On the Nov. 2nd episode of 10-time Emmy Award-winner Ernie Manouse’s PBS program, Arts InSight, About Magazine editor-in-chief and The Anthony Project creator and star will be Manouse’s featured guest alongside co-executive producer Wendy Taylor.

(HOUSTON) — Ernie Manouse — the multi-Emmy Award winning television producer at Houston Public Media and Houston’s PBS — has been bringing artistic television stories to Houstonians and beyond for years. Most recently the first season of his book club series Cover to Cover came to a close. With 10 Emmys under his belt and innumerable productions both local and nationally-syndicated on television and radio, Manouse certainly knows a good story when he stumbles upon one. That’s why it stands to reason that after catching an upfront performance of The Anthony Project — the About Magazine-produced sitcom created by and starring About Magazine editor-in-chief Anthony Ramirez — Manouse asked Ramirez and Wendy Taylor, as well as the show’s writers and actors — to appear on his PBS show airing every Friday night at 8:30 PM, Arts InSight.

44618605_10209526133749676_403838354455527424_o WATCH: Anthony Ramirez Appears on PBS's 'Arts InSight'
Ernie Manouse and Anthony Ramirez filming the episode.

The Anthony Project is a series created by Ramirez based on the real life events he’s lived through over the last few years. The story follows a fictional Ramirez part in the past after the death of his grandmother, and part in the present after falling victim to rape. Over the course of the first season, we watch the titular character weave in and out of cartoonish and outlandish forays at a fictionalized About Magazine as he tries to handle these recently-suffered traumas, his many love interests, and odd and unlikely friendships in his every day life. The show — which Ramirez began writing in 2016 — now employees a large staff of writers, including Christian Peck, Rebekah Knight, Kimberly Dyan, Lea Alonso, Megan Prevost and Shaun Gray with Ramirez serving as head writer. Co-producing the series is actress Julitta Pourciau, who has been featured in such television shows as Claws and The Leftovers. Former American Idol contestant and Houston-based talent, Wendy Taylor, serves as co-executive producer, writer, and plays a fictionalized version of herself, while Dallas’s New Country KSCS 96.3 assistant programming director and afternoon radio host, Al Farb, serves as the series’ supervising producer.

The series recently held a live reading of four of the series’ episodes at Rich’s Houston on Sept. 29th — where Manouse first saw the series. The read, which was met with favorable reviews, albeit a small turnout, was hosted by Farb and co-starred Houston favorites such as Kara Dion, Ty Frazier, Teresa Zimmermann, Regina Blake-DuBois, Liz Davidson, Morena Roas, Cody Ray Strimple, Doug Atkins, and the aforementioned Gray, Pourciau, Taylor, and Ramirez.

43548840_283523972372456_2023453685505327104_n-1 WATCH: Anthony Ramirez Appears on PBS's 'Arts InSight'
Top left to right: Roas, Davison, Dion, Taylor, Strimple, Ramirez, Atkins, Frazier, Zimmermann, Blake-Dubois, and Pourciau. Bottom: Farb.

Filmed on location at the Montrose Center, Manouse spoke to both Anthony Ramirez and Wendy Taylor about how the show came to be, what made the story worth telling, the process by which they work on creating a sitcom, and the importance of comedy in a story about such tragedy. Manouse and the Arts InSight crew also captured the producers working through scripts and sitting in on a table read with a few of the actors. Davidson, Blake-DuBois, Pourciau, Roas, Taylor, and Ramirez were present while filming, also joined by actress Sarah Wyckoff. Appearing in pre-taped scenes from the show will be Frazier, Dion, Pourciau, Roas, Taylor, and Ramirez.

The Anthony Project episode of Arts InSight airs on Friday, November 2nd at 8:30 PM on PBS Channel 8. You can find a link to the show’s website here. Check out the audio trailer from the upfront at Rich’s below:

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