In a shocking turn of events, former acquaintances Sonny Michael Woodcock (Ondi) and Anthony Ramirez have found themselves feuding … but probably only for attention.

(HOUSTON) — About Magazine editor-in-chief and The Anthony Project creator and star, Anthony Ramirez, is no stranger to feuds. Earlier this year, the Less Than Butterflies author fired shots at Dallas’s New Country 96.3 KSCS afternoon host and assistant programming director-turned-‘daddy’, Al Farb. At the time, it was claimed that the former New 93Q Country morning show producer had seen Ramirez while guest judging Dessie’s Drag Race at Rich’s Houston and snubbed Ramirez without so much as a hello. The feud has recently seemed to have settled, having seen Ramirez giving Farb a kiss on the cheek in this recent photo from a taping of Ernie Manouse’s PBS program Arts Insight:

44546777_10209524949880080_8469908269169639424_o SATIRE: Feud Erupts Between Anthony Ramirez and OndiBut Ramirez has a long history of feuds he’s maintained over the years, including one with critically-acclaimed author Anne Rice, who released her 2014 novel Lestat on the same day as Ramirez’s 2014 critically-ignored novel, Witches of the Deep South. His newest feud however, is with an entirely new type personality — Sonny Michael Woodcock, better known (if known at all) as drag queen Ondi. The queen — who previously performed in Michael’s Outpost now-defunct C.U.N.Tuesday show — now only makes performances occasionally, stating, “I am white.”

39504863_2339241649434485_1416609015995039744_o SATIRE: Feud Erupts Between Anthony Ramirez and OndiAfter a less-than-successful music career with a debut album from music producer Brice Cobb (Vitamin B), Ondi who often can be heard stating, “I’m an artist. That over there is trash,” was reportedly attending a late-night hoodrat party at the same time as Ramirez in a high-rise neither Woodcock nor Ramirez had any business attending because they are, in fact, both trash. At one point, it was reported that Woodcock left his phone unlocked on the kitchen counter, leaving Ramirez to his own devices (and one of Ondi’s). Moments later this status update appeared on Facebook:

Screen-Shot-2018-10-23-at-2.34.08-PM SATIRE: Feud Erupts Between Anthony Ramirez and Ondi

More shots continued to be fired over the following weeks. Which can be seen here: 

44043245_10209485988546071_1149922560872284160_o SATIRE: Feud Erupts Between Anthony Ramirez and Ondi

Screen-Shot-2018-10-23-at-2.34.31-PM SATIRE: Feud Erupts Between Anthony Ramirez and Ondi

Screen-Shot-2018-10-23-at-2.35.04-PM SATIRE: Feud Erupts Between Anthony Ramirez and Ondi

Screen-Shot-2018-10-23-at-2.35.24-PM SATIRE: Feud Erupts Between Anthony Ramirez and Ondi

The LGBTQ community of Houston seems to be incredibly torn with this feud, some people even playing both sides. In fact, Ramirez’s former feud-mate, Al Farb, seemed to be in support of Ondi on social media, but released the following statement in defense of Ramirez exclusively to About Magazine:

“I’m sorry. I don’t have time for this feud. I’m busy starting my own feud with Pride Houston. But leave my son alone.”

Other community members have also chimed in, including drag legend and queen, Kara Dion, whom we caught up with before her show backstage at Rich’s. When asked about the feud, Dion simply turned around in her seat and stated the following:

“You’re third!”

When we asked Ramirez — our boss — for a comment on the feud, he released two statements. The first in the form of this GIF:

SUPREME SATIRE: Feud Erupts Between Anthony Ramirez and Ondi

And the next in the form of this image:

pink-slip-fire-yourself SATIRE: Feud Erupts Between Anthony Ramirez and OndiSonny Michael Woodcock (Ondi) has yet to respond to our request for comment. But when told that this feud was about to get “next level” replied:

Who is this and how did you get my phone nUmber? […] I’m also at Phobia every weekend for the rest of Cocktober.

You can catch Ondi performing at Boheme this Saturday and catch Anthony Ramirez talk about his new sitcom The Anthony Project on a special episode of Ernie Manouse’s Arts Insight airing Friday, November 2nd at 8:30 PM on PBS.

This is a developing story.

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