A Houston Transgender Activist Accuses Activist Quanell X Of Using Media For His Personal Gain In The Death Of Two Houston LGBT Individuals!

Moments after a transgender woman walked into the Houston Police Department for questioning in the death of 35-year-old Shawnta Isaac and Willie Sims, the Transgender community unleashed anger towards the activist that arranged the ‘person of interest’s’ surrender.

“This is not the time to try and grab some attention,” Dee Dee Watters said referring to activist Quanell X. “But for someone to get involved that ‘we’ [transgender community] have reached out to in the past, many many times regarding transgender issues about black LGBT issues, and he has never once stepped forward.”

Watters is a well-known transgender activist in Houston, Texas and appeared at Houston Police head quarters to spread love not anger. “I have known her [Suspect] for years. I came up here to give her a hug and let her know she is loved. I can’t condone what she did but, at the same token she needs to know she is loved. The same as Shawnta, she is loved.” Watters said.

“My hope is that all of those involved will turn themselves in.” Watters said to members of the media. She quickly changed tones when referring to Quanell X. “And those that have not be involved in the community, stop trying to step up for the attention.”

“Its very upsetting, because as much as we have reached out to him for help and support Quanell X, Jesse Jackson, and these quote unquote black community leaders have never cared about the LGBT community, especially the Transgender community.”

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