Ondi debuts as About’s first-ever Miss About Drag

When it came time to decide who our first feature of the year would be in 2018, only one name came to mind: Ondi.

From her dramatic performances to her even higher fashion, Ondi is easily the breakout star of 2018. After winning Dessie’s Drag Race last year, it was clear that she was headed for great success. She brings an edge to drag that Houston so desperately needed. She’s Linda Evangelista meets Milla Jovovich. She is the epitome of high fashion and edge. It is because of her willingness to take creative risks and her ability to deliver show-stopping performances that she is About Magazine’s first ever Miss About Drag for January 2018.

We caught up with Ondi to ask her a few quick questions.

About Magazine: So, can you tell us about any new dates or shows you have coming up in the future?

Ondi: I’m in a new show once a month starting on March 17th at 23rd St. Station in Galveston. It’s a live singing show with a live accompanist.

And what inspires you to be Ondi? Where does she come from? 

My inspiration for Ondi comes from my love for performance, acting, and fashion. I’ve always had these visions of some fabulous woman who can do it all. I turned that vision into a physical manifestation with Ondi!

Tell us about your aesthetic. 

My aesthetic is very “chameleon.” I love to be high-fashion, but sometimes my character is a housewife! I love to fit my look to the character I’m portraying.

You can catch Ondi performing every Tuesday night at 9:30 in the C U Next Tuesday cast at Michael’s Outpost; and you can follow her on Instagram @Ondi4Real

Congratulations, Ondi! You have earned it.

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