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Anthony Project to Star Anthony Ramirez, Ty Frazier, Teresa Zimmermann

The Anthony Project Anthony Ramirez Sitcom Wendy Taylor Ty Frazier

Giving audiences and potential advertisers a sneak peek of its first scripted comedy, About Magazine has recruited local talent such as Ty Frazier, Teresa Zimmermann, and more to star in a reading of its sitcom The Anthony Project.

(HOUSTON) – About Magazine’s newest venture, a production studio named About Media (both of which operate under the About Media Group umbrella) has begun its forays into television programming. Earlier this month, About screened its first original talk show, Round-Up with Mel Rose, and now has three pilot scripts in development and is halfway done with the writing process of its first scripted sitcom, The Anthony Project.

The Anthony Project was created by About Magazine editor-in-chief, Anthony Ramirez, and is executive produced by Ramirez and local Houston singer/About creative director, Wendy Taylor. Former 93Q morning show producer and New Country KSCS afternoon radio host, Al Farb, also serves as the supervising producer on the show. The comedy’s team of writers includes other notable Houstonians such as Pride SuperStar contestant Shaun Gray, Rebekah Knight, Christian Peck, Lea Alonso, and Kimberly Dyan. Serving as story editor on the show is About Magazine book reviewer, Megan Prevost. But now that the series’ first season is nearly halfway written, the crew has announced a September 29th upfront for the community and potential advertisers. An upfront in Hollywood is a presentation by the network for its television shows in which advertisers are invited to preview the show, talk to the cast and crew, and begin their bids for where and with which shows they would like the ads placed. Ramirez’s comedy is only slightly different in nature, with a table read of the first half of The Anthony Project‘s scripts being table read by a collective of actors and the show’s writers for advertisers and the community to come out and get a taste of what the show is all about. The read will close with live musical performances from the actors in a special musical episode featuring two original songs (“The Good Guys” and “So Happy I Could Die”) and Broadway favorites such as “The Mad Hatter” from Wonderland, “On My Own” from Les Miserables, “Defying Gravity” from Wicked, and a medley of songs from The Last Five Years. 

The Anthony Project to Star Anthony Ramirez, Ty Frazier, Teresa Zimmermann
Series logo.

In preparation for this event, Anthony Project producers have announced that joining their cast will be actress and singer Teresa Zimmermann — who currently stars in the Queensbury Theatre’s production of the musical Violet — production designer and OutSmart Gayest and Greatest Award nominee for Favorite Male Entertainer Ty Frazier, and local Houston actress Julitta Pourciau, who has appeared in various TV shows such as Claws and The Leftovers. While they have not confirmed their appearances yet, Houston artist Morena Roas has been invited to appear, as has Miss Gay Texas America 2012, Kara Dion. The latter two personalities are currently in the process of checking their schedules.

The show revolves around a fictionalized version of Ramirez and deals with real issues he’s dealt with in the his real life. Set half in the fall/winter of 2018 and half in the spring of 2019, The Anthony Project finds its titular character the night after he has been raped, flashing back to the events several months before after his grandmother has died and leading up to the events transpiring around the rape. While the story is a dark comedy, Ramirez states that the major, darker themes of the series — such as rape, death, homophobic work environments, and substance abuse — are all based on events that took place in his life. When we find the comedy’s protagonist, he is working as a writer at a fictionalized version of About Magazine as he tries to juggle the cartoonish antics of his friends and coworkers Sofia, Alex, Kelsey, Matt, Wendy, Nikki, Kara, Erin, and Jackie, while also struggling to cope with the death of his late grandmother and his recent sexual assault.

39077343_10156042912137217_8034815609499811840_n Anthony Project to Star Anthony Ramirez, Ty Frazier, Teresa Zimmermann
Teresa Zimmermann, who will be reading for the role of Erin Duval.

Teresa Zimmermann will be playing the role of Erin Duval, the show’s primary antagonist and Anthony’s arch nemesis. Erin’s character is summarized as “a white, heterosexual, conservative, Christian employee of the magazine who interjects her unwanted opinions and beliefs upon her coworkers.” Ty Frazier will be reading for the part of Alex Fields, Anthony’s potential love interest in the series as well as his marketing director friend of the fictional version of the magazine with whom he often partakes in reckless recreational activities. Wendy Taylor will reading for a character based on herself, Anthony’s best friend, aptly named Wendy Taylor. As for Kara Dion and Julitta Pourciau, either would be playing the roles of Kara Wells — Anthony’s flighty, incompetent editor-in-chief who is struggling to kick a drinking habit — and Jackie Ferguson, the magazine’s seemingly-delusional receptionist who lost a child in a car accident to a drunk driver. Should Morena Roas appear, she will land in the role of Sofia Garcia, Anthony’s best friend from high school and coworker at the magazine. Ramirez, who will also serve as the show’s director, will be playing the titular lead who tries to coat his anxieties with drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Other characters that remain uncast for the September 29th reading of The Anthony Project include Kelsey Carter, a new, bisexual accountant coming to terms with his identity and his possible feelings for the Anthony character, Matt Delaney, a bartender at the gang’s local hangout, the Esquire Room, who gave up his career as a middle school music teacher to pursue music full-time, Nikki Adams, the bar’s motherly owner, Jillian Mitchell, a therapist to Anthony and Kelsey, as well as other supporting characters.

