KTRK-13 ABC News Reporter Steve Campion Rescues Man On Live TV

A Houston news reporter for local ABC affiliate  channel 13 made a daring rescue on live television on Monday right before his broadcast.  Steve Campion was just seconds away from a broadcast when a motorist  in a Ford Focus passed the crew, and went into a flooded roadway.

ABC 13 crews were at Studmont near the I-10 exit at about 7:18am Monday when the car went past the crew, and seconds later you can see the car start to float, then sink.

As the car started to sink, you can see the victim attempt to put the car in reverse.

“Why is he doing that?…God…What do we do?” says Campion.

The unidentified motorist opened his door and called to Campion and his camera crew for help. Campion can be heard yelling, “You’ve got to get out of the car. You’ve got to get out!”

“Leave the car, swim!” Campion says as he goes towards the water, and quick grabs the man.



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