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Kenyth Mogan Talks “Real Me” and “It Was Love”

Kenyth Mogan Talks “Real Me” and “It Was Love”

Kenyth Mogan Talks “Real Me” and “It Was Love”

(DALLAS) A Very Sordid Wedding takes place in Texas, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you should.  The film’s currently touring the country and is enjoying a limited run at Texas Theatre in Dallas until May 10.

Take particular note of the lively song playing in the dance club scene.  It’s by out singer Kenyth Mogan, best known for Unlock Your Heart, his 2015 single.

KenythMorgan-About-Magazine Kenyth Mogan Talks “Real Me” and “It Was Love”

“Real Me” is a fun track – Mogan describes it as Katy Perry meets Mika – but its introspective, too.  The song’s lyrics are about revealing your authentic self to your lover.  “I have a hard time showing people my true self,” he admits. “I have to trust a person implicitly before I let them into my personal space.  I’m one of those people who either trusts immediately or not at all.”

Mogan wrote the lyrics a few years ago and gave it to Wild (the song’s producer) to work his magic.  “Wild turned ‘Real Me’ into one of the most danceable songs I have ever recorded.”

He’s thrilled the track made it into A Very Sordid Wedding“Del (Shores, the film’s director) knows how much the Sordid Lives series means to me and worked very hard to find a spot for me. I am forever grateful to him for that. It’s a huge honor for me.”

“Real Me” is a different direction for Mogan.  Except for the pop single “Unlock Your Heart,” his music tends to fall in the soft-rock genre.  “It Was Love,” a song he released last year, is more in line with his typical sound.

“‘It Was Love’ is my favorite song that I’ve ever written,” he says. “It’s me at my most real and raw. It reflects some of my truest emotions.”

Mogan released the music video for “It Was Love” two weeks ago.

“I wasn’t planning to do a music video for the song,” he explains.  “But I recently lost someone very close to me, my grandmother, who was my biggest cheerleader. Whenever I’m sad, I put myself to work and I’d been working with Josh (Mogan’s love interest in the video) on another project and had this idea to see if what we’d filmed might work in the context of a music video for ‘It Was Love’. My producer Wild and my friend Benno had already shot the performance sequences so we fit the two together.  I mean, the video may not be perfect, but I’m very proud of it.”

Kenyth Mogan grew up in Montana.  Though his parents divorced when he was young, he was always surrounded by cousins and grandparents.  He was especially close with his grandmothers who both encouraged his pop star dreams.

“Some of my earliest memories are of dancing around to Tiffany’s ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ on my little Rainbow Brite record player,” he laughs. “I would play it over and over and over again ad nauseam.”

Mogan came out to his family in a handwritten letter at 15-years old. His father embraced the news right away.  “He was more upset with how I told him than with what I told him but I was afraid to tell him in person.”

His mother took a bit longer to accept that her son was gay, but eventually, she came around, too. “We all have a wonderful relationship today.”

Mogan now hopes to be an example to young gay children.  “I’ve always been fueled by the desire to be that person that others can look up to.  If I can show one little gay kid that life does in fact get better, than I will feel like I’ve accomplished something.”

That’s why he strives to be an artist who is not afraid to take risks or try new things, including dance music.   “I don’t want to be ‘the next’ anyone. I want to be the first me,” he explains.

Whatever the sound, the one goal that remains consistent in all of his music is his desire for people to connect with his story.  “I want people to hear my songs and smile, cry, laugh, and yeah, sometimes dance, too,” he says.

Kenyth Mogan’s “Real Me” and “It Was Love” are available on iTunes.  Follow Kenyth on Facebook @Kenythmusic.

World Renowned DJ Joe Bermudez Releases New Music Titled ‘Ghosting!’

World Renowned DJ Joe Bermudez Releases New Music Titled ‘Ghosting!’

(New York) – “I had been seeing someone and everything was going great,” recalls Joe Bermudez, the DJ phenomenon who has opened for Madonna and David Guetta and is world renowned for his Britney Spears and Rihanna remixes.  “Then one day, poof, they disappeared!   To this day, I’m not sure what happened.  They just stopped answering my texts.”

He says he channeled his anger into the lyrics of his new dance song, “Ghosting,” out now.

The song is Joe’s first original single from his upcoming album, 2779 Miles To Go, and follows Skitzo,” a single he released last month that was also inspired by his colorful dating life.  “These are all things that are happening to me, my friends and everyone else so it makes sense to write about them,” he explains.

“Ghosting” featuring Megn, an artist who competed on MTV’s Making the Band, is a mix of pop and dance with a rock influence: Joe’s signature sound.   It is being released through 617 Records via Symphonic Distribution.

The song is hot on its own but the remixes by Etto and Sam Halabi are impossible to not dance along with.  Etto does an amazing job giving the song a cool tropical vibe.  Sam Halabi gives the song a classic 90’s house vibe with uplifting piano stabs and intense vocal chops.

Joe Bermudez got his start in music as a radio jockey in Maine.  He then took his sound to clubs and festivals, quickly becoming one of the hottest talents on the global party scene.   DJ Times Magazine named Joe one of the Top DJs in the country.   Improper Bostonian named him Boston’s Best DJ for 2016 and he was nominated Best Producer at last year’s Boston Music Awards.

