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Driver Identified In Deadly Car Attack At Montrose Bar

MONTROSE — Houston Police have identified the driver accused in the tragic killing of an LGBT bar patron early Thursday morning outside a club in Montrose. According to investigators, five bystanders were injured at one person was killed.

Cordale Robinson, 25, is charged with murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the 339th district court. Robinson was arrested at the scene and hospitalized with several injuries.

Robinson currently sits in the Harris County Jail.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

One Killed In Montrose Vehicular Attack

Jared Jontě Jacobs Montrose Bayou City

One Dead After Driver Accused Of Ramming Car Into Crowd Of People Outside Montrose Club

(MONTROSE) — A driver is accused of leaving a Montrose area bar and intentionally striking four people with his car. The incident occurred outside of Bayou City Bar & Grill.

According to court documents, Jared Jacobs was killed.
While many details about the fatal morning are still obscure, some are being reported by local media outlets.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the driver had been attacked near the club, where he chose to retaliate by driving his car into a food tent outside of a popular Montrose LGBT bar. However, various other outlets report that the driver was not attacked, but was involved in an altercation with others near the bar.

According to Edwin Lopez (a friend of Jacobs who had been with him that night) in an interview with ABC-13, the driver had witnessed a friend being attacked and was only trying to get away. He also stated that the altercation had spurred after the driver was asking around to see if anyone had seen his lost cell phone.

Jacobs and another were transported to a local hospital. Jacobs passed away due to injuries sustained in the vehicular attack according to media reports.

While there were multiple witnesses to the crime, it has been reported that the security cameras outside the bar were not recording at the time.

Jacobs was a graduate of Lamar University in Beaumont, TX, where he’d just received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing, having graduated in 2017. According to Jacobs’ social media, he also had recently been serving as a registered nurse at Houston Methodist. Jacobs, who according to the aforementioned Lopez interview with ABC-13, had just “come out … [to] have fun.” Jacobs had previously modeled before nursing. He was 25.

Those at the scene that night described large amounts of blood and chaos ensuing even before the driver struck his victims.

According to officials, the remaining three victims are expected to be okay. The driver has been charged with aggravated assault and will likely face charges for the death of Jacobs. The names of the remaining victims and the driver have not yet been released.

More details will be released as this story develops.


BREAKING: South Beach Temporarily Closing for Remodeling


Popular LGBTQ Houston Dance Club in Montrose Has Closed For Remodel According To Bar Owner!

(HOUSTON) — Longtime night club in Houston has closed its doors to the public effective today. South Beach—located at 810 Pacific St.originally opened in 2001 has not undergone any major renovations in the past. According to owner Charles Armstrong, the closing is temporarily for remodeling.

A notice was released from establishment management late Thursday evening informing the club’s performers its regularly-scheduled Thursday night show, So You Think You Can Drag, hosted by Kofi, (along with all other South Beach events) would be canceled until further notice while the club undergoes reconstruction.

About Magazine + About News reached out to bar management for a statement. Charles Armstrong, owner South Beach, and its neighbor, JR’s, released a statement to About Magazine:

“South beach is closed for remodeling. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please join the party next door at Houston’s most popular gay bar, JR’s.”

A similar statement was released via South Beach’s Facebook page.

While there’s no word yet on what the remodeling will entail or when the club will resume business, but more information will be released when made available.

LeAnn Rimes Launches ‘LovE’ Collection

LeAnn Rimes Launches 'LovE' Collection

International Recording Artist LeAnn Rimes Launches Limited ‘LovE, LovE and more LovE’ Product Line In Time For Valentines Day.

(Los Angeles) — As one of the worlds most accomplished singer-songwriters, LeAnn Rimes champions lovE on a daily basis; often times through beautiful harmonies, sometimes through blogging. The multiple Grammy-winning Artist has stepped up her message of LovE today, releasing a limited collection of LovE, Love and more LovE!

Beyond the stage lights and the glamour of dazzling millions of fans worldwide with music, LeAnn Rimes connects with readers by curating Soul Of Everly, a safe space on the web that strives to help awaken and heal the spirit through connection, community, joy, and LovE.

LeAnn-Rimes-Love-Love-T-Shirt-1024x614 LeAnn Rimes Launches 'LovE' Collection
LeAnn Rimes Launches ‘LovE’ Collection just in time for Valentines Day.

With the most loved day of the year only 13 days away, Rime’s exclusive ‘LovE’ collection hits home as the perfect gift. This is the first time Rime’s has offered products to readers and fans of Soul of Everly.

“I am THRILLED to be opening the Soul Of EverLe store.”-Rimes

The collection ‘LovE, LovE and more LovE’ is described as ‘limited,’ and is the first of its kind for Rimes. The t-shirts and hoodies and available in multiple sizes, and show the word ‘LovE’ written down the shirt with a red block behind the design.

“My soul has been calling me open up my creativity in many new ways,” Rimes shares with her readers on Thursday afternoon. “The store like the blog is a reflection of life, ever-evolving and blossoming.”