all she would always have our backs. And while that might seem like a strange thing for a straight country star to do, Cam is more than just a straight country star, as we came to find out. She’s also an educated student of psychology who left the field to pursue her dream of being a musician. And thank God she did. Where would country music be without her contributions to it, as well as to artists outside the genre, including Smith himself.

Just having wrapped her time with Smith, Cam has just released her new single “Road to Happiness” ahead of her second album on which it is featured and a tour of the same name beginning in September. Having just switched record labels from Sony imprint Artista Nashville to the Sony-owned RCA Records, Cam is keeping herself busy and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. About Magazine Dallas contributor Mallorie Hall sat down to talk to Cam while in Dallas.

Mallorie: Can you tell me a little bit about the tour and what’s it’s been like to play these packed venues?

Cam: It’s amazing. It’s like a musical theatre guy who designed the stage, so it’s very — you’ll see it. It’s a very intimate but also a very dramatic, grand thing. It’s really cool to be on a stage like that and be so personal. You know? And everyone seems like they’re here. I said it on stage and I really did mean it — everyone. I think because [Sam Smith is] so comfortable with who he is. He’s so genuine, like how he seems on stage is who he is and I resonate with that; and I think everybody does.

What do you think is the most different for you — just being yourself and being on stage?

Oh, like from my personality? Honestly, I think it’s just a forever dig to try and make sure that I know myself. And the more I do it offstage, the more real I can be onstage. […] You know when something catches you off guard and they’re like, “Hey how’s it going? Tell me about yourself!” and if you haven’t really figured yourself out, you’re gonna kind of say not the coolest thing in that moment. But that’s how it feels. Like … my difference offstage is more like figuring things out. You know what I’m saying? Like … whatever I’ve got, whatever truth I have.

5ED7B80B-4A62-4B28-9646-58A6B0AFE67D Cam: Country Music Star & LGBTQ AdvocateSo, you actually began your career as a songwriter composing for other artists. So, what has it been like at this stage of your career to take the mic on stage, having radio hits, versus writing songs for others?

Yeah, well, I actually started job-ness with being a psychology researcher. So I like looked at emotions and cultures and stuff like that. And then when I was like twenty-four I decided that I didn’t love it enough to put up with the downs. Every job has goods and bads; and I realized that the things that came with that, I couldn’t be in love with it. I was like, what should I do? And my professor was like, well, when you’re 80-years-old, picture yourself looking back. What would you regret? Missing out on music or missing out on psychology? Music, duh.

16586 Cam: Country Music Star & LGBTQ Advocate
About Dallas contributor Mallorie Hall + Cam

Plus don’t you feel like you can incorporate some of those messages into music? Just the positive ones?

Yeah. Oh my god. I think it’s that same search for truth. You know … like … what’s going on? Who am I? And why do we all do this? So I think that’s what songwriting is too, [but] more personal. When I first started […] I didn’t know any musicians. So the stereotype was like, Oh you can’t do this. […] And then statistically, like how could I actually be an artist? Then when I started doing that and I had a few random things like a producer was supposed to be in one room with someone and then couldn’t show up, so I’d get in the room. And then with Sam, another producer was there, and they were working on something and I got in. So it’s never like I was a really successful songwriter either. When I first got to Nashville I was like, Okay, if I want to do songwriting people will get publishing dues — which is basically like them giving you money up front and then they take a percent of your business. And as you can imagine, in the music business, for newbies, it’s horrible. It’s god awful. Thank god I was from California, and it’s so expensive to live there that I could just laugh at it. You’re fucking kidding me? I better just invest in myself. And you’ll all see when I’m worth it.

What was your first surreal moment, was it like, “Hey, I’m in a booth with Miley Cyrus?”

Probably. I would say like the record deal — which is not by any means the end of the ride. It’s actually really far in the beginning. That always feels like a legitimate thing. You can turn around to your parents and say, “I have this.” You can sit there on Thanksgiving and be like, “You have to respect me!”