Actors wishing to read for these roles are asked to send an email to, or message About Magazine on Facebook. 

Tap-cast Anthony Project to Star Anthony Ramirez, Ty Frazier, Teresa Zimmermann
Left to right top: Anthony Ramirez (Anthony), Ty Frazier (Alex); bottom: Wendy Taylor (Wendy), Morena Roas and Kara Dion.

The table read — which begins with the first episode, “I Am Not This Person“, and ends in a special musical episode entitled “Alex + Anthony” featuring two original songs by Ramirez — is open to the public, as well as businesses that would like to discuss advertising and sponsorship of the program. Community members that would like to reserve a seat can follow this link to the Event Brite page. Businesses and potential sponsor should send an email to to reserve a table. Complimentary beverages and food will be provided.

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Ernie Manouse Returns to TV in New Show “Cover to Cover”

Ernie Manouse TV PBS Cover to Cover Great American Read

Houston Public Media presents Cover to Cover, hosted by Houston’s own Emmy-winner, Ernie Manouse: Tuesdays on TV 8 on PBS.

(HOUSTON) – The Great American Read launched on May 22 with a two-hour TV broadcast and voting kick-off for America’s favorite book. The PBS special returns on September 11, 2018 with a weekly series on book themes from heroes and villains to love and other worlds, culminating with the naming of America’s favorite work of fiction on October 23rd.

Ernie-Header Ernie Manouse Returns to TV in New Show "Cover to Cover"As The Great American Read prepares to reveal America’s favorite novel in the fall, Houston Public Media is putting a local spin on the PBS special that celebrates reading through Cover to Cover: The Houston Public Media Book Club.

Cover to Cover follows the same themes as the Greater American Read with Emmy-winning host Ernie Manouse inviting a changing panel of Houston influencers each week to talk about their favorite books in a lively, insightful half-hour discussion.

With lots of laughs, self-reflection, and shared learning moments, the series explores books that help us understand and define our identities and our place in the world to books that discover the trials and tribulations of literature’s favorite heroes.

Panelists include KHOU-11’s Deborah Duncan, Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star’s Pierce Bush, and Former First Lady Andrea White. Books highlighted include the favorite “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, the timeless “Macbeth”, and new reads such as “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

Each feature will broadcast on TV 8 at 8:00 pm on Tuesdays, starting September 11. Watch the first episode of the much anticipated series here.

Click here for more information on Cover to Cover, including the show air dates, themes, panelists and books.

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Christina Wells Takes the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Live Show

Christina Edwards Wells Music America’s Got Talent LGBTQ Houston
Photo by Tasha Gorel.

Hometown LGBTQ favorite and 2017 Pride SuperStar, Christina Edwards Wells, will take the stage at the America’s Got Talent Live Show tonight — here’s how you can help her progress to the semifinals.

(HOLLYWOOD) – After an agonizing near-two months of waiting to hear her sing again and a couple of breathtaking performances from Houston’s very own Christina Edwards Wells, the 43-year-old LGBTQ singer will take the stage during the live shows of the quarterfinals on NBC’s America’s Got Talent tonight at 7 PM central. Wells, who has worked as a nurse in Houston for nearly fifteen years, was last seen in a prerecorded episode that aired on July 17th. At that performance, Wells received acclaim from the judges, including Simon Cowell who noted, We had to make decisions based on who do we think could really do well in the live show.” After a drama-filled pause, Cowell continued, “And that’s why, Christina, we have decided to put you through to the live shows.” Guest judge Ken Jeong (of Dr. Ken and The Hangover fame) shared with Christina that when he decided to stop practicing medicine to become a comedian — the actor-comedian once played a fictional version of his medical self in the short-lived, aforementioned ABC sitom — that his wife told him, “You’re no longer a doctor. You’re a comedian.” Jeong went on to tell Wells, “You’re no longer a nurse, you’re a singer […] an artist.”

Wells is nothing short of a celebrity here in Houston. In our recent Pride Edition interview, Wells told About that even her nursing career was filled with her beautiful singing voice. During Hurricane Harvey, the singer was so overwhelmed by the tragedy and so inspired by her city of Houston heroes, she wrote a song entitled “Come Hell or High Water” as a tribute to those who fought, lost their lives, and survived. Wells won Pride Houston’s Pride SuperStar competition in 2017 and has been an active supporter of the LGBTQ community in Houston, of which she is a part.

