When you love and visit Los Angeles as much as I do, you get very discriminating about luxurious accommodations. Not to mention Los Angeles is full of five star hotels with the promises of pampering. But I wanted to go a different direction. I wanted to stay in  hip Hollywood. I wanted to stay at the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt.

This hotel, built a century ago, screams luxury, and Hollywood. I’m pretty sure if the walls could talk, they would tell me secrets about Marilyn Monroe jet setting in the lobby, and enjoying it’s beauty, amenities, and of course, effortless charm that still stand true today. How could you not want to linger?

Arriving at the property I wondered, would it live up to my expectations of being hip? Would I see a celebrity?  The Hollywood Roosevelt resort is nestled right on Hollywood Blvd, and right next door to ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The immaculate grand hotel features a grand ballroom entrance, a heated pool, ‘famous’ for late night celebrity parties, and old Hollywood glamour.

Upon my arrival, I was met with a welcoming smile and quickly checked into my poolside bungalow. A smiling and friendly bellhop brought the bags.

Ah, my spacious yet cozy room! The enormous seven-foot high windows double as doors to let in the sounds from the pool bar, and the evening glow and beauty of the lights.

The ever-so-generous bathrooms are large enough to accommodate a family. Floor to ceiling marble and glass shower will make any person on vacation want to never leave. The room itself is done in relaxing wood and sand tones with plush bedding.

As I lounged on the private balcony after a refreshing nap, snuggled in the Roosevelt robe and sipping my Red bull Vodka, I wondered if there was anything better than the luxury of an afternoon snooze on vacation. Then I thought, “Yes, there is! Shirtless men dancing for me!” Well, at least I’d like to think that’s what those models were doing by the pool. Instead they were all auditioning for ‘Millionaire Match Maker.’

“I looked out over the magnificent view of the pool, and I could see the iconic roof top sign starting to come to life.”

One of my favorite things to do on vacay is to, well, lounge, most of the time. So anytime I wasn’t taking advantage of the resort’s other features, I could be found poolside with my feet up, with a deep-terry cloth robe wrapped around my fresh California tan.

Between the sun and ever-ending drinks, I found time to experience 25 Degrees, an award winning sleek diner on the grounds of the hotel. Sitting down, I quickly was informed the diner serves anything from the traditional American burger, to almost anything with a sophisticated twist. Not to mention it’s been hailed LA’s best burgers.

If my lunch wasn’t exciting enough, while devouring my food, I noticed something truly magical happening out the window. I don’t mean just magical, I mean Disney magical. Hollywood Blvd was being transformed to the world’ largest movie premier for….’The Force Awakens.” Talk about added excitement.

The server provided excellent service, even taking photo of me eating those mouth-watering fries, which is now framed and on my dresser at home. Does that sound cheesy? Well, get over it; because it’s truly hard to overstate how utterly memorable the food was.

The Roosevelt’s staff is the most attentive, helpful, and pleasant people you’ll find in the land of Hollywood. Yes, I know this sounds shocking, being Los Angeles and all.

I realized the Hollywood Roosevelt not only lived up to the rumors, the reviews, and my past adventures, but also by far exceeded any expectation I have ever had on a resort. I also quickly realized I’d need to come back again just to sample the rest of the things the hotel had to offer and for more fries.

I also decided that of all the amenities, the one that made the biggest impression was the friendliness of the ever-attentive staff. Good job, guys and gals, you made me feel special, spoiled, and wanting more. With the Hollywood Roosevelt, once!—is never enough.

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