About Magazine will feature a special Pride Edition, with LGBTQIA Texans, including Lupe Valdez and Todrick Hall, featured every day of the month.

(HOUSTON) – Beginning June the 2nd, About Magazine will be releasing stories about LGBTQIA Texans who have made a difference in the community over the last year. Making up these Texans are volunteers, entertainers, writers, politicians, activists, and many others. Among the ranks however, are some bigger names that readers may recognize, including Democratic candidate for the governorship of Texas, Lupe Valdez, North Texas teacher Stacy Bailey, and entertainer and YouTube star, Todrick Hall.

lupe About Magazine: The Pride Edition
Lupe Valdez, former Dallas County Sheriff

Lupe Valdez, who has a long history in Texas law, served not only as one of the first democrats ever elected in Dallas County in 2004, but served as then and is still now the only elected, Latina sheriff in the United States, and one of the very few openly gay. Valdez holds both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree, and worked as a federal agent prior to becoming the sheriff of Dallas County. She is now running for the governorship against incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott.

stacy About Magazine: The Pride Edition
Stacy Bailey is on paid leave from the Mansfield school district.

Stacy Bailey, a teacher in the Mansfield Independent School District in North Texas, was suspended late last year after showing a picture of her “future wife” to her third grade art students. After one parent complained to the school that this promoted a “homosexual agenda”, Bailey was placed on suspension with pay, with no clarity as to whether or not she would receive her position back or when. Bailey had been a teacher in MISD for ten years prior to her suspension, and had even twice been awarded Teacher of the Year. Following her paid leave, Bailey decided to take her story public, filing a discrimination case against MISD in federal court.

Todrick About Magazine: The Pride EditionTodrick Hall, best friend of Taylor Swift, choreographer of countless RuPaul’s Drag Race performances, and musical extraordinaire will also be sitting down with About Magazine for an on-camera interview. Hall, a Texas native, has had overwhelming success in the music industry, most of which began with his YouTube covers, mash-ups, and arrangements of already popular songs. You can see Hall’s “4Beyonce” video at the bottom of this page.

Also being featured in the forthcoming edition will be activist and politician Fran Watson, Pearl Bar owner and Hurricane Harvey Hero Julie Mabry, activist Monica Roberts, Pride Houston president Lo Roberts, singer and entertainer Morena Roas (who will be hosting some guests on her TBA web show), writer and activist Ashton P. Woods, The Queer Center founder and counselor Justyn Smith, About Magazine editor-in-chief and performer Anthony Ramirez, dancer and entrepreneur Sky Dreams, HPD Detective Kenny Edie, and many others from around the state of Texas.

Each day, beginning on the evening of the second of June, at least one LGBTQIA citizen from the list will be spotlighted in various forms. While most will be written articles, a few will sit down for on-camera interviews (including Valdez and America’s Got Talent contestant Christina Wells). A photo shoot for each of these people, will take place in the Heights against Houston’s new Pride Wall. The full list includes Deondre Moore, Justyn Smith, Danny Roe, Uche, Kenny Edie, Ashton P. Woods, Dalton DeHart, JD Doyle, Sky Dreams, Sallie Wyatt-Woodell and Out for Education, Morena Roas, Anthony Ramirez, Lo Roberts, Audrey Natividad, Derek Stone, Woody Gould, Julie Mabry, Greg Ramos, Stephanie Gonzalez, Ian Syder-Blake, Marilia Correa,  David Truong, Assist Hers, Spectrum South, Josie Arias, Cabe Nowlen, Megan Smith, Kelsey Gledhill, Christina Wells, DJ Alex T, DJ Tim Bae, Lane Lewis, Fran Watson, Stacy Bailey, Lupe Valdez, HATCH, Joey Guerra, Monica Roberts, and Todrick Hall.


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