With Wells advancing performing tonight, audiences will have the chance to vote to keep her progressing on to the semifinals, which will begin airing performances on September 4th. Audiences may start voting tonight following Wells’ performance and can vote until 7 AM central time on August 29th — and each person can vote up to 10 times from the same phone number or email address any of the various ways. A friend of About Magazine, Christina Edwards Wells herself reached out and shared with us how audiences can cast their votes after her performance tonight.

“Okay, you guys, there are four ways to vote,” Wells said before listing off the four ways to vote — as the rising star has been sharing in cute videos and posts shared to her social media pages in recent days (see below with her equally talented bandmate, Alli Villines and her ukulele Hildegard). Here are the four ways you, her fans and loved onescan make sure that Christina stays on the show after tonight:

1. Call the 1-866-XXX-XXXX number … and make sure to do it 10 times to get 10 votes in. No. Seriously. Call 10 times. And make all your friends vote ten times, too.

This is the most basic and old school way to vote for Christina. The number to call will be available on the television screen immediately after Christina’s performance and updated here on the About Magazine website. We’ll also be updating all our social media accounts with this number. Don’t eff this up, guys. It’s literally the easiest way to vote.

2. Download the America’s Got Talent app! You can vote 10 for each email address you log in with!!

And … c’mon, guys. Let’s be real. You know that you have like 60 email addresses. I have one for this magazine, one personal one, I still think I have one for my old job that works, and I have one for my secret double life I lead on the internet as an Amish dominatrix. I bet Christina would use all of her emails to make accounts to vote for you, so you should probably do the same fo her. Plus, she’d probably sing you some inspiring song after and to build you up like she did with … I don’t know … all the patients she was stuck in the hospital caring for and the other medical staff during Hurricane Harvey. Yeah. That’s right. She isn’t just a badass person; she’s a great human being. So go vote for her.  Capisce?

You can download the app on iTunes by clicking here.

3. Go to NBC website and you can vote 10 times for each email address you have!!!

Don’t act like you don’t have a work email, too. Okay? Because you bet your ass that I will personally call Susan from HR and ask her how many of those ‘per my last email’ replies she’s had to send you over the last month. Susan is sick of you heating up fish in the break room microwave and doesn’t really like you. But do you know who does like and who might let you use her microwave to reheat fish? Christina Edwards Wells. So go vote for her.

Here’s the link.

4. If you are an XFinity customer with the XFinity X1 remote control, then you can speak into it and say, “Vote AGT!”

This isn’t gonna be one of those things where dumb Siri or dumb Alexa doesn’t understand what it is you’re saying. The XFinity remote wants Christina to move on, too. But because the XFinity remote isn’t a human, she can’t vote for Christina, just like she wasn’t able to vote for Hillary in 2016. She’s remorseful about the latter, but is trying to make it up to us by helping Christina win America’s Got Talent. So, do this. It’s easy. And if you’re not an XFinity customer, you call whatever crap cable provider you have, cancel your service, and sign up for XFinity before 7 AM tomorrow.

Houston is full of immense talent in music, on the stage, on the screen, on the field, in literature (*cough* preorder my new book *cough*) and behind the scenes of so many different professions. But how often do we get to see someone that we all know and love take the stage on national TV to get their long-overdue shot at stardom? And how often is that person an LGBTQ person of color who saves lives for a living and is genuinely one of the most kind hearted people in the world?

Not that often.

About Magazine wants to help Christina succeed and we want to make sure that our loyal followers help her, too. So please take the time to watch her perform tonight — you can even head down to the very delicious Spanky’s Pizza in Pasadena to watch the show live — and make sure you vote. If you haven’t voted at least 30 times (40 for XFinity customers) you’re trash. Sorry about it, but it’s true.

Everyone at About is sending you our love and support, Christina! Break a leg. And readers, if you don’t vote for Christina, we may have to break some legs ourselves.

christina-gif Christina Wells Takes the 'America's Got Talent' Live Show

Wineding Down Season Two Premiere: Lupe Valdez

About Magazine Lupe Valdez LGBTQ Wineding Down Politics

About Magazine editor-in-chief, Anthony Ramirez, premieres the second season of his web series, Wineding Down with Anthony. 

(HOUSTON) – In the season two premiere of his web series, Wineding Down with Anthony, Anthony Ramirez talks about political mayhem, boys, and voting before sitting down with former Dallas County Sheriff, Lupe Valdez, who is currently campaigning as the LGBTQ Democratic nominee for the Texas Governorship. Watch here: