A Houston Police Department cruiser hit a man on a bicycle around 4:05am this morning at the intersection of Montrose Blvd. and W. Alabama St. in Montrose. The accident shut down traffic on Montrose Blvd. for nearly 5 hours.

Houston Police Department spokesman Victor Senties tells About News ‘the officer was traveling north bound on Montrose Blvd, when the vehicle struck a person on a bike that was traveling east on W. Alabama.’

In the video footage you can see the HPD officer hitting the bicyclist and then putting the cruiser in reverse, backing up several feet, and back into the correct lane of traffic. The video shows the person on the bicycle  being thrown several feet into the intersection.

“The officer was not injured and the bicyclist refused to be transported. He had some scrapes and pavement burn,”  Senties stated.

In the video you can see the officer stop briefly at the red light, then proceed to go through without his emergency lights activated. At this point he makes impact with the bicycle.


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