Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, About Magazine will be honoring Queer, Hispanic people of modern history.

Beginning Saturday, September 15th (the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month) and going until Monday, October 15th (the final day of Hispanic Heritage Month) About Magazine will be presenting short, informational videos via social media and companion articles on our website about Queer, Hispanic people throughout modern history. The list — which includes authors, politicians, activists, actors, educators, professionals, authors, and more — has been hand selected by About Magazine’s staff. The calendar of honorees is as follows:

September 15th – Frida Kahlo, Bisexual Artist

September 16th – Illena Ros-Lehtinen, Ally Congresswoman

September 17th – Viccky Gutierrez, Trans Woman Murdered in 2018

September 18th – Jose Sarria, Founder Imperial Court System, Drag Artist, + Politician

September 19th – Jack “Babe Bean” Garland, Trans Writer (Anniversary of Death)

September 20th – Stephanie Beatriz, Bisexual Actress

September 21st – Sylvia Rivera, Trans Activist

September 22nd – Dan Bucatinsky, Gay Actor (Birthday)

September 23rd – Shane Ortega, First Openly Trans Soldier

September 24th – Vaginal Creme Davis, Intersex Drag Artist

September 25th – Patricia Velasquez, Lesbian Actress + Supermodel

September 26th – Gloria Anzaldua, Lesbian Scholar + Author

September 27th – Natalie Morales, Queer Actress

September 28th – Karla Patricia Flores-Pavón, Trans Woman Murdered 2018

September 29th – Ian Matos, Brazilian Gay Diver

September 30th – Pedro Zamora, Gay HIV Educator

October 1st – Victoria Cruz, Trans Activist

October 2nd – Pedro Julio Serrano, Gay Activist (Birthday)

October 3rd – Patricia Yurena, First Lesbian Miss Spain

October 4th – Mary Edna Gonzalez, First Elected Pansexual House Representative

October 5th – Laura M. Esquivel, Lesbian Activist

October 6th – Julio Salgado, Undocumented Queer DACA Activist

October 7th – Wilson Cruz, Gay Actor

October 8th – Sara Ramirez, Bisexual Actress (Anniversary of Coming Out)

October 9th – Aubrey Plaza, Bisexual Actress

October 10th – Monica Marquez, First Openly Gay Latina Supreme Court Justice

October 11th – Lupe Valdez, Lesbian Democratic Nominee for Governorship of Texas (Birthday)

October 12th – Bamby Salcedo, Trans Activist (Birthday)

October 13th – John Rechy, Gay Author (Anniversary of Publication of First Novel)

October 14th – Alex Sanchez, Gay Author

October 15th – Cherrie Moraga, Lesbian Playwright

About Magazine will also be raising money for RAICES, The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, which the entire month, which is offering free and low-cost legal services to families and children in Central and South Texas to reunite displaced children with their families along the border.

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month, from everyone here at About Magazine.

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Morena Roas
Morena Roas is the music and entertainment reporter for About Magazine and its subsidiaries. She is one of Houston’s most popular and most celebrated artist’s in the LGBTQIA community. She has performed at Houston’s Pride Celebration, Austin’s SXSW, and has won countless awards for her performances. Morena was the runner-up in Pride Houston’s 2013 Pride SuperStar. She was named Favorite Female Entertainer at About Magazine’s 2013 FACE Awards. She is also the winner of Morena also co-coordinates About Magazine’s annual Pride Edition and hosts the weekly open mic show “The Floor Is Yours” at Guava Lamp. In addition, Morena is also the designer of the MollyNation apparel, which has designed clothing for About Magazine, Spectrum South, and more. Morena lives in and works from her home in Houston, Texas.