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Pulse Nightclub Employee Will Attend Pride Houston As Honorary Grand Marshal

Pulse Nightclub Employee Will Attend Pride Houston As Honorary Grand Marshal. About Magazine

A United States Marine Named Imran Yousuf Set To Attend Houston Pride Parade On Saturday. Yousuf, Considered A Hero For Saving At Least 70 Lives At Pulse Nightclub In Orlando.

In a show of courage and support a rainbow ‘Pride’ flag bearing the 49 names of our fellow brothers and sisters that we lost at Pulse Nightclub will be proudly marched through the crowded streets of downtown Houston on Saturday. Proudly accompanying this symbol of ‘hope, love, and support’ will be Imran Yousuf, a staff member of Pulse Nightclub and a veteran.

As a Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan, Yousuf is being hailed as a hero for helping scores of people escape from an Orlando nightclub targeted by a terrorist and through his actions on that fateful night dozens of lives were saved.

Guests are invited to sign their names to the flag after the parade at the Houston Pride Festival. Signatures represent a show of solidarity, strength, hope, and love to those affected by the tragedy.

“The flag will be delivered to the Orlando Pride Parade. We want to tell Orlando we remember and we stand with them. We stand against hate and stand for love. #WeAreOrlando” Pride Houston stated.

Houston Pride will provide 1000 glow sticks to attendees near the Bud Light stage at Smith and McKinney. Guests are also encouraged to bring their own flashlights or glow sticks. Frankie Quijano, organizer of the Houston Pride Festival, says this regarding the significance of the lights:

“We will not let fear control us or force us back into the closet. Our community has come to far in our fight for equality to turn back now. Let your light shine in our community’s darkest hour. Our light will shine not just in remembrance of the lives lost in Orlando but also to remind the world that our light will shine brightly no matter what challenges we face. For we have hope and as Harvey Milk stated, ‘Hope will Never be silent!'”-Frankie Quijano, Pride Houston.

Q&A With CEO of Pride Houston Frankie Quijano

Houston Pride Week

Q&A With CEO of Pride Houston Frankie Quijano


Houston Pride Week runs from June 19 to 26. For a full events calendar, visit

frankie-quijano-237x300 Q&A With CEO of Pride Houston Frankie Quijano


What is the significance of Pride Week this year coming so close after the tragedy in Orlando?It was definitely a tragic incident that happened in Orlando, and it reminds us why we do what we do, and why we have Pride, which is to celebrate our culture, our lives.

What are the events this year that you’re most excited about?We have a whole bunch of events. We have Eden, a party for the women in our community. We have Pride Superstar, which has been running for several weeks now; we’ll crown a winner this week. This is that event’s tenth season. We have our Rock the Runway fashion show. The one I’m most excited about, obviously, is our all-day Houston LGBT Pride Celebration on June 25th that culminates with the Pride Parade downtown.

Last year the Pride Parade moved from Montrose to downtown Houston. How is that move working out so far? Last year we had the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, which obviously helped our attendance. And even though we had the tragedy in Orlando, we’re expecting a big turnout this year as well. What we’re seeing is an outpouring of individuals going, ‘You know, I wasn’t planning on coming, but after this past Sunday we need to unite.’ So I think this is going to be our biggest Pride ever. We’re definitely going to break last year’s record.

What will that say about the community’s resilience and unity in the wake of tragedy? Quite simply, that we won’t let fear control us anymore. We’ve come too far in our fight for equality to just go back in the closet. We’re going to keep going, we’re going to fight on, and we’re going to continue being proud of who we are.

Even though the parade’s downtown, most of Pride Week’s other events will be held in Montrose. How important is the neighborhood to the LGBT community here? Montrose will always be the heart of our community. But the community isn’t just in one specific area anymore, it’s all over. We have people in Montrose, we have people in the suburbs. We’re spread out all over. So home is wherever we are.

Even if many LGBT people live elsewhere, what is it about Montrose that draws them back? Well, a good concentration of the nightclubs and bars that we like to go to are here. We have some on the outskirts as well, but most of them are here. We have George’s, we have JR’s, and even Rich’s is coming back now.

Over your years living in Houston, how have you seen attitudes towards the LGBT community change?  I think as we’ve become more mainstream, it’s helped the LGBT community. We’re all over TV, we’re all over the news, we’re fighting for our rights. So we’ve become part of an open conversation rather than a behind closed doors conversation, especially with the huge transgender rights movement that’s happening around the world right now.

10 Things To Know For Houston Pride Parade

10 To Know For Pride Houston. About Magazine


If you’re plans include the Houston LGBT Pride Celebration this weekend, you’re in for an incredible time among some great friends and the community. The parade, festival, show-stopping live performances, food, and parks are just a few reasons to celebrate downtown on Saturday. This will be the second year that Pride Houston will be in it’s new home of downtown. Last year’s attendance of nearly 800,000 attendees could be history, as the community gears up to maximize their presence and support for LGBT equality. It’s important to come prepared for such a large party!