You recently penned a letter to the LGBTQ community in which you showed your support for our community and said that we could always count on you. So what inspired that?

cam-press-2015-billboard-650 Cam: Country Music Star & LGBTQ AdvocateI think it’s the human thing to do. I think it’s a normal bar. I don’t think it’s spectacular. Like … it’s really kind of interesting in the country music community. I think it’s a normal thing. I don’t understand that it’s so sweet. People say, “Aw, thank you for saying that.” And I’m not even doing anything. I’m not even doing anything for you. That’s just saying, “Yeah, I’m not an asshole.” And I could be an asshole still … like look how I act! You know? So, for me, I think also I came from the San Francisco Bay Area and I think that our culture is a little bit different. Very special culture. But there’s still ups and downs. And with close friends of mine, when I hear experiences that people have to go through in different parts of this country, and in all parts of this country […] things like suicide rates — if you’re quiet, you’re condemning a lot of kids to living in a dark bubble. And they don’t always get out. So it’s just the least you can do. I feel like we need to get past just clapping and being like “Yay! You said it!” and start pushing the Okay. How are you educating yourself on what this really means and how we need to take care of each other?

You are obviously on tour with one of the most celebrated LGBTQ artists in the world, with whom you cowrote the song “Palace”, for his latest album. What’s the experience been like working together?

 He’s incredible, we were actually just talking about this. He said at one point in his life, “I’m just such a proud gay man and I’m standing here on this stage.” And everyone’s just screaming [for him]. And how many times in history has that happened? Someone’s just stood on stage and said this is me and this is who I am. And you just get goosebumps … like everyone’s just so moved. I don’t know. Because we’re still in the stage of that being kind of new, we’re really lucky that he gets to do this and he just spreads so much acceptance purposefully during each show. So it’s amazing to be around. He’s just like … you know … how you think pop divas look sweet but then in the background they’re like bitching people out? Nope. His whole crew, everybody, just are genuinely hardworking, good people.

So both of you are so talented and outspoken and individualistic in your music. What’s the dynamic like from your set to Sam’s when performing?

You will see. I think it actually flows really well. There’s something very musical and vocally driven and like … almost musical theater-ish. Very storytelling. And it just sort of builds. It’s weird because I have to think about it. I can’t sit in the audience and watch. Because my set is so vocally driven, and then it goes into his, I think the theme is very clear and people will appreciate that.

Could you tell us a little bit about what you have planned following the tour?  

I just put out “Road to Happiness” which is a new song. And this is like the lead up to my second album. So, basically, I’m going to go over to Europe, come back, and have a tour in a lot of the same places that I was just here with Sam for the fall. And then there are some songs that are going to start coming out.

If you could go back and give your younger self any piece of advice, what would it be?  

No one knows what they’re doing. Stop looking for someone who knows what they’re doing. I still catch myself thinking that somebody older — some dude, some white dude –needs to tell me what to do. There’s definitely been people in my career that I have overly trusted thinking people are there to help you. But the people that are going to help you the most are going to say, “What’s your answer? Let me help you find your answer.” People who say “I know what you’re supposed to do. I know what you’re supposed to wear. I know what you’re supposed to look like,” they’re doing it for them. And when there are a lot of people who are younger, it’s just … this is how the world works.

You can get tickets to see Cam on her Road to Happiness tour here.

You can follow Cam here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Interview transcribed by About Magazine staff member, Megan Prevost.

Meet Mel Rose: Artist and Newly-Minted Talk Show Host

Mel Rose Mel Rose on Air TV talk show the round up

Known around Montrose just by the name ‘Mel Rose’, the singer and artist has a lot of things she’d like to discuss; and she’s about to get the chance to do just that in her new talk show from About Magazine, The Round-Up with Mel Rose.

(HOUSTON) –You’ve probably seen her around Montrose and the surrounding areas, out-and-about at local events with her longtime partner and musician, Morena Roas. But Roas — who hosts Monday night’s The Floor is Yours at Guava Lamp on Waugh, runs the MollyNation brand, and encourages artists to support other artists as she does herself — isn’t the only talented half of this coupling. Just like Roas, Mel Rose is a vocalist and musician who spends her time speaking with and supporting the LGBTQ community of artists and fans. Meeting her and getting into a conversation with her is like lightning in a bottle — powerful, energetic, passionate, and bright. Her ideas are fluid, they’re insightful, and they come to her with ease. Mel Rose is a woman who thinks.

But just as much time as she spends thinking, Mel Rose is listening. Her opinions are important, but she takes note of how important it is to hear from someone else’s perspective. And it’s that sort of introspective and curious mind that led her right to the cameras for her brand new talk show premiering this August, The Round-Up with Mel Rose. 

