For more than 10 years our team has provided award-winning, original LGBT news for Texas

About Magazine + About News + Queer Texas News is an independent LGBT news organization that produces local and state news, entertainment and investigative journalism in the public interest of our readers.

Our coverage focuses exclusively on important stories, stories with “moral force.” We do this by producing journalism that shines a light on exploitation of the weak by the strong and on the failures of those with power to vindicate the trust placed in them, and always providing the truth.

As an LGBT news organization that provides coverage for the State of Texas we offer original news content that is crucial to a functioning democracy. The need to nourish and sustain investigative journalism has always been our priority.

About Magazine + About News + Queer Texas News is headquartered in Houston. Its establishment was announced in November 2008. We have correspondents in Dallas, Austin, Galveston, San Antonio and Beaumont.

Our Editorial Team

Anthony-ramirez-About-Magazine-768x770-300x300 COLUMNISTS

Anthony Ramirez

Editor In Chief

Anthony Ramirez is the Editor of About Magazine + About News, and is based in Houston, Texas.

Edward-Sanchez-About-Magazine-300x300 COLUMNISTS

Edward Sanchez

Fashion + Beauty

Edward Sanchez is one of the leading Make-Up Artists and Fashion Stylists in the United States. As a Houston native, Edward has saloons in Houston and Beverly Hills.

Shelby-Jeffcoat-About-Magazine-278x300 COLUMNISTS

Shelby Jeffcoat

Social Blogger + Live News Journalist

Shelby Jeffcoat is a Social Media Blogger and News Journalist for About Magazine + About News + Queer Texas News. Shelby extends coverage for social news and breaking news.

morena-roas-about-magazine-300x300 COLUMNISTS

Morena Roas

Music + Entertainment

Morena Roas is one of Houston’s most popular artist’s in the LGBT community. She has performed at Houston’s Pride Celebration, and has won countless awards fro her performances.

Ian-Synder-Blake-About-Magazine-300x300 COLUMNISTS

Ian Syder Blake

Associate Editor + Transgender

Ian Syder-Blake is the Associate Editor for About News + About Magazine’s Transgender news coverage. Ian is an outspoken advocate for the trans community.

cade-michals-about-magazine-300x300 COLUMNISTS

Cade Michals

Investigative + News

Not only is Cade the Publisher, he is also an investigative news journalist. Cade’s in-depth investigations has won many state awards and his news is of original content.

laurasmaith-300x300 COLUMNISTS

Laura Smith

Travel + News

Laura Smith leads the Travel division of About Magazine + About News + Queer Texas News. She is based in Austin, Texas and also extends coverage of the Austin metro area.

Jessica-Olsen-About-Magazine-300x300 COLUMNISTS

Jessica Olsen

Digital Content Editor + Creative

Jessica Olsen is the Digital Content Editor for About News + About Magazine and is based in Houston, Texas. Her responsibilities include content editing and generating creative ideas for new content. Though not LGBTQIA herself, Olsen is an avid supporter of LGBTQIA rights and an ally of the entire community.

david-guerra-about-magazine-300x300 COLUMNISTS

David Guerra

Sports + Photojournalist

David Guerra leads the LGBT sports division for About News + About Magazine + Queer Texas News. David also leads oversight into photojournalism.

Ray-Hill-About-Magazine-Bio-Picture-LGBT-News-Texas COLUMNISTS

Ray Hill

LGBT Historian + Civil Rights

Ray Hill is a legendary historian in Texas for the LGBT community. Ray’s insight in to history, LGBT criminal justice and the Texas prison system allows our team to bring original, and informed news to our readers.

Will-Edings-About-Magazine-300x300 COLUMNISTS

Will Edings

Entertainment Reporter + Investigative Journalist

Will Edings is an Entertainment Reporter and Investigative Journalist for About News in Houston, Texas. Will’s insight in to entertainment, LGBT events, and music allows our team to bring original, and informed news to our readers.