After an on-stage accident left her with a broken tibia, drag queen Vitamin B (Brice Cobb) has spent her days in bed incapable of ambulating. To support her, Chloe T. Crawford is throwing a one-night-only benefit in her honor at JR’s tonight.

(HOUSTON) – While many know her by her stage name as Vitamin B, Brice Cobb hasn’t been getting into face much these days, let alone onto the stage. Since an accident at Magical Girl Day (a previously Sailor Moon-themed event that now caters to all magical girl characters and their fans) that resulted in Vitamin B falling onto her own tibia and snapping it in half, the drag queen who was making her mark on the Houston gay scene has been on bedrest for several weeks. Luckily for Brice, his doctor is confident that he will recover well, although also states that there will be long-lasting issues with the leg even after recovery. During an interview with Vitamin B on Wineding Down with Anthony, which will air later this week, Vitamin B told us that she will likely walk with a limp for the rest of her life and that many of the performance moves she’s been accustomed to for so long will be out of her reach. That being said, Vitamin isn’t giving up her seat at Houston’s drag table, and plans to make a stellar comeback at the beginning of 2019.

42134397_473726416448480_7675148141825359872_n EVENT: Benefit for Drag Queen Vitamin B
Photo by Christlyn Kat.

All that in mind, Vitamin B has suffered more than just physical trauma. The young performer was also set to begin substitute teaching this school year and earned a living doing drag. Vitamin B was getting booked left-and-right. She was featured in Wednesday’s rotating cast of Millenial Dolls at JR’s hosted by the incomparable Dessie Love-Blake, was featured in Barcode’s Celebri-Tease on Saturdays, was traveling to College Station’s Bar 12 to perform every Wednesday, and was featured once a month at Halo (also in College Station and owned by Rich’s proprietor Jeff Harmon). Saddest of all, Vitamin B was prepared to compete in Dessie Love-Blake’s Dessie’s Drag Race All Stars 3 at Rich’s and was willing to do whatever it took to win. But now that the teaching gig has been deferred and with no means of performing in her normal drag repertoire, Vitamin has been staying with family after not being able to afford to keep her apartment without work. With medical bills stacking up and other financial woes related to her accident now weighing down on her, Vitamin is seeking help in any form or fashion she can receive it until she’s back on her feet (quite literally).

42204819_1722809927846258_6265678735865806848_n EVENT: Benefit for Drag Queen Vitamin B
Photo by David Martinez.

Thankfully, Cobb has not given up on the drag community and leaving her mark wherever she can, even if doing so from her bed. As About Magazine reported previously, Vitamin B left social media screaming with her mock album covers she put together of prominent community members (samples featured below). If she hadn’t caught your eye before while performing, she certainly did with these albums, which boldly stated that she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The drag community doesn’t seem to think she will be either, which is why tonight at JR’s, one of Vitamin’s two drag mothers, Chloe T. Crawford, will be hosting an even for Vitamin B from 9-11PM called “B Stands for Benefit”. The show will feature performances from Crawford herself, as well as friends Tatiana Mala-Niña, Dessie Love-Blake, and more. The proceeds will be used to keep Cobb afloat against the tides of medical expenses and daily living until he’s able to get back into drag as Vitamin B and begin substitute teaching next semester.

When asked about what inspired her to throw this event for Cobb, Chloe T. Crawford said:

“My [drag] daughter’s passion is the art of female impersonation. It also happens to be her source of income. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. This job doesn’t have paid sick days. Vitamin is starting to become a person of interest on the drag scene, so I knew people would be willing to help her in her time of need.”

Vitamin had this to say about the community, Crawford, and her injury:

“Knowing that my Drag mother, Chloe T. Crawford, set up this benefit to help me and my mom is truly amazing. It’s nothing new for a drag family to stick together and be there for one another. I’m so thankful for not only my drag family, but for my drag community, that is willing to help a fellow queen. [It] makes me feel like it’s a real real family.”

42110557_248865522480148_3881973918105337856_n EVENT: Benefit for Drag Queen Vitamin B
Photo by David Martinez.

JR’s is located at 808 Pacific St. in Montrose. Those who cannot make it can still make donations by following this Venmo link. You can RSVP to the Facebook event here. Check out some of Vitamin’s album covers here (starting with one I made for Vitamin myself, and followed by one she made for me at our Wineding Down interview).

Anthony’s Album for Vitamin:

Boy-Unbroken EVENT: Benefit for Drag Queen Vitamin B

Vitamin’s Album for Anthony:

40652866_241465753208722_1973890892485885952_n EVENT: Benefit for Drag Queen Vitamin B

A Few of Vitamin’s Others: 

39580615_2337209686304348_6664492734499258368_o EVENT: Benefit for Drag Queen Vitamin B

39442808_2337725759586074_5001051136254279680_o EVENT: Benefit for Drag Queen Vitamin B

39441993_2337550836270233_987396321172258816_o EVENT: Benefit for Drag Queen Vitamin B

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