Pride Week kicks into full gear tomorrow (Wednesday June 22 – Sunday June 26)


Check out the maps of Pride.  PARADE MAP | FESTIVAL MAP

10-To-Know-For-Pride-Houston-about-magazine-1-300x222 10 Things To Know For Houston Pride Parade

  1. Your Friends And Family.

Gather your friends, family, anyone that makes you smile, and bring them with you to the parade. Make your day magical by making beautiful memories that will last a million ‘proud’ lifetimes. Round up your proudest pals!


  1. Drink Plenty Of Water.10-To-Know-For-Pride-Houston-about-magazine-2-300x222 10 Things To Know For Houston Pride Parade

Not only will it be humid, it will be so damn hot. It will involve a lot of moving around. Maybe it will be dancing, yelling, screaming, waving, and walking to keep up with your favorite float. (Side effects of gay pride parades may include throwing your arms in the air, jumping up and down with excitement, and a sudden increase in energy). Either way, keep hydrated and keep your friends hydrated.

  1. Comfortable Shoes.

10-To-Know-For-Pride-Houston-about-magazine-5-300x222 10 Things To Know For Houston Pride ParadeWe all know those five-inch heels are gorgeous, they are rainbow, with glitter after all, but leave those for after the parade. Trust us, all the walking and standing you will be doing will leave you with some blisters or a broken heel. No one wants you to leave early because of sore feet.



  1. Bring The Flag.Man-with-flag-at-Houston-Pride-Parade-June-2013_161053-277x300 10 Things To Know For Houston Pride Parade

On Saturday, break out your pink, blue, and white striped trans pride flag or your magenta, purple, and blue bisexual banner. Maybe you’re blazing black, gray, purple, and white for asexual pride or yellow, blue, and magenta for proud pansexuality. Know  the color to go forth and be represented.

Don’t be shy. It’s our day to make a statement! FYI: If you do not have a flag, Hollywood Super Center has a great selection of many flags!


  1. A Tote Bag, Messenger Bag Or Backpack.fire_island_backpacks-292x300 10 Things To Know For Houston Pride Parade

A good bag will help you carry all of your stuff to the parade and it will help you carry you’re free swag home. Please keep in mind; with the increase of police and security you might be required to have it available for searches upon entering the festival grounds. If you see any bags left unattended say something. Lets keep us all safe.



  1. Be You, Be Bold.10-To-Know-For-Pride-Houston-about-magazine-3-300x222 10 Things To Know For Houston Pride Parade

There is no time to be shy and it’s definitely not the time to be a loner. If you think someone is cute, go talk to them! Be intriguing. But do not forget Pride is about something deeper than the parties, glitter, and glitz. – The freedom to be yourself has not come free. Our pursuits of equality and freedom for all; has cost us. Keep that in mind while celebrating. Don’t hold back! Paint rainbows everywhere. Own the rainbow this weekend.

  1. Do Not Harass The Bisexuals.sheffield09-300x281 10 Things To Know For Houston Pride Parade

Bisexuality really does exist. Bisexual people are not “free for the taking,” they’re no more or less promiscuous than anyone else, and they really don’t like being labeled and hounded about their sexuality or told they are confused and/or need to pick a side.



  1. Don’t Engage Caged.About-Magazine-10-Things-To-Know-For-Pride-Houston6-300x222 10 Things To Know For Houston Pride Parade

We are talking about the real haters using convenient verses from religious texts to harken the depths of hell and save you and me. Don’t let them bring your party down. Just like a car accident or Lindsey Lohan, keep moving along.


  1. Don’t Get Sloppymaxresdefault-300x169 10 Things To Know For Houston Pride Parade

Avoid ‘over’ drinking. You’ll never pull hotties if you can’t stand up to dance with them! Say no to drugs! You’ll have fun either way- whether you remember it or not.


  1. Say It Loud, Say It Proud, Bring Your Pride.About-Magazine-10-Things-To-Know-For-Pride-Houston9-300x222 10 Things To Know For Houston Pride Parade

The most important thing you can bring this year is your Pride. We need to express our journey, our losses, and all our victories. Share your Pride with your friends standing beside you. Share it with your boyfriend, partner, or girlfriend. Share it with you family. Celebrate your Pride so loud our brothers and sisters in Orlando can hear Houston. It’s our day. Lets live it up!


Happy Pride Everyone

Terror Threat Made Against Pride Parade In Houston

Terror Threat Made Against Pride Parade In Houston
Terror Threat Made Against Pride Parade In Houston

Houston Police Department has launched an investigation into threats made towards the the upcoming Houston Pride Celebration and Parade, that were made on social media.

The tweet read: “There will be a massive shooting at the pride parade in Houston, Texas.” The Twitter account has since been deleted.

“We’re trying to figure out who it is,” HPD spokesman John Cannon stated. “We’re looking into it just like we’d look into any other threat made to someone’s life.”

Pride Houston President Frankie Quijano released a statement in part reading “There will be an increased Houston Police Department and additional security officer presence throughout this year’s Celebration.” Assuming details will not be released to risk security.

Anyone with information about the owner of the account and any possible threats to the upcoming event is encouraged to call 911 or HPD at 713-884-3131.

Houston’s Pride Week runs June 19-26.