Montrose Bar ‘Eagle’ Destroyed By Fire

Fire Destroyed Second And Third Stories Of The Bar


“We were sitting at the bar and started smelling smoke” stated one of the customers. “We called 911 and we all got out.”

IMG_3426 Montrose Bar 'Eagle' Destroyed By Fire
Eagle Houston Catches Fire

The bar sustained massive damage to the second and third floors. The main floor escaped fire damage but took a big hit from water damage. Could this fire been prevented?

Property owner Jay Allen states a ‘state-of-the-art’ sprinkler system had been installed, but due to the City of Houston, it had not been activated yet.  “It was already installed. It was going to be connected to the city’s water service in two weeks. The permit had been approved and we were just waiting for it to be hooked up by the city.” Allen said.

HFD states the call came in at 2:20PM with a total of 11 fire engines responding.

Bar owner Caryn Craig arrived on scene visually upset. Husband and co/owner Mark De Lang arrived a short time later. Both owners seemed in shock and were not talking to the media.

IMG_3401-e1451780248152 Montrose Bar 'Eagle' Destroyed By Fire
Eagle Houston Catches Fire

“We will re-build” Allen told About Magazine. Allen did not know what would happen to the employees in the mean time.

The District Chief for Houston Fire Department stated the fire apparently started on the third level, converted attic space used for storage.
Arson investigators will determine how the fire began, and whether or not it was accidental.

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