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BREAKING: Houston Police Officers Shoots Robbery Suspect In Montrose


(Breaking News) HOUSTON – A Houston Police officer was the target of an ambush late Thursday evening in Montrose on his way home. One of the suspects was shot by the officer.

The Houston Police Department sergeant is not being identified; has been with Houston Police Department for 34 years.

The incident started at 11:30 p.m. according to HPD. The veteran officer was heading home in his personal vehicle and noticed he was being followed as he drove down Woodhead Street in the Montrose.

As the sergeant turned onto Indiana Street and stopped, so did the following suv. The sergeant saw the suspect get out of the car, gun in hand and start to approach. That is when the sergeant got out of his car and identified himself and told the suspect to stop. The suspect didn’t stop his approach and pointed the weapon at the officer.


“At that point in time, a rear passenger got out and began running toward the sergeant as he went under street light he had arm extended and was shooting pistol directly at the sergeant,” Kese Smith, with HPD, said.

The The suspect never had a chance to shoot; the sergeant firing repeatedly hitting the suspect multiple times. The suspect ran back to the car where three other suspects were waiting, and the car fled the scene.

HPD received a call about a male shot laying on the ground at Cushing and Webster about ten minutes later. HPD responded and spotted the suspect vehicle that was part of the officer-involved shooting. At that time three suspects were taken into custody.

The fourth suspect was taken to a local hospital in serious condition.



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