C U Next Tuesday happens every week at Michael’s Outpost.

The C U Next Tuesday drag show is held every week at 9:30 pm at Michael’s Outpost, and is hosted by local Drag Queen Blackberri (winner of Outsmart Magazine’s “Best Host and Emcee” 2017 and About Magazine’s “Drag Illusionist of the Year” 2017). You can also see her every Monday as a judge for Dessie’s Drag Race at Rich’s Houston, Wednesdays at The Room Bar for Gayme Night, and Fridays at Hamburger Mary’s for Mary’s Comedy House.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a show I had never seen before (and goddess knows there are few I’m not familiar with). The show has been around since September of 2017 by more than one name, and let me tell you that there is no shortage of happy fans! From the hilarious hosting skills of Blackberri to the powerhouse performances of the cast, there is not a slow moment from start to finish. I have seen many shows that thrilled me, and C U Next Tuesday did not disappoint.

CUPIC2-e1520896198305-225x300 Review: C U Next TuesdayThe hostess kicked off the show to resounding applause, almost as if the audience had been anticipating the performances for a week (which was most likely the case). She introduced one of her special guests, a local Drag King by the name of Roman Syder-Ross. His illusion of Lil’ Bow Wow was spot on, and the crowd thrilled by his antics and his adorable smile. Despite his stature, there was nothing small about his stage presence. Roman commented, “This is a very fun show to be a part of. Blackberri is an awesome hostess. I love the diversity and the fact that drag kings can come here to show what they have. We have fun with Blackberri!”

CUPIC3-e1520895750403-225x300 Review: C U Next TuesdayBlackberri took to the stage next with a fireball performance of “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse. She commanded the stage and I found myself unable to take my eyes off of her. Let’s just say I wasn’t the only one, and by the end of the number the tip basket was full to the brim. Of the show, Blackberri said, “C U Next Tuesday is a fun time, and it’s different in that we want to be serious without taking ourselves seriously. We want to make the audience feel included in all of the fun that we have, it’s important that no one feels alienated. It’s for everyone to come out and party on a Tuesday!

CUPIC4-e1520895948813-225x300 Review: C U Next TuesdayNext up was Ondi, one of the regular rotating cast members, with a dramatic rendition of Sigrid’s “Strangers”. She held nothing back, with a costume reveal, dancing, and one of the best looks in Houston. It’s easy to see why this Queen is quickly becoming one of Houston’s favorites! Ondi said, “This show has allowed so many types of drag performers to come together into one space. Tonight, for example, you have a dancing legend and you have a weirdo like me. It’s kind of like a melting pot of drag every week, and I think that’s really exciting.”


CUPIC5-e1520896934754 Review: C U Next TuesdayLeilani J Ross appeared next. Can we say DANCER??? I’ve seen her onstage before but let me just say that she held nothing back! The mix that she did started out with “I’m Every Woman” and then took me to the moon with the originality and comedic timing. And did I mention the dancing? Leilani had some words of her own about C U Next Tuesday. “I hate Blackberri … ha ha. No, really, I love her aesthetic, and I love working with her.”




CUPIC6-e1520897087989 Review: C U Next TuesdayTomi Ross arrived next, and it’s not hard to see why she is a legend. From the moment she stepped out, we were all riveted. From the top of her head to the tips of her heels, she was every inch the Queen. Her performance of “Around the World” made us feel like we had been around the world. I only wish that the song were longer, so that we could take just another moment to enjoy what she gave to us. “I appreciate the “low-key” family oriented vibe that you get at Michael’s. There’s no rush rush let me see what you’re gonna do mentality. People come here to appreciate what we do without the pressure of other venues. Blackberri being the hostess is just the icing on the cake for me. She’s a professional but we still have fun, and that’s what I enjoy the most,” Tomi said of C U Next Tuesday.

In the tradition of a well-rounded show, there was a “Name That Song” challenge for the audience to participate in! The crowd felt included and loved while yelling the names of old and new favorites including Cher and NSYNC. I don’t believe the contestants of the challenge knew what hit them, but you could tell from their faces that they were thrilled to share the stage with Blackberri and her hilarious bon mots.

Muffy Vanderbilt III came to do a cameo for the show, and wowed the audience with her live singing. She may have a theater background, but that night she was all Queen! Ursula never sounded so good if you ask me!

CUPIC7-e1520896985967 Review: C U Next TuesdayI feel really honored to be booked here, because Blackberri is the bomb dot com and it’s pretty nice to be booked by such a professional entertainer.

– Muffy

Another set followed with all of the performers giving their all for the next round. As I looked around at the audience I realized that no one had left, we were all so engrossed in the show. So if you find yourself free on a Tuesday night, Michael’s Outpost is the place to be!


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