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Suspect Claims Houston Police Have Wrong Guy And Waives Extradition

Matthew A. Putterman sits in North Dakota Jail Charged With A Crime He Claims He Did Not Commit And There Is Possible Video That Proves His Theory!


BREAKING NEWS (Houston)– Matthew A Putterman claims Houston Police have the wrong guy and has agreed to be extradited back to Harris County.

Sheriff Meininger in Pemniba, County North Dakota stated via e-mail to About Magazine “Matthew Alan Putterman has waived extradition and will be returned to Houston.”

“He’s has been sitting in jail in North Dakota for a crime he didn’t commit when the real criminal is still at large. Everyone is pointing fingers. Saying horrible things about him and his sister.” states Robyn Kellow, (the friend in Canada whom Putterman was visiting).

About Magazine and Foti Kallergis of KTRK-ABC13 started working on numerous tips, investigating the possibility of video that would indeed clear Putterman’s involvement. (Click here) Kallergis got an exclusive interview with Putterman, and will air tonight on ABC 13, ABC affiliate in Houston.

Kellow, a Putterman family friend contacted About Magazine late Tuesday night with details of the existence of ‘possible’ videos from Putterman’s job and other locations that would prove his innocence.

“Its like the police and border didn’t care about his innocence. And jumped the gun on his conviction.” Kellow says. 

About Magazine’s requests were denied by Farmer Brothers to view footage of their east end Houston factory. The video footage is reported to show ‘no’ damage to Puttermans car the morning following the deadly hit and run in Montrose that killed Michael Alexander Hill on January 8. Farmer Brothers denied that Putterman was employed by their company.

Jamie Wimmer with the Houston division of Farmers Brothers stated “company policy was not to release video without a subpoena.” Even when asked if it could prove a mans innocence!

“Matty came down to visit myself and Ryan, as well as his god son in Canada.” Robyn Kellow tells About Magazine. “Matty is a loving , caring amazing big hearted man that would do anything to see someone smile.” Kellow stated.

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