37923945_914094942134759_4454366619119910912_o Meet Mel Rose: Artist and Newly-Minted Talk Show HostBut this isn’t just any old talk show in vain of The View or Chelsea. Mel Rose’s show isn’t about battling it out over politics or current issues, bringing in fancy celebrity guests, or even promoting products to viewers at home. Her show is about something much deeper — people, their perspectives on existential topics (women in the music industry, relationships, depression), and taking an introspective look at how our own actions affect the people and the world around us.

The talk show — from production companies Mel Rose on Air and About Media (a subsidiary of About Magazine) — is executive produced by Mel Rose herself, with co-executive producer Anthony Ramirez, editor-in-chief of About Magazine and the author of the new book, “Less Than Butterflies”. It will be the first show for both About and Mel Rose on Air — both of which are producing other, separate content, such as Mel Rose’s Mel Rose on Air radio show and Ramirez’s The Anthony Project sitcom coming next spring — and the duo and their team have been hard at work to make the show come to fruition. We sat down with Mel Rose to chat about the forthcoming show and what brought her to this place and point.

About Magazine: Tell us what inspired you to create this show.

Mel Rose: What inspired me to create this show was the ability to give people an inside look into themselves. It was something I felt I needed in my journey growing into myself. Looking at social media and talk shows, it seemed that everyone was talking about the problems in the world, but no one seemed to be looking for the solutions; and for me, we are the solution.

What about your show is going to be different from other shows like it?

I feel like my show is different because it will give people the opportunity to be involved in subjects that can potentially change the way they see life itself. Being a part of that movement will help this country — and this world — be more proactive in changing the way we view real life circumstances and how we handle and react to them.

What kind of topics do you want to discuss?

The major topics that I want to bring to my panel are topics that we seldom talk about. They’re going to seem like topics that people talk about all the time — depression, love, women — but if you look at the way they’re being discussed in other shows, they’re only being talked about on a surface. I want to open them up a little further and step away from circumstantial topics and discuss a more humanistic approach to these topics. I want us to delve into ourselves and ask, “What can I change about me to make this better? How are my decisions affecting the people around me?”

“The best advice I could give my younger self would be that no one is perfect and to be perfectly fine with that while also using your strengths to be great.”

What’s your background in entertainment?

My background is in music. I’m a singer/songwriter. But I also love to write poetry. It’s like therapy for me. I’m currently working on my original music and my branding as an artist, with a new single coming soon.

19059977_765301433680778_673124295057270857_n Meet Mel Rose: Artist and Newly-Minted Talk Show HostOh, that’s amazing! Can you tell us about the single?

The single coming out this year is called “Feel the Music.” It’s a house/dance pop song. It’s a song that is out of my comfort zone, but the song itself has great meaning to me. It was actually the one that gave me the ability to understand music and lyrics and how they come together. “Feel the Music” gave me an understanding of myself as a writer because of the simplicity of it.

That’s amazing. Who do you hope to reach with this single? Well … not even just the single, but with the show as well! Do you have a specific demographic? 

What I hope to reach with my show is the ability to give people the understanding of how huge their part in this world is and how much control they actually have in it. I’m also currently writing a book entitled, “I Am the Author of My Life,” and a lot of the book plays a big part into the concept I’ve conceived for this show. We have the pen and we are the authors of everything that goes on in our lives. Usually we’re either writing it or we have given the world the pen to write it for us. We have the choice. My demographic is truly just anyone that is human and needs to take a deeper look into themselves.


If you could tell your younger self anything or give her any advice, what would it be?

The best advice I could give my younger self would be that no one is perfect and to be perfectly fine with that while also using your strengths to be great. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Because, at the end of it all, worrying is going to away from what you have to offer the world around you. Get to know yourself, be your own best friend, and don’t take anyone’s issues personally. It is not your issue to conquer. Be of value to others and judge no one. Your higher power is the only thing that can give you the power to be the best you, and that just being Mel Rose will be your greatest legacy.

That’s really beautiful, and I think more people need to think that way. So, in line with what you just said, what do you think the world needs most right now and how do you plan to help give it with your show and your music?

