Adam Hancock isn’t just modeling underwear behind the bar of Ripcord anymore — now he’s created his own fashion line of men’s underwear.

(HOUSTON) – When it comes to underwear, nobody knows the topic better than the man who wears nothing but them as he’s serving up cocktails behind the inside counter at Montrose’s favorite leather bar, Ripcord. His name is Adam Hancock, and if you’ve ever been inside the watering hole located at 715 Fairview in Montrose, you’ve probably see him there serving up drinks clad in nothing but his skivvies. From the customers come no complaints — Hancock certainly does have the sort of body that constitutes showing off. But aside from his muscular frame, something patrons have noted isn’t just the fact that he is wearing underwear, but the brands of underwear he would wear. But for those who have been paying attention as of late, the brand worn most recently probably isn’t one they’d been familiar with before. After all, it was an invention of his own creation.

jacock1 EXCLUSIVE: Adam Hancock Releases Jacock Men's Underwear
Photo by Adam Hancock + Co.

That’s right. Just last week, bartender and newly-minted entrepreneur, Adam Hancock, released his own brand of men’s underwear under the name Jacock — a name he created using the initials of his first and middle name, plus the ‘-cock’ of his last name. As described on the official Jacock website,

“Gone are the days you have to tolerate crotch wedgies, sweaty balls, chafing and scratchy fabric.”

It continues by saying that, “Jacocks are the only underwear made for male comfort, support, flexibility and style,” describing that this is done by using breathable fabric, a support pouch for the penis and testicles which Hancock affection refers to as “Adam’s pouch”, comfortable elastic waist banding, hand-selected fabrics, and custom designs. With Hancock’s line of underwear contoured for the male anatomy, he’s created a line that utilizes science and style to enhance the experience of men’s underwear.

Jacock EXCLUSIVE: Adam Hancock Releases Jacock Men's Underwear
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Talking exclusively to About Magazine about the Jacock brand, Adam Hancock sat down with About Magazine’s fashion columnist, Stoo Gogo.

Stoo Gogo: First and foremost, tell me about yourself.

Adam Hancock: I’m from Arkansas. I moved to Houston eight years ago and started working as a go-go dancer. Nowadays you can find me either napping or slinging drinks at Ripcord in Houston wearing my Jacocks.

What are your intentions for creating the underwear line Jacock?

I’ve been working on Jacock for almost a year now. Of course, I never realized how much effort it was going to take to build the brand and the company. It’s been an amazing learning experience. Jacock is a problem-solutions brand. I want to make men’s lives better by giving them an underwear product that’s comfortable, flexible, and supportive — so they can feel good, simply. But over the years, you wouldn’t believe how many underwear I’ve bought and tried that really missed the mark. I choose fabric that’s flexible, plus all our underwear has a pouch (what I call, “Adam’s pouch”). It provides your assets support and prevents chafing. 97% of men hang either left or right. Only 3% of men (usually those 2.75 inches of package) hang straight. Traditional underwear is made for that 3% of the male population; but Jacock is here to change that.

jacock4 EXCLUSIVE: Adam Hancock Releases Jacock Men's Underwear
Photo by Adam Hancock + Co.

There are many male underwear brands on the rise. Why do you think underwear is important for self-expression personally and sexually?

Attitudes are contagious. I want guys to feel good, be relaxed and confident, and not all bunched up tight. Jacock underwear is more than just for self-expression. Actually, it’s more about self-confidence. When you are truly confident with what you have, who you are as a person, it translates to feeling good and eventually shows in every aspect of your life.

What is the vibe for this collection and the future of Jacock?

The first collection, which launched [at the time of this interview] 5 days ago, is really about the basics, our foundation styles. My first drawing board ideas were about getting down to what matters, what I really wanted this underwear to do. The vibe of the collection is: simple, sexy, classy.

In the coming months, we will be more risqué. We will be expanding into jockstraps and different styles of briefs while still ensuring comfort, support, and flexibility. It’s exciting to finally tell you all about Jacock.

jacock3 EXCLUSIVE: Adam Hancock Releases Jacock Men's Underwear
Photo by Adam Hancock + Co.

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Adam would like to thank his friends who aided him in the photography taken above. 

Contributions to this article were made by Anthony Ramirez. 

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