TomboyX — the women’s clothing line for you ladies searching for underwear that provide the comfort and breathability that men’s underwear provide — sent us some products to test out. Here’s what About Magazine seems to think.

I am a size 16, hour glass-shaped woman who wears a size 38H bra. Having larger breasts has made buying clothing an … interesting experience. If it fits in the waist, I look like a porn star. If it fits up top, I’m wearing a circus tent. That being said, it’s always nice to come across brands who create clothing with the thought of all women’s body types in mind. Let’s take a look at a few that I was lucky enough to try on for size (no pun intended).

tb1 Review: TomboyX ClothingThe Essentials Soft Bra XL

I was pleasantly surprised that this fit me! It is incredibly rare for any top that isn’t made by exact bra size to fit me and be comfortable. The fabric is so very soft. Even the band is soft! It also stays very well. The essential soft bra will cradle your ladies like a warm, pink, fuzzy cloud of awesome and understanding. I will wear this around the house for the rest of my life. The only complaint I have with this bra, isn’t just with this bra. It’s with every soft bra. THE DREADED UNIBOOB! However, I find that it doesn’t particularly bother me.

boyshorts Review: TomboyX ClothingThe Boy Shorts XL

Okay, but can we talk about how good my ass looks in these? These boy shorts matched the essential soft bra! Yay for matching undies! This fun, Halloween print was perfect for a romp through Phobia, the haunted house. These undies are soft. Hella soft. I forgot I was wearing them, soft. This is the softest band I’ve ever had hug my fabulous hips. They are also flattering in all the right places. 10/10

Brief_BT_Dogs2_1000x Review: TomboyX ClothingThe Dog Days Iconic Briefs

First, these briefs are from a new series of underwear. They are featuring dogs vs. cats! Which do you like better? I love them both! My three rescue dogs (Elvis, Blondie, Axl Rose) and my two rescue cats (Buster and Billy Idol) can testify to that. Dogs and cats! Living together! Oh my! This particular pair features dogs. It has the signature soft band and fabric. It is really cute on my assets. I enjoyed these quite a bit.

About the Company

TomboyX might be one of my new favorites. They pay a living wage to everyone in their company. They use a phenomenally diverse set of models for their clothing. They include and celebrate our trans brothers and sisters. After the unfortunate comments from Victoria’s Secret this past week, it’s nice to see other quality underwear companies that we can shop our consciences with. They have a huge variety of styles for all sizes. Their nudes cover a spectrum of colors. I’m particularly fond of their 9-inch briefs. They feel amazing, and protect my thighs from being so awesome, that they rub together and start a fire.

I have yet to see a bra that they’ve made that can lift and separate my ginormous breasts. I sincerely hope they’re working on it! The price point is a bit high for many people. If you’re used to running down to Target and grabbing 7 days’ worth of undies for $20, these will probably give you sticker shock. If you’re used to buying Calvin Klein, however, with the loyalty rewards, these are a great deal.

Overall, the more I learn about TomboyX, the more I love it. I highly recommend that you support them. I know that price can be a huge concern; but with that being said, I’ve been wearing TomboyX for a while and can say that the product is quality and their products hold up. Moreover, I feel comfortable saying that I this is a company I can also support with a clear conscience. The company is earth eco-friendly, and they pay their employees a livable wage, which makes the slightly higher cost worth paying. Lastly, they had my body in mind when they created these clothes; and they have your body in mind, too.

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