The protest in Houston outside the offices of the NAACP has lead the Southern Poverty Law Center to place the organization alongside some of the nation’s most racist and homophobic groups.

The White Lives Matter movement has been officially labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center due to it’s racist reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, is tasked with tracking discriminatory groups that target minorities. White Lives Matter is ‘self-described’ as working towards the “preservation of the white race.”

White-Lives-Matter-Officially-Labeled-Hate-Group-About-Magazine White Lives Matter Officially Labeled Hate Group

The newly labeled hate group was created in response to the passionate movement of Black Lives Matter, created to advocate for the African-American community against police violence.

The recent protest by White Lives Matter in Houston was calling for the NAACP to denounce Black Lives Matter. The group held their protest outside the offices of the NAACP, with assault rifles and Confederate flags.

The Southern Poverty Law Center currently lists 892 active hate groups in the country with 48 of those anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups.



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