Last year, Joe released his first album of original music, New Ginza At Night.  It featured ’90s house and pop-club crossover tunes that all received major club play throughout the world.  “Sunrise” even knocked Rihanna out of the top spot on the Billboard Dance chart and ended the year being named one of Billboard’s Top 20 Club songs for 2016.

“I’m excited for music fans to hear the new album,” says Joe.  “Ghosting is a fun spring release and the perfect appetizer for what’s next to come.”

DJ Joe Bermudez’s  “Ghosting” featuring Megn is available now.  Visit his website.

Transgender Superstar Mila Jam New Single ‘Faces’ Celebrates Acceptance

Transgender Superstar Mila Jam New Single 'Faces' Celebrates Acceptance

Transgender Superstar Mila Jam New Single ‘Faces’ Celebrates Acceptance

(New York) – Transgender Superstar Mila Jam’s newly released single, “Faces,” celebrates individual beauty, self acceptance and everyone’s right to belong.

“Today’s media bombards us with negative images and ideas,” says the transgender Youtube sensation-turned-recording artist.  “I wanted to make a song that would force everyone to take a deeper look into our individual worlds, and to recognize the beauty that we each offer to the world.”

“We all wear our plastic smiles out in the world while inside, we hide our true fears and loathing and feelings of inadequacy,” Mila Jam continues. “‘Faces’ is about staring boldly into that mirror and realizing that we do belong, we are enough, and someone will love us for who we really are.”

Transgender-Superstar-Mila-Jam-New-Single-Faces-Celebrates-Acceptance2-300x300 Transgender Superstar Mila Jam New Single 'Faces' Celebrates AcceptanceIn addition to the official music video, Mila celebrated Trans Awareness Day earlier this month by releasing an equally compelling music video for her song, featuring many of the leading “Faces” in today’s LGBTQ community including Unbreakable’s Titus Burgess, Laverne Cox, supermodel Geena Rocero, Candis Cayne, RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Peppermint, Transparent’s Zackary Drucker and Trace Lysette, and many more, all lip syncing to Mila’s formidable vocals.

Though the video highlights faces of the LGBTQ community, Mila says the journey to self-acceptance is universal, no matter who you are or what may be looking back at you in the mirror.  She believes that working through life’s dark uncertainties is about learning to radiate one’s own light: Bravely, Unapologetically, Authentically, and  Happily.  Additional LGBTQ notables who appear in the Trans Awareness music video are trans businesswoman Angelica Ross, Sense8’s Jamie Clayton, MTV Making His Band’s Jaila Simms, MTV Real World’s Davis Mallory, Dollhouse diva Lina Bradford, Jai Rodriguez, Ari Gold and the transgender actress from TV Land’s Lopez series, Rain Valdez.

Mila Jam is an NYC-based transgender YouTube Sensation turned pop recording artist.  She is best known for her one of a kind music videos and unforgettable stage performances.  She has toured internationally with the Broadway musical Rent and performed alongside James Brown, Mark Ronson, Laverne Cox, Travis Wall, Jody Watley, Lady Kier (Deee-Lite) and Natasha Bedingfield.  TV appearances include the BBC’s The Lilly Allen Show, MTV and MTV News.  Mila was named Odyssey Nightlife Awards Breakthrough Artist in 2015, and she was awarded Best Video and Dance Artist at the 2013 GLAM Nightlife Awards.   She is host of the original YouTube Talk Show Series, I’m From Driftwood.

“The writing process for ‘Faces’ was extremely intuitive,” Mila recalls. “My team and I were just playing around in the studio, humming along to the track, and out came this uplifting and inspiring song.  It was all just so natural.”

Mila Jam is currently working on a full-length album to be released this summer.

“Faces” is available on iTunes now.  Visit her website.

Davis Mallory Gets Loud And Kinky

Davis Mallory Gets Loud And Kinky

MTV’s The Real World Davis Mallory Gets ‘Loud’ And Kinky This Spring With Release From Upcoming Album

(Houston) – Southern boy Davis Mallory, best known from MTV’s The Real World,  is getting “Loud” this spring with the release of the title track from his upcoming album.

“Loud” is an upbeat summer dance song about hooking up with someone you quietly desire. It’s seductive R&B with a funky, chilled, head-swinging vibe and sex-soaked lyrics; much in the way of Zayn’s “Pillowtalk.” Davis calls it his Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”.

“It’s a bit outside of the norm of what I usually write and sing about,” he admits.  “It was inspired by a guy, another singer-songwriter, who I had a major crush on.   At the time, I couldn’t figure out how he felt about me.”

The erotic intensity of “Loud” is reflected in the song’s music video.  Davis dances provocatively with leggy models while holding leashed men in cat masks.  In addition to taking listeners on an unexpected journey into fetish, the video emphasizes his passion for felines.  His Himalayan cat, Xena, appears in the video.

“I’m a Leo and have always gravitated towards lions and cats,” he says.   “I embody a lot of the qualities attributed to Leos.  I’m loyal, creative, independent and strategic in the way a lion hunts.  When I fall for someone, its pretty intense.”

Sadly, Davis’ crush turned out to be straight.  He has a girlfriend now.

Two remixes of “Loud” have already been released: the first by Los Angeles-based producer BPT and a second by Miami-based producer Landis, on Cedric Gervais’ Delecta Records.

Davis Mallory’s “Loud” is on iTunes now, along with the entire LOUD EP. Follow Davis on Facebook and Twitter.  Visit his website.