I think that what the world needs right now and has always needed, is love. Love is the only thing we all as human beings seek, everything we do, we do for love. My plan is to show love to every group of people. The common denominator for living is love. My music and the show will reflect that; my writing will reflect that; my journey will reflect that. The only reason why I preach about love is because I receive it and you can only give love when you are willing to receive it. Love is love.

The Round-Up Mel Rose premieres in late August. You can follow Mel Rose here:

Facebook | Instagram | Website | Twitter


Style.wav gin martini stoo gogo

Style.wav, No. 1: LU/X

Style.wav is a recurring fashion and beauty multimedia column created by Stoo Gogo & Gin Martini. This first installment features LGBTQ synth-pop artist LU/X (Luis Cerda), styling by Gin Martini, and creative direction by Stoo Gogo. 

Inspired by the visuals created by local band Wild Moccasins with Dario Robleto for their exciting new record, Look Together, Stoo Gogo and Gin Martini travel with up-and-coming, LGBQT synth-pop artist Luis Cerda (artistically known as LU/X) on a fantastical journey towards finding the freedom within music and beyond.

boishwav_editorial1 Boi-ish.wav
Photo by Stoo Gogo.

Stoo Gogo: What are your influences as a musician?

LU/X: My influences often vary. Growing up we didn’t have cable, so I just grew up listening to Mexican artists like Juan Gabriel or Gloria Trevi. It wasn’t until I got the internet when I found artists like Gaga and CHVRCHES, just to name a few. Around 18, is when I started to enjoy pop music. It would take me to a whole different world. I didn’t know why I connected with it, but it just felt right. But lately, most of my influences are 80s or synth-pop driven. CHVRCHES, M83, and Depeche Mode are my current favorites.


boishwav_editorial2 Boi-ish.wav
Photo by Stoo Gogo.

How would you describe your style as an entertainer?

It’s a forever work in progress. Most of my style started with me accessorizing my insecurities with masks and face makeup. Now, I am venturing more into taking risks. If I could dress the music I’m working on now it would be colorful with elements of grunge. It’s all about freedom. Sometimes when I create new songs I imagine what I’m wearing.

boishwav_editorial3 Boi-ish.wav
Photo by Stoo Gogo.

How do you view your queerness within your work?

I’m starting to use [queerness] as a way to educate people. Especially for people who are stuck in a close-minded realm. I feel I am there, but I want to show people what it means to be queer. A song I’m working on now called “Oh, the Moonlight” is inspired by being gay as fuck [and] dancing. It’s actually inspired by you, Stoo, when I watch you dance. I even have one song talking about an ex. It’s hella personal and it’s very straight-forward about what happened in that relationship.

boishwav_editorial4 Boi-ish.wav
Photo by Stoo Gogo.

What are your plans with your music in 2018?

I definitely want to finally want to put it all out there. I’m sitting on so many songs right now. For me, I’m growing into this mentality of independence. Something about that makes me feel good. If people like it, heck yeah. If they don’t … heck ya. The vibe of the new music is about a good time on a Friday night. You know, like, when I go out to Barbarella. I get so much freedom going out, but a lot of people feel self conscious dancing at the club. And with this [project] you don’t have to.

boishwav_editorial5-2 Boi-ish.wav
Photo by Stoo Gogo.

And now a little more from Stoo & Gin:

boishwav_moodboard Boi-ish.wav

36656583_10155694174457066_2620716815554183168_n-300x300 Boi-ish.wav

GIN MARTINI is a fashion and beauty contributor for About Magazine. She is also behind the looks of some of your favorite local drag artists. Between Running Gin Martini DesignsGin Martini Music, and teaching the youth how to sew over at Workshop Houston, she has been the go-to-gal for Last Minute Style. From Pride Superstar winner 2015 to Face Award nominee for Fashion Design of the Year, Gin is here to give you the Inside look at queer fashion in Houston, Texas. Gin lives in and works from Houston, Texas.

Stoo-Headshot Boi-ish.wav

STOO GOGO is a fashion and beauty contributor for About Magazine. Though he is known as the other half of BLING ST. (a local Pop band that received billing as the #1 Houston Album of 2017 by the Houston Chronicle), Stoo has always utilized fashion as a tool within his creative and personal lives. By collaborating with Gin Martini, Stoo is ready to explore the fabulosity living in Houston. He lives in and works from Houston, Texas.