Tophe, the freshly-25-year-old, gay singer from Dallas, is jumping head-first into R&B with his first single, “All Night”.

(DALLAS) – The LGBTQIA community is historically known for its amazing music. Between Brendon Urie’s coming out as pansexual, to just the existence of the melodious marvel that is Sam Smith, to Superfruit, to Janelle Monáe, to Shea Diamond, and so many more in between them all, our community is at no shortage of inspiring, talented musicians. So, it should come as no surprise when another limitless talent pops up on the scene with a voice capable of sending listeners on a musical journey.

26904773_397327640719601_3064663708784830669_n-e1530905989443 MUSIC REVIEW: All Night by Tophe

In this case, we’re talking about Tophe, the gay, 25-year-old, Dallas native singer/songwriter who released his very first single, “All Night”, early last month via SoundCloud. The song, which begins with a muffled conversation about happiness as the instrumentals play, is narrated from one lover to another as he describes a potential tryst between the two of them. The song is energized not only with romance and sexual energy, but a familiar longing reminiscent of a less melancholy “All I Ask” by Adele. It is written as if a love letter to some unknown, mystery man as the narrator implores that they be together. It’s an epitomized feeling that many people – LGBTQIA and otherwise – can relate to because its roots are in desire and passion. Tophe isn’t just singing about love, he is singing love.

But more impressive than the lyrical beauty is the magnificence of Tophe’s voice. With the chesty baritone usually reserved by the likes of John Legend (accompanied by the matching belt), an upper register like that of Sam Smith (and one that he isn’t afraid to show off), the slight rasp and gospel intonations of Adele and Amy Winehouse, and the runs and riffs like those of India Arie, Tophe’s pipes are branded with the R&B stamp. Whether he’s humming in his lower register, oooh-ing or ahhh-ing in his upper, or dragging out notes up-and-down the staff in the middle, his somehow pouty and iridescent voice will grab listeners’ attention and keep it from beginning to end.

Additionally, Tophe has also been recently featured in fellow Dallas musician Jonez-N’s recent single, “Summer Silhouette”, which dropped early in June. You can listen to it at the bottom of this article.

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