A Transgender Female Turned Herself Into Houston Police Wednesday For Questioning In A Double Homicide In Midtown!

A transgender woman wanted for questioning for a brutal double homicide turned herself in Wednesday afternoon with community activist Quanell X by her side. The double homicide left a transgender woman and gay man dead in Midtown on Sunday.

“This case is about drugs, prostitution, and jealously”, Quanell X stated to reporters. “Lets be clear, this was not a hate crime, she was not attacked for being transgender. That’s not the case in this case.”

The transgendered woman considered to be a “key figure” in this investigation has been identified as 38 year-old Serenity Colquitt. HPD insists no arrests have been made.

“I don’t believe she is guilty of anything, she is also a victim of what was happening out there that day.” Quanell X explained after Colquitt’s surrender. “If this is vetted correctly, there is a whole lot more to this story. There is a whole lot of criminal activity where this horrible tragedy took place.”

“It is a haven for all of that [crime]. It’s a well kept secret of what’s happening just right down the street, and there is some serious crime taking place.” Quanell X said relating to the location where the crime occurred. “You have male, female, and transgender prostitutes all out there. There are certain ones that believe they run the show, and they run the area. So violence becomes the normal.”

Wanted-Transgender-Woman-Turns-Herself-In-To-Houston-Police-For-Questioning Wanted Transgender Woman Turns Herself In To Houston Police For Questioning!“She said she was at the scene, but she was a victim of what was taking place. She didn’t shoot no body, she didn’t have a weapon, and didn’t harm anyone. So that’s what this is really about. She was not targeted for being transgender.”

The victims, 35-year-old Shante Isaac and Willie Sims, were found lying in the middle of Dennis and Fannin Streets around 11 p.m. Sunday by a family friend who had come to pick them up.

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