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LGBT Journalist, Video Producer Named Victim Of Terrorist Attack In Manchester

LGBT Journalist, Video Producer Named Victim Of Terrorist Attack In Manchester

A Self-Proclaimed Journalist, Video Producer Identified As One Of The Victims Of The Manchester Terrorist Attack That Killed 22 Concert Goers!

(LONDON) — A boyfriend, a self-proclaimed journalist, and producer of social media videos has been identified as a victim of the Manchester Terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 22 concertgoers and injuring 59.

Martyn Hett, 29, has been identified by Manchester police as the one of the victim in one of England’s most deadly terrorists attacks in history. His partner has taken to social media paying tribute.

LGBT-Journalist-Video-Producer-Named-Victim-Of-Terrorist-Attack-In-Manchester1-300x300 LGBT Journalist, Video Producer Named Victim Of Terrorist Attack In Manchester“We got the news last night that our wonderful, iconic and beautiful Martyn didn’t survive,” Hett’s partner, Russell Hayward, said. “I’m in a really bad way so please forgive if I don’t reply.

Hett, who had appeared on TV shows ‘Come Dine With Me’ and ‘Tattoo Fixers,’ was a digital public relations manager Rumpus PR. Hett was headed to the United States after the concert for a two-month vacation.

Russell called his partner his “best friend in the whole world.”

Transgender Superstar Mila Jam New Single ‘Faces’ Celebrates Acceptance

Transgender Superstar Mila Jam New Single 'Faces' Celebrates Acceptance

Transgender Superstar Mila Jam New Single ‘Faces’ Celebrates Acceptance

(New York) – Transgender Superstar Mila Jam’s newly released single, “Faces,” celebrates individual beauty, self acceptance and everyone’s right to belong.

“Today’s media bombards us with negative images and ideas,” says the transgender Youtube sensation-turned-recording artist.  “I wanted to make a song that would force everyone to take a deeper look into our individual worlds, and to recognize the beauty that we each offer to the world.”

“We all wear our plastic smiles out in the world while inside, we hide our true fears and loathing and feelings of inadequacy,” Mila Jam continues. “‘Faces’ is about staring boldly into that mirror and realizing that we do belong, we are enough, and someone will love us for who we really are.”

Transgender-Superstar-Mila-Jam-New-Single-Faces-Celebrates-Acceptance2-300x300 Transgender Superstar Mila Jam New Single 'Faces' Celebrates AcceptanceIn addition to the official music video, Mila celebrated Trans Awareness Day earlier this month by releasing an equally compelling music video for her song, featuring many of the leading “Faces” in today’s LGBTQ community including Unbreakable’s Titus Burgess, Laverne Cox, supermodel Geena Rocero, Candis Cayne, RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Peppermint, Transparent’s Zackary Drucker and Trace Lysette, and many more, all lip syncing to Mila’s formidable vocals.

Though the video highlights faces of the LGBTQ community, Mila says the journey to self-acceptance is universal, no matter who you are or what may be looking back at you in the mirror.  She believes that working through life’s dark uncertainties is about learning to radiate one’s own light: Bravely, Unapologetically, Authentically, and  Happily.  Additional LGBTQ notables who appear in the Trans Awareness music video are trans businesswoman Angelica Ross, Sense8’s Jamie Clayton, MTV Making His Band’s Jaila Simms, MTV Real World’s Davis Mallory, Dollhouse diva Lina Bradford, Jai Rodriguez, Ari Gold and the transgender actress from TV Land’s Lopez series, Rain Valdez.

Mila Jam is an NYC-based transgender YouTube Sensation turned pop recording artist.  She is best known for her one of a kind music videos and unforgettable stage performances.  She has toured internationally with the Broadway musical Rent and performed alongside James Brown, Mark Ronson, Laverne Cox, Travis Wall, Jody Watley, Lady Kier (Deee-Lite) and Natasha Bedingfield.  TV appearances include the BBC’s The Lilly Allen Show, MTV and MTV News.  Mila was named Odyssey Nightlife Awards Breakthrough Artist in 2015, and she was awarded Best Video and Dance Artist at the 2013 GLAM Nightlife Awards.   She is host of the original YouTube Talk Show Series, I’m From Driftwood.

“The writing process for ‘Faces’ was extremely intuitive,” Mila recalls. “My team and I were just playing around in the studio, humming along to the track, and out came this uplifting and inspiring song.  It was all just so natural.”

Mila Jam is currently working on a full-length album to be released this summer.

“Faces” is available on iTunes now.  Visit her website.

Racist Recording Lands F Bar Owner In Hot Seat

Racist Recording Lands F Bar Owner In Hot Seat

Audio Alleged To Be A Houston LGBT Club Owner Making Racist Comments About African American Community Floods Social Media

(Updated at 09:16 P.M.)

(HOUSTON) — A racist digital audio recording alleged to be an owner of a Houston LGBT club has flooded social media this afternoon. The recording posted to YouTube Friday evening is only seven seconds long. It captures a voice alleged to belong to Irwin Palchick, a LGBT nightclub owner in Montrose.

News of the recording was first reported by, a civil rights news blog that centers focus on the #BlackLivesMatter movement in Houston, Texas. Woods is the co-founder and lead organizer for BLM’s Houston chapter.

“N****” You can hear the male voice say. The audio rambles before the voice returns, “I said N**** before he hit me in the face.” There are no other voices heard on the recording. There are no indications where the recording was made or how old or new it is.

No official word from F Bar, or it’s owner relating to the audio. Palchick did take to social media denying the audio is of him. “Absolutely not me,” Palchick commented. “I embrace all,” a second comment said.

The release of the YouTube recording has been met with mixed reaction in the community.

“Everyone knows there are certain things NO one should EVER say. Anger shouldn’t make you say something so deeply rooted in racism,” a person wrote on the article. “It says a lot about someone who’s first choice of words would be such a word. This word shouldn’t flow out of someone’s mouth with ease. Racism is a choice.”

Another viewpoint came in the form of support. “I’ve been known Irwin Palchick for 30 year’s plus. Racist would never be a word I could use to describe him,” one supporter on Facebook said.

This scandal is just the latest in a series for the club. Once the #1 LGBT nightclub destination in Houston, F Bar announced last week it would be canceling their Tuesday and Wednesday night drag show. An announcement that some in the LGBT community took as a sign of ‘hard times.’

(Update) Nightclub owner Irwin Palchick admits the voice on the recording is in fact his voice, “But it was after I had been assaulted on or around Easter Sunday.” Palchick explains he was in his office with a small group of people, and the recording does not reflect the full conversation; was altered and taken out of context to make him appear racist.


Vehicle Recovered In Case Of Gay University Of Houston Student!

A Houston news outlet is reporting the 2016 Orange Jeep Renegade of missing University of Houston student An Vinh Nguyen as been recovered and in the custody of law enforcement.

Harris County Sheriffs Department Was Holding The Vehicle Of An Vinh Nguyen At Their North Side Impound Lot Since Last Week.

HOUSTON — A Houston news outlet is reporting the 2016 Orange Jeep Renegade of missing University of Houston student An Vinh Nguyen has been recovered and in the custody of law enforcement authorities.

According to KTRK-13Detectives would not reveal where they discovered the Jeep or what condition it was in at the time.’ But admitted it has been in their possession for about a week, Nguyen’s family gave consent to search it.

KTRK-13 reporters spotted the vehicle on Wednesday in the sheriff’s impound lot on the north side of Houston.

It has been over two weeks since the University of Houston student disappeared.