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Man Robbed In Montrose Helps Houston Police Track Suspects

Brent MCartt via Facebook
Brent MCartt via Facebook

The quick thinking of a Montrose man and fast response of Houston Police led to the capture of two men accused of aggravated armed robbery in Montrose this past weekend.

Brett McCart was leaving the popular LGBT nightclub “F Bar” late Saturday night on October 3, 2015 when he was approached by two african american men. “The victim was walking to his car when two men approached him, one had a gun.” stated Houston Police Department Spokeswoman Jodi Silva. “The quietly walked up to him, robbed him, and quietly walked away like nothing had happened.”

Phillip Wayne Davis, 34 of Seabrook, Texas, has been charged with Aggravated Armed Robbery and Felon in Possession of a firearm. Phillips has six prior convictions/arrests relating to drugs, and criminal tresspassing.

A second suspect, a juvenile was also arrested and charges were deferred to Harris County Juvenile Courts.

McCart, after being robbed in the 200 block of Drew Street and Aberdeen; ran back to F Bar and notified the Houston Police officers working off duty. According to HPD; McCart’s friend was able to track his stolen phone and HPD was able to quickly locate the suspects.

“Upon tracking the suspects, HPD officers found them in the 600 block of McGowen. The suspects fled in different directions, and the adult suspect tried to ditch the gun under a car.” Silva stated to About Magazine. Both were